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What is the paint code for black cherry paint?

What is the paint code for black cherry paint?

Identifying the correct paint code for black cherry car paint can be tricky. Every automotive paint manufacturer uses their own naming conventions and color codes. Additionally, the exact shade of “black cherry” can vary slightly between manufacturers. However, with some research into original factory paint codes, you can determine the specific paint code for black cherry for your year, make and model of vehicle.

Understanding Paint Codes

Every vehicle has a unique factory paint code that specifies the exact formula of paint used. This code is important when needing to get a precise color match for a repair or repaint job. Paint codes are usually 3 or 4 digits long, and can be found in several locations on the vehicle:

– On the vehicle’s VIN tag, often located on the driver’s side door jamb
– In the owner’s manual
– On the firewall under the hood
– On a sticker inside the driver’s side door or glove compartment

Paint codes only provide the formula though – you still need to match the code to the specific brand of paint being used. Major automotive paint suppliers like PPG, BASF, Axalta, and Sherwin-Williams publish cross-reference guides that list which paint code matches to their own color system.

Black Cherry Paint Codes by Manufacturer

Here are some common factory black cherry paint codes by automotive manufacturer:

General Motors
– WA8555 – Black Cherry Metallic
– G7C – Black Cherry Metallic

– PQ – Black Cherry Clearcoat Metallic

– PRP – Black Cherry Pearl Coat
– PX8 – Black Cherry Pearl Coat

– 209 – Black Cherry Mica

– 217 – Black Cherry Mica

– NH578P – Black Cherry Pearl

So for example, if you have a 2009 Chevy Malibu, look for code “WA8555” to get the factory black cherry color. Or a 2015 Ford Explorer with code “PQ” is also a variant of black cherry.

Matching Paint Brand Paint Codes

Once you know the factory paint code, you need to match it to the paint brand you plan to use. Here are some examples:

Factory Code PPG Code Sherwin-Williams Code
GM WA8555 WA8555 953071
Ford PQ 910710 953071
Chrysler PRP DTM7255 953071

So GM’s WA8555 matches directly to PPG’s WA8555 formulation. But Ford’s PQ translates to PPG 910710 and Sherwin-Williams 953071. Always check the paint brand’s code lookup to get the accurate translation.

Identifying the Correct Cherry Shade

One challenge with a color like “black cherry” is that different brands will have their own take on the shade. One may look slightly more black, another more maroon or red. I recommend getting paint samples sprayed out on cardstock to visually compare the shades side-by-side. Automotive paint distributors can match the code and spray samples for you. Evaluate the samples in different lighting to pick the one that best matches your vehicle or vision for the color.

Specialty and Custom Black Cherry Paint Options

If you can’t find an exact black cherry match from factory codes, consider a custom blend instead. Specialty paint suppliers like House of Kolor allow you to customize the color, metallic, pearls, and effects to create a one-of-a-kind black cherry hue. This costs more than an off-the-shelf option but gives you full creative control.

You can also upgrade to a higher-end paint line from one of the major brands. For example, PPG’s Deltron 4000 or Sikkens Autowave offer premium black cherry colors that really make the metal flakes pop. Though keep in mind these specialty paints require extra care and clearcoating during application.

Tips for Matching Black Cherry

Here are some additional tips for identifying and matching the perfect black cherry paint:

– Check multiple body panels for variances in fading or paint metering
– Adjust paint formulation based on metallic or pearl orientation preferences
– Consider applying over a silver vs black basecoat to subtly shift the tone
– Spray out samples on a fender or other test panel to test how the paint looks on your exact vehicle
– Upgrade to a tri-coat system for deeper, richer black cherry colors


Identifying the correct black cherry paint code requires researching the factory code, translating to the paint brand you’ll use, and selecting the best shade variant for your vehicle. Specialty paint suppliers offer greater customization options as well. With some diligence to find the right formula and visual sample testing, you can dial in the perfect black cherry hue. Partnering with an experienced paint supplier can help guide you through the process of color matching to get an amazing looking black cherry finish.