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What is the most popular light grey Benjamin Moore paint?

What is the most popular light grey Benjamin Moore paint?

When it comes to choosing interior paint colors, light grey is a versatile and popular neutral shade that works well in many rooms of the home. With its subtle cool undertones, light grey paint colors provide a calming and soothing backdrop that allow other accent colors and furnishings to pop. Benjamin Moore is one of the most trusted and widely-used paint brands among homeowners and design professionals. With hundreds of gray paint colors to choose from across various finish types like flat, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the specific light grey Benjamin Moore color that is most popular for interior walls and trim.

Factors In Selecting Most Popular Benjamin Moore Light Grey

Several key factors determine which light grey Benjamin Moore paint colors rise to the top in popularity and usage in homes:

– Neutral Undertone – The most popular light greys have a very subtle cool undertone that reads as a true neutral on the wall across lighting conditions. Greys with blue, green, or purple undertones can read too cool on the wall.

– Versatility – Light greys like Revere Pewter, Stonington Gray, and Gray Owl work well in nearly any room due to their neutrality. Bolder or deeper shades of grey may be more limiting.

– Aesthetic Appeal – The most popular light greys are easy on the eyes and provide a softly sophisticated look in any style of decor from modern to traditional. An overly stark, cold grey can look uninviting.

– Name Recognition – Benjamin Moore paint colors with strong name recognition tend to drive popularity through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Top 3 Benjamin Moore Light Grey Paint Colors

Evaluating the above factors along with consumer reviews and polling of interior designers, the following 3 light grey paint colors consistently rise to the top as Benjamin Moore’s most popular choices:

1. Revere Pewter

One of the most iconic greige colors, Revere Pewter has been a staple neutral paint color for over two decades. With warm undertones that read as a true greige (mix between gray and beige), it offers a timeless look. As a light-medium toned grey, it also provides more contrast against white trim than paler shades. Revere Pewter is exceptionally versatile working in everything from traditional to modern spaces due to its understated elegance. It’s a failsafe neutral that design experts confidently recommend.

2. Stonington Gray

Slightly cooler and lighter than Revere Pewter, Stonington Gray is a very close second choice in popularity. With subtle green-gray undertones, it reads as a soft, hazy gray that provides an airy backdrop to a space. It differs enough from Revere Pewter to offer an alternate neutral option, appearing lighter and more modern. Stonington Gray suits transitional to contemporary decor, but also works in traditional spaces when you want a gray with polish rather than overt warmth.

3. Gray Owl

For those desiring a true light grey as opposed to a greige, Gray Owl is a standout choice. Unlike some lighter greys that can read dull or stark, Gray Owl has enough depth to feel enveloping but retains an airier feel. The subtle blue undertones provide a tranquil vibe. Gray Owl excels as a light grey that flows cohesively from room to room when used consistently throughout a home. It harmonizes beautifully with whites and warmer wood tones.

Honorable Mentions

Beyond the top 3, the following light greys deserve honorable mentions as runners-up in popularity:

– Chelsea Gray (HC-168) – A warmer, greige-based alternative to Revere Pewter with brown undertones. Provides a cozy, welcoming look.

– Pale Oak (2115-60) – A versatile, airy light warm greige that suits modern farmhouse style. More beige than gray.

– Classic Gray (OC-23) – Crisp, cool-toned light grey that excels in modern settings and pairs well with whites.

– November Rain (OC-57) – Greige with subtle olive undertone for a refined look. Excellent soft contrast against dark trim.

Popular Sheens and Finishes

While Benjamin Moore’s neutral gray paint colors are available in any finish, the most popular sheens include:

– Eggshell – Provides subtle sheen and easy wipe-down for common areas like living rooms, dens, and bedrooms.

– Satin – A bit more durable sheen for higher traffic spaces like hallways and family rooms. Also commonly used for trim/molding.

– Flat – For ceiling and sometimes wall surfaces where you desire a matte, non-reflective finish.

Lower sheen options like matte or flat are not ideal for kitchens/bathrooms where moisture resistance is needed. Semi-gloss has too much reflectivity for most wall surfaces but is popular for trim, cabinets, and doors.

Using Light Greys Successfully

When working with light greys, consider the following tips:

– Sample swatches on walls look much different than in the can. Evaluate in your space.

– Light greys show more color variations and imperfections than deeper shades – prepare surfaces accordingly.

– Greys with subtle undertones are easiest to coordinate with, while intense cool or warm undertones can clash with furnishings.

– Balance light greys with plenty of contrast through white trim, darker floors/cabinets, and colorful textiles.


When searching for the perfect sophisticated light grey, Benjamin Moore offers an extensive palette of neutral paint colors to suit any style. Their most popular choices like Revere Pewter, Stonington Gray, and Gray Owl offer failsafe options with timeless light gray aesthetics. Coordinating sheen and undertones, along with adding plenty of contrast, allow these versatile neutrals to create a beautiful, welcoming backdrop for any home.

Paint Color Undertone Sheen Finish Recommendation
Revere Pewter Greige/Warm Eggshell or Satin
Stonington Gray Cool Eggshell
Gray Owl Cool Eggshell or Matte