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What is the paint code for the Forest Green Metallic Chevy?

What is the paint code for the Forest Green Metallic Chevy?

Determining the exact paint code for a Forest Green Metallic Chevy requires some research into the make, model, year, and specific color name. Chevrolet uses a specific paint code system to identify the various colors available across their vehicle models over the years. Understanding how to decode Chevy paint codes can help pinpoint the precise formulation for a desired shade of green.

Researching the Vehicle Details

The first step is gathering key details about the specific Chevy vehicle in question. The make and model, model year, and trim package may all hold clues for tracking down the color code. For example, knowing the vehicle is a 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ narrows down the thousands of possible codes considerably. With those specifics, online resources and forums dedicated to Chevrolet vehicles can be searched for references to the color name or descriptions that match “Forest Green Metallic.” Any partial code numbers that come up can also provide the trail to follow.

Chevy Color Code Format

All Chevy paint codes follow a basic format consisting of a letter or letters that identify the color type, followed by a numerical color code. For example, G7C indicates a green metallic color with a code of 7C. Here is an outline of how Chevy codes work:

  • The first digit or letter(s) represent the color type:
    • G = Green
    • B = Blue
    • R = Red
    • Y = Yellow
    • W = White
    • T = Brown
    • A = Gray
    • P = Black
  • The next two digits make up the numerical color code
  • Occasionally a third digit will be included as a variant marker

Knowing the color type letter(s) and the structure of the numerical part aids the search for Forest Green Metallic. For example, now we can look specifically for “G_ _” style codes in reference materials for 2019 Silverado colors.

Where to Find Chevy Paint Code Information

There are several go-to sources for researching Chevrolet paint color codes:

  • Online automotive paint code databases – Sites like have searchable databases of codes across makes and models.
  • Chevy owner forums – Owner discussion forums often have threads mentioning specific color codes. Searching 2019 Silverado threads for “forest green” may reveal the code.
  • Chevy color brochures – Chevrolet publishes color brochures for each model year showing all available colors and codes.
  • Chevy dealership – The parts department at a dealership can look up the code if you can provide the vehicle details.
  • Chevy color chip books – Books with actual paint color chip samples are available for reference.

With some dedicated searching through these resources, it’s likely the exact “Forest Green Metallic” paint code can be found.

Key Elements of the Paint Code

Once a paint code is found, inspecting the specifics provides useful information:

  • Color type letter(s) – Confirm it indicates a green color (G_ _) rather than blue, red, etc.
  • Numerical color code – The two digits providing the specific green hue. Make sure this part matches across any code references found.
  • Variant marker – An occasional third digit may be present to indicate a variant of the main color. Primary code matches are most important.

For the 2019 Silverado, the code could be something like G7C, G7C1, etc. The key elements would be:

  • G – Green color
  • 7C – Primary green color code
  • Potential 1 variant marker

As long as the core color type and code numbers align with “Forest Green Metallic” descriptions, a positive paint code match is made.

Interpreting the Paint Code

With the exact paint code identified, understanding what the code represents helps ensure the correct color formula is obtained:

  • The color type letter(s) indicate the general color category and characteristics – “G” for greens in this case.
  • The numerical code identifies the precise Chevy factory formulation of that color – the specific green hue and intensity.
  • A variant marker points to a slightly different version of the main color code formulation.

Chevy engineers assign these codes to each proprietary color they offer on vehicles. So the codes decode to their internally defined paint formulations. This allows exact matching for repairs and touchups over a vehicle’s lifetime.

Matching the Coded Paint

Once the factory paint code is decoded, there are a couple recommended ways to accurately match the coded color:

  • OEM Chevrolet paint – Obtaining factory-packaged paint is the most precise option. Dealerships can mix paint using the code and Chevrolet’s formulations.
  • Aftermarket paint – Major automotive paint brands also offer code-matched colors for Chevrolet. These can come very close to the OEM shades when mixed using the exact code provided.

Both routes utilize Chevrolet’s unique paint codes to recreate the correct color mix. This achieves an accurate match to how the car originally looked when new.

Coded Example: 2019 Chevy Silverado in G7C Forest Green Metallic

As a recap example, say the 2019 Silverado paint code searched for and found is G7C:

  • G indicates a Green color
  • 7C decodes to a particular Chevy green formulation
  • References describe G7C as “Forest Green Metallic” on 2019 Silverado truck models

This enables obtaining the following to match the OEM Forest Green Metallic:

  • Chevy dealership custom paint mix using code G7C
  • Aftermarket paint brand’s formulation for Chevy code G7C

The coded color information leads to accurate reproduction of the original factory green shade.


Identifying a Chevrolet paint color code requires model-specific research, but following the decoding format of color type letters and numerical codes leads to the correct formulation. For a 2019 Silverado in Forest Green Metallic, Chevy’s assigned paint code unlocks the precise color data needed to match the factory finish, whether obtaining OEM or aftermarket paint. Understanding the color code meaning is key to getting an accurate coded color match.

Color Type Color Code Color Name
G 7C Forest Green Metallic