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What is the most popular green in sherwin williams?

Choosing the right shade of green paint color for your home can be a daunting task with so many options to pick from. Sherwin-Williams offers a wide selection of green paints in various hues and intensities. But what is the most popular green by Sherwin-Williams?

Understanding Sherwin-Williams’ Green Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams organizes their paint colors into color collections and families to make the selection process easier. Greens are available across several different color collections including neutrals, brights, deep colors, and nature-inspired shades.

Some of the most popular green color families from Sherwin-Williams include:

  • Sea Salt Greens – Soft blue-greens reminiscent of the ocean.
  • Avocado Greens – Mid-tone greens with yellow undertones.
  • Emerald Greens – Jewel-toned greens with blue undertones.
  • Olive Greens – Earthy muted greens inspired by olives.
  • Forest Greens – Deep hunter greens inspired by forests.

Within each color family, Sherwin-Williams offers several specific green paint colors in different hues and shades. The most popular greens overall tend to be flexible, livable shades that work well in many home spaces.

Most Popular Sherwin-Williams Green Paint Colors

Based on Sherwin-Williams’ own recommendations and best-selling lists, the following 10 green paint colors stand out as the most popular choices:

Paint Color Color Family undertone
Repose Gray Sea Salt Green Blue
Guacamole Avocado Green Yellow
Balsam Green Forest Green Yellow
Nile Green Emerald Green Blue
Evergreen Fog Olive Green Grey
Sage Green Avocado Green Grey
Celtic Green Forest Green Yellow
Green Smoke Sea Salt Green Grey
Retreat Olive Green Brown
Accessible Beige Avocado Green Brown

1. Repose Gray SW 7015

Part of Sherwin-Williams’ popular Neutral palette, Repose Gray is a light blue-green with a seaside feel. The subtle green tint gives it a fresh update from traditional grays. This versatile color works well in any room of the home.

2. Guacamole SW 6422

Guacamole is a lively, rich green from the Avocado green family. With strong yellow-olive undertones, it’s reminiscent of the popular dip. This warm, natural shade is ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, and other spaces where you want an invigorating ambiance.

3. Balsam Green SW 6334

Balsam Green is a deeply saturated forest green that feels both woodsy and refreshing. With slight yellow undertones, this versatile shade pairs well with woods, natural stone, and other organic materials. Use it to create a relaxing, nature-inspired room.

4. Nile Green SW 6338

A jewel-toned emerald green with rich blue undertones, Nile Green adds striking sophistication to any space. The dramatic color is bold yet surprisingly versatile. Use it in moderation on an accent wall or in bolder doses for real drama.

5. Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Evergreen Fog is a popular light-medium olive green with hints of gray that give it a soft, natural look. This laidback green is subdued enough for whole rooms but still makes a statement. It’s ideal for creating calm, welcoming spaces.

6. Sage Green SW 6154

Sage Green is a soothing gray-green from the Avocado family. The muted color is reminiscent of the herb and has rustic, countryside vibes. Use it in homey spaces like kitchens, studies, and bedrooms where you want a restful ambiance.

7. Celtic Green SW 6450

Celtic Green is a deep forest green with strong yellow undertones and a traditional, classic feel. In darker shades, it’s ideal for creating cozy spaces. In lighter tints, it brightens rooms. This versatile green works in almost any style home.

8. Green Smoke SW 6141

Green Smoke is a light, airy blue-green from Sherwin-Williams’ Sea Salt family. True to its name, this misty shade has a soft, hazy quality. Use it in bedrooms, bathrooms, and rooms where you want a soothing, zen-like atmosphere.

9. Retreat SW 6253

Retreat is a dark olive green with brown undertones. Earthier than traditional greens, this woodsy color has an organic, nature-inspired look. Use it to create a relaxing, lodge-style space or accent wall with character and depth.

10. Accessible Beige SW 7036

Accessible Beige is actually a light, neutral tan with subtle green undertones. The barely-there hint of green gives it a natural, organic feel. This popular go-with-anything shade works in all spaces, especially as an exterior color.

Choosing the Best Green Paint for Your Space

When selecting a green paint color, consider the undertones and how much they complement your existing decor. Cool blue-greens pair well with grays and metallics while warm yellow-greens match beautifully with wood tones and cream accents.

Also think about the mood you want to create. Bold jewel tones make a dramatic statement while soft muted greens have a soothing effect. Dark greens can feel elegant and cozy in moderation while light greens brighten up any room.

Be sure to get color swatches and paint large sample areas before committing to a green. The way a color looks on a swatch can be quite different than on an entire wall. View samples in both natural and artificial light at different times of day.

With so many gorgeous green options from Sherwin-Williams, you’re sure to find the perfect shade to make your space look fresh and inviting. Trust your instincts and choose the green that makes you feel happy and relaxed. The most popular green is the one that fits your style and brings your home to life.


Sherwin-Williams offers green paint colors to suit any style or space. Their most popular greens like Repose Gray, Guacamole, Evergreen Fog, and Accessible Beige are versatile, livable shades that work well in many homes. Choosing the right green ultimately comes down to finding a shade that coordinates with your existing decor and creates the vibe you want. With Sherwin-Williams’ extensive green palette, you can find a green paint that makes your home look and feel just right.