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What is the next shade darker than Revere Pewter?

What is the next shade darker than Revere Pewter?

Revere Pewter is a popular neutral paint color by Benjamin Moore. It’s a light gray with subtle warm undertones. If you’re looking for a shade slightly darker than Revere Pewter, there are a few good options to consider depending on the look you’re going for. In this article, we’ll explore some of the next shades darker than Revere Pewter and help you find the perfect color for your space.

Understanding Revere Pewter

Before looking at darker shades, it’s helpful to understand the undertones and characteristics of Revere Pewter itself. Here’s a quick overview:

– Light gray color with warm undertones
– Considered a greige (mix of gray and beige)
– Versatile neutral that works with many color schemes
– Calming and soothing vibe
– Soft and subtle rather than stark

Revere Pewter is a fantastic backdrop color and pairs well with whites and pastels as well as deeper, richer shades. The warm undertones give it more character than a flat gray. It straddles the line between classic and contemporary.

Going Slightly Darker

When evaluating colors slightly darker than Revere Pewter, you’ll want to consider:

– Undertones – stick with warm grays rather than cool tones
– Depth of color – shades that are just a notch darker rather than a dramatic leap
– Finish – soft matte sheens will mirror the subtlety of Revere Pewter

A few great options to consider:

Hale Navy – A gorgeous, lush gray with faint hints of green. Also versatile like Revere Pewter.
Gray Owl – A true greige that’s slightly duskier than Revere Pewter.
Edgecomb Gray – A warm, inviting gray that reads as a tad more brown than Revere Pewter.

Here’s a side by side comparison:

Revere Pewter Hale Navy Gray Owl Edgecomb Gray
Light warm gray Hushed green-gray Dusky greige Muted brown-gray

As you can see, these colors are in the same neutral family as Revere Pewter but have slightly more pigment. The differences are subtle but can make a noticeable impact in a room.

Going Dark for Contrast

For more striking contrast against Revere Pewter, consider shades like:

Chelsea Gray – A blue-based gray that’s sophisticated and crisp.
Thunder – A dramatic charcoal gray with cool undertones.
Black Beauty – A deep, inky neutral that packs a punch.

Here are those deeper shades next to Revere Pewter:

Revere Pewter Chelsea Gray Thunder Black Beauty
Light warm gray Crisp blue-gray Bold charcoal Deep blackened neutral

These richer, moodier colors make a striking contrast next to the quiet subtlety of Revere Pewter. They create a palette with great visual interest.

Darkened By Degree

The amount you choose to darken from Revere Pewter depends on the look you want:

– For a slightly darker feel, shift to a color like Hale Navy or Gray Owl. They stay firmly in the neutral camp.
– Go bold with a dark dramatic gray like Thunder for more contrast.
– Choose something like Black Beauty when you want a palette with a punchy interplay of light and dark.

So in summary, colors in the range of Hale Navy, Gray Owl and Edgecomb Gray are beautiful single-step shades darker than Revere Pewter. For a bigger, bolder leap try rich neutrals like Chelsea Gray, Thunder or Black Beauty.

Choosing The Perfect Undertone

Undertone makes a big difference when selecting the next darker color from Revere Pewter. Let’s compare some options:

Gray Owl – Subtle warm undertones like Revere Pewter, this deep greige retains a similar cozy vibe.

Agreeable Gray – More neutral undertones lend an elegant sophistication.

Chelsea Gray – Blue undertones create a formal, crisp aesthetic.

Grizzle Gray – With purple-gray undertones, this shade feels more unusual.

The undertone profoundly impacts the look and feel of the space. Consider where on the warm-to-cool spectrum you want to land.

Finishes Matter Too

The finish of your paint also affects how it reads alongside Revere Pewter:

Matte – A flat finish looks more muted and subtle next to Revere Pewter.

Satin – A soft glow makes satin pair nicely with Revere Pewter’s subtle sheen.

Semi-gloss – More shine pops bolder colors against Revere Pewter’s quieter look.

Generally a matte or satin finish keeps things cohesive. Semi-gloss works well on trims and accents to add definition.

Deeper Color Combinations

Here are some great deeper color combinations that coordinate beautifully with Revere Pewter:

Revere Pewter + Hale Navy + Lexington Green:

This soothing, organic palette mixes shades of gray, green and brown. The colors are rich but relaxed.

Revere Pewter + Thunder + Caviar:

Thunder and Caviar add gorgeous contrasting dark colors. Caviar’s navy blue tone keeps it sophisticated.

Revere Pewter + Black Beauty + White:

The interplay between light and dark colors pops with the addition of bright white. Striking and dramatic.

Mix and match shades using Revere Pewter as your neutral. Adding darker accents creates eye-catching combinations.

Matching Darker Trim

Use a darker shade on trims, doors and accents to make Revere Pewter pop:

– Hale Navy or Edgecomb Gray – For subtle definition in a similar color family.

– Thunder – As a charcoal gray for bold but elegant contrast.

– Black Beauty – Make trim the star with this deep shade.

– Grizzle Gray – For a unique purple-gray tone.

Pairing deeper shades of gray and even black on trims and moldings grounds Revere Pewter and adds satisfying visual weight.

Darker Color Schemes

Revere Pewter’s versatility allows for all sorts of moody, dramatic color schemes:

Monochromatic – Shades like Thunder and Black Beauty use the same neutral base for an elegant scheme.

Complementary – Contrasting pops of deep red or emerald green play beautifully against Revere Pewter.

Analogous – Adjacent greens like Hale Navy and sage colors complement Revere Pewter.

Triadic – Adding in shades of purple or orange creates an energetic vibe.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with deep, saturated colors. Revere Pewter harmonizes everything into a unified palette.

Choosing Your Darker Shade

When selecting the next darker shade from Revere Pewter, consider these tips:

– Decide if you want a subtle shift or major contrast.

– Pick a shade with similar undertones to keep things cohesive.

– Use dark colors strategically as accents and trims.

– Play with dramatic color combinations and saturated hues.

– Sample paint swatches at home and view in different light.

Trust your instincts! The right darker color will enhance Revere Pewter and create a beautiful, harmonious palette.


Revere Pewter is a perfect neutral backdrop that allows for gorgeous, moody shades. Going just a hint darker provides a more cocooning feel, while bold deeper tones amp up the drama and sophistication. Colors like Hale Navy, Gray Owl and Edgecomb Gray offer subtle steps darker, while Chelsea Gray, Thunder and Black Beauty make exciting, high contrast pairings.

Keep undertones, finish and sheen in mind. And don’t be afraid of deep jewel tones – Revere Pewter magical ability is harmonizing any palette. Choosing a shade darker than Revere Pewter opens up lots of possibilities for creating a stylish, welcoming space. Have fun exploring the options to find your perfect deeper neutral!