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What is the nail color code on TikTok?

What is the nail color code on TikTok?

With the rise of TikTok and nail art videos, using nail polish color codes to communicate on TikTok has become a popular trend. TikTok nail color codes allow users to convey secret messages, moods, or meanings through their nail art. Understanding what the different nail polish colors represent can help decode the hidden messages in TikTok videos.

The Origin of TikTok Nail Color Codes

The concept of using nail polish colors to encode secret messages started in the 1990s with suburban teenagers painting their nails certain colors to indicate sexual availability or relationship status. This evolved over the decades into more complex color codes used by youth and young adults.

In 2020, the practice exploded on TikTok as users started posting tutorials assigning meanings to popular nail polish colors. The trend really took off when the song “Mood Ring” by Britney Spears became popular on the platform. TikTokers started using their nail colors to represent their moods and personalities like a “mood ring” accessory.

Some common meanings have emerged, though people also create their own unique codes. TikTok nail color codes now act as a “secret handshake” within the TikTok community, allowing users to silently communicate their thoughts, feelings, interests, and more.

Common Nail Polish Color Meanings on TikTok

Here are some of the most common nail color meanings used on TikTok currently:

Nail Polish Color Meaning
Black Goth, edgy
White Clean, pure, angelic
Red Confident, passionate
Pink Feminine, cute, girly
Orange Creative, lively
Yellow Happy, cheerful, sunny
Green Nature lover, healthy living
Blue Calm, peaceful, loyal
Purple Royal, mysterious
Gray Moody, sophisticated
Brown Down to earth, rugged

These meanings can be mixed and matched across nails to create a “nail art horoscope” representing the user’s personality or current state of mind. Additional polish colors, art techniques, charms, and accessories can add further nuance.

Unique and Hidden Meanings

Beyond the common color codes, some TikTokers use more covert nail art to signify hidden meanings or inside jokes. These can act like secret messages to those “in the know” within a specific community.

Some examples include:

  • Pride flag colors to silently denote LGBTQ+ support
  • University or team logo colors to show school/sports pride
  • Polka dots or stripes for each year of age
  • Zodiac sign colors or symbols to indicate astrological sign
  • Initials or numbers spelling out dates, names, or words
  • Mini portraits or symbols representing loved ones, hobbies, or interests

Users come up with all kinds of creative ways to embed hidden meanings that only select followers will recognize. The coded messages add an element of exclusivity and community to those “in the know.”

How to Decode Nail Colors on TikTok

When viewing TikTok nail art videos, keep these tips in mind to help decipher any coded messages:

  • Look up the standard meaning for popular nail polish colors
  • Note any extra symbols, charms, decorations beyond just color
  • Check the video caption and hashtag for any clues
  • Browse the comments for people asking about meanings
  • See if the user has done other coded nail art with explanations
  • Search for niche community hashtags related to the design

The color and art choices are rarely random. Paying attention to small details can help uncover any hidden meanings. If you’re still stumped, don’t be afraid to politely ask the creator to explain their nail art code.

How to Use Nail Color Codes in Your Own TikToks

Want to join in on the coded nail art trend? Here are some tips:

  • Look up popular color meanings so viewers can decode them
  • Get creative with extra symbols and art for hidden messages
  • Use caption space to subtly explain (or hint at) your designs
  • Tag relevant communities so intended audiences see it
  • Respond in comments if anyone asks about meanings
  • Most importantly, have fun with self-expression!

Nail art is a great way to spice up your TikTok presence. Using color codes and hidden meanings adds an extra layer of intrigue and community. The world of nail color codes continues to evolve, so stay on top of trends to apply them to your own stylish nail art.


TikTok nail color codes allow for subtle communication and self-expression through manicures. While common colors have standard accepted meanings, TikTokers also get creative with unique symbols and designs to convey hidden messages. Paying attention to small details can help decode the nail art. Participating in the trends yourself is a fun way to bond with niche communities. TikTok nail art with color codes has become a new form of silent communication and connection.