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What is the most popular color of lipstick?

Lipstick is one of the most popular and iconic makeup products. Choosing the right lipstick shade can completely transform your look. But with so many color options out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out which shades are the most popular. In this in-depth article, we’ll break down the best-selling lipstick colors so you can find your perfect match.

The Most Popular Lipstick Shades

When looking at top-selling lipsticks across beauty brands, a few key colors stand out:

Color Description
Nude Nude lipstick provides a subtle, natural look. The shade ranges from pale beige to brown.
Pink This includes both bright and muted pink tones. Pink flatters nearly all skin tones.
Red True reds and blue-toned reds are iconic. Red makes a bold statement.
Mauve Mauve has subtle purple/pink undertones. It’s flattering on many complexions.

Within those most popular categories, there are a few specific shades that are repeatedly best-sellers year after year:

  • Nude – Nude or “beige” nudes
  • Pink – Soft rose shades
  • Red – Blue-reds and classic reds
  • Mauve – Mauve pinks

Most Popular Lipstick Colors by Skin Tone

While personal preference plays a big role, some lipstick shades are more flattering for certain skin tones. Here’s a breakdown of popular colors for different complexions:

Skin Tone Most Flattering Colors
Fair Soft pinks, peaches, plums
Light Rose pinks, peaches, corals, red
Medium Warm pinks, mauve, plum, red
Tan Nude, bronze, brown, plum
Deep Wine, berry, brown, nude

Fair skin often looks best in lighter, cooler tones. Deeper complexions can pull off richer shades. But there are few hard rules, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Most Popular Lipstick Finishes

In addition to color, lipstick finish also impacts the look. Here are the most popular:

  • Cream – Creamy and semi-opaque with a shine. Moisturizing.
  • Matte – Velvety finish and intense pigment. Long-lasting.
  • Satin – Smooth color with a subtle sheen.
  • Sheer – Light, see-through color. Great for layering.
  • Gloss – Shiny and wet-look. Very moisturizing.

Matte lipsticks have surged in popularity in recent years. However, traditional creams and satins still make up a significant portion of best-sellers.

Most Popular Lipstick Brands

When looking at top lipstick brands, a mix of drugstore and high-end companies emerge:

Brand Price Range Top Shades
Maybelline Drugstore Touch of Spice, Red for Me
L’Oreal Drugstore Fairest Nude, Blake’s Red
NYX Drugstore Butter Gloss, Soft Matte Lip Cream
MAC Mid-range Ruby Woo, Velvet Teddy
Anastasia Beverly Hills Mid-range Matte Lipstick
Dior High-end Rouge Dior
Chanel High-end Rouge Allure

Affordable drugstore options from L’Oreal, Maybelline and NYX compete with the most luxurious designer brands. Every budget can find a quality lipstick.

The Most Popular Red Lipstick Shades

No lipstick color is more iconic than a red pout. But with blue-reds, orange-reds, and more, how do you pick? Here are the most popular bold reds:

  • Ruby Woo by MAC – Blue-toned matte red
  • Rouge Dior by Dior – Neutral blue-red
  • Besame Red by Besame – Retro-inspired blue-red
  • Cayenne by NARS – Orange-red
  • American Woman by Tom Ford – Warm red

These shades have perfected the classic red lip. They glide on smoothly and stay put for hours. A red lip instantly makes a statement.

Nude Lipstick for Every Skin Tone

Nude lipstick provides a polished, natural look. But finding the right shade for your complexion can be tricky. Here are flattering nude lipsticks for every skin tone:

Skin Tone Nude Shades
Fair NYC Pink Nude, Revlon Blushing Nude, Maybelline Nude Lust
Light L’Oreal Fairest Nude, MAC Myth, Urban Decay Naked
Medium NARS Dolce Vita, MAC Twig, Smashbox Be Legendary in Famous
Tan MAC Whirl, Maybelline Nude Nuance, Urban Decay Stark Naked
Deep Black Opal Coco Truffle, MAC Nightmoth, Anastasia Beverly Hills Rum Punch

Look for shades with pink, peach or brown undertones to complement your skin. Don’t be afraid to go a bit darker than you think for a natural look.

Most Popular Lipstick Colors: A Recap

If you feel overwhelmed by the sea of lipstick options, keep these most popular picks in mind:

  • Nudes: Look for a beige-pink that matches your skin.
  • Pinks: Opt for soft rose or peach pinks.
  • Reds: True blue-toned reds complement most.
  • Mauves: Try a muted rosy mauve.

Cream and matte finishes give the most universally flattering look. Mid-range brands like MAC and drugstore staples like Maybelline and L’Oreal offer quality shades at different price points.

While testing some new colors outside your comfort zone can be fun, you really can’t go wrong sticking to one of the tried and true best-selling shades.

Finding your perfect lipstick takes trial and error. But armed with this overview of popular shades and tips for your skin tone, you can feel confident picking your new signature lip color.