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What is the most popular farrow and ball neutral colour?

Farrow & Ball is known for their timeless and elegant neutral paint colors. With over 130 shades to choose from, deciding on the most popular neutral can be a challenge. To determine the most popular Farrow & Ball neutral paint color, we’ll look at a few key factors:

Farrow & Ball’s Best Selling Neutrals

According to Farrow & Ball, their top 3 best selling neutrals are:

Neutral Paint Color Undertone
Ammonite Warm, beige-grey
Elephant’s Breath Warm, greige
Pointing Cool, grey-beige

These 3 neutral shades have been consistently popular over the years. Ammonite, a warm greige, is their all-time top selling paint color. Elephant’s Breath, a versatile greige with warm undertones, comes in second. Pointing, a light grey-beige, rounds out the top 3.

Most Popular Neutrals by Room

While Ammonite, Elephant’s Breath and Pointing are overall bestsellers, different neutral shades tend to be preferred for specific rooms:

Room Most Popular Neutral Paint Color
Living room Ammonite
Bedroom Elephant’s Breath
Dining room Pointing
Kitchen Pavilion Gray
Bathroom Lime White

Ammonite and Elephant’s Breath remain go-to choices for living rooms and bedrooms. The cooler undertones of Pointing make it a popular dining room shade. In kitchens and bathrooms, lighter neutrals like Pavilion Gray and Lime White are commonly used.

Most Complimentary Neutral Combinations

One of the beauties of Farrow & Ball neutrals is that they combine beautifully together. Here are some of the most popular neutral color pairings:

Neutral Color #1 Neutral Color #2
Ammonite Elephant’s Breath
Pointing Ammonite
Elephant’s Breath Pavilion Gray
Lime White Wimborne White
Manor House Gray Plummett

Pairing warm and cool undertones, like Ammonite and Pointing, creates depth. Matching soft greiges like Elephant’s Breath and Pavilion Gray provides a soothing, peaceful aesthetic. Crisp white tones like Lime White and Wimborne White keep rooms feeling fresh and bright.

Most Popular Neutrals by Architectural Style

Farrow & Ball neutrals suit a wide range of home styles. Here are some of the top neutral shade matches for popular architectural styles:

Architectural Style Best Matching Neutral(s)
Farmhouse Ammonite
Modern Shadow White
Transitional Elephant’s Breath
Victorian Wevet
Mediterranean Jitney
Coastal Pointing

The warm, earthy tone of Ammonite suits farmhouse style. Clean, crisp Shadow White aligns with sleek modern spaces. For Victorians, a historic color like Wevet works beautifully. Coastal homes benefit from the cool, seaside hues of Pointing.

Most Versatile All-Purpose Neutrals

When uncertain where to start with neutrals, you can’t go wrong with these versatile go-with-anything shades:

  • Ammonite – warm greige, pairs with any color
  • Elephant’s Breath – slightly warm greige, soothing and calm
  • Pointing – cool greige, provides subtle contrast
  • Shadow White – clean, bright white, modern feel
  • Cornforth White – soft, warm white, relaxed ambiance

Ammonite, Elephant’s Breath and Pointing are extremely flexible neutrals that suit any style. Crisp Shadow White and warm Cornforth White are ideal all-purpose whites. Keeping these versatile neutrals in your decorating toolbox makes it easy to tie rooms together.

Most Popular Neutral Palettes

Farrow & Ball curates suggested neutral color palettes that work beautifully together:

Palette Name Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4
Modern Neutrals Shadow White Ammonite Plummett Black Blue
Neutral Contrast Cornforth White Wevet Stiffkey Blue Lamp Room Gray
Softly Neutral Lime White Elephant’s Breath Pearl Gray Pavilion Gray

These curated palettes take the guesswork out of choosing complementary neutrals. Whether aiming for a modern, high-contrast or soft look, Farrow & Ball’s pre-selected neutral combinations create foolproof harmony.

Achieving the Perfect Neutral Backdrop

When used strategically, neutral backdrops allow other elements like furniture and accessories to shine. Here are some tips for creating the perfect neutral foundation:

  • Use lighter neutrals like Lime White on ceilings and cornices to give the illusion of higher ceilings.
  • Paint accent walls or feature walls in a slightly deeper tone to add subtle interest.
  • Group rooms with similar light levels together – northern rooms in cooler neutrals and southern rooms in warmer tones.
  • In open concept spaces, use the same neutral throughout for flow.
  • Add architectural interest by painting trim and moldings in a crisp contrasting white or black.

Layering different neutral tones and finishes purposefully can transform lackluster spaces into a beautiful showcase for decor.

Factors Impacting Neutral Popularity

Neutral paint color trends evolve based on a few key factors:

  • Current design trends – For example, modern farmhouse style has boosted the popularity of warm, earthy neutrals like Ammonite.
  • Economic climate – During times of uncertainty, people gravitate towards soothing, versatile neutrals.
  • Advances in lighting – The wide availability of LED lighting has enabled crisp whites like Shadow White to become more practical.
  • Color psychology – Softer muted neutrals tend to be popular in times of stress as they promote calm and relaxation.

While preferences ebb and flow, Farrow & Ball’s extensive neutral range means there’s always a timeless option to suit the current climate.

Achieving Balance with Accent Colors

Neutral backdrops need pops of accent colors to add visual interest. Some ways to inject color include:

  • Vibrant art pieces to provide focal points.
  • Throws, pillows and accessories in bold hues.
  • Bright paintings or wallpapers in breakfast nooks.
  • Dramatic floral arrangements.
  • Kitchen appliances like stand mixers in retro colors.

Punchy accent colors prevent neutral rooms from feeling bland or monotonous. And Farrow & Ball’s selection of paint colors offer a rainbow of options for creating the perfect accent walls to contrast with neutral backdrops.


When working with Farrow & Ball neutrals, you really can’t make a wrong choice – their timeless shades are guaranteed to provide a flexible, elegant backdrop. Best selling all-purpose neutrals like Ammonite, Elephant’s Breath and Pointing are perfect for spaces where a fail-safe neutral is needed. Or explore colors like Jitney and Wevet to match a specific architectural style. By artfully balancing and layering tones, and adding occasional pops of color, Farrow & Ball neutrals can transform the look and feel of any space.