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What is the meaning of the April birthstone color?

April’s birthstone is the diamond, which has been prized for its brilliance and hardness for centuries. The diamond is most commonly associated with the colorless variety, but it is found in a range of hues including yellow, brown, pink, blue, green, and more. Each color variation carries its own unique symbolic meanings and associations.

Meaning of Colorless Diamonds

The most familiar type of diamond is the colorless or white diamond. This variety represents purity and innocence. In ancient times, diamonds were believed to be tears of the gods or splinters from falling stars. White diamonds are linked to concepts like eternity, clarity, and courage. They are an enduring symbol of commitment and everlasting love.

Colorless diamonds allow the most light to pass through and reflect back, giving them unmatched brilliance and fire. Their crystalline transparency is equated with the purity of true love. For this reason, white diamonds remain the most popular diamond engagement ring choice as a representation of romance, fidelity, and strength of the relationship.

Meaning of Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds represent joy, optimism, and warmth. Their bright golden glow is cheerful and lively. In the past, yellow diamonds symbolized wisdom and served as a mark of prestige among royalty and the wealthy. They were believed to promote clarity of thought and a more positive attitude.

Today, vivid yellow diamonds are associated with friendship, creativity, and intelligence. Softer yellow hued diamonds are linked to the happy glow of new love and budding relationships. Yellow diamonds are given as gifts to lift someone’s spirits or recognize achievements. They make for particularly meaningful friendship jewelry.

Meaning of Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are the most prized and rare of the colored diamond varieties. They symbolize love, romance, and femininity. Their rosy hue has long been associated with the heart and passion. Pink diamonds traditionally signified a strong, enduring marriage and partnership. They were believed to enhance emotions, tender feelings, and sensuality between lovers.

Today, pink diamonds represent affection, sweetness, charm and refinement. They are considered the ultimate romantic gift between couples, offered as a meaningful way to celebrate anniversaries, proposals and weddings. Pink diamonds are also gifted by parents and grandparents to mark the birth of a child.

Meaning of Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are extraordinarily rare treasures. They symbolize mystery, possibility, and hope. Throughout history, blue diamonds were considered protective amulets and were believed to help achieve enlightenment. Their cool, serene color was thought to still worries and calm the mind.

Today, blue diamonds represent solitude, wisdom, faith and dignity. They are linked to dreams, intuition and seeking truth. Blue diamonds are believed to enhance communication and boost creativity. Recipients of blue diamond jewelry are said to be daring adventurers and progressive thinkers.

Meaning of Green Diamonds

Natural green diamonds are one of the rarest diamond colors found in nature. As might be expected, they symbolize life, renewal, and growth. In ancient times, green diamonds were also associated with peace, calmness, and renewal. Their verdant color was believed to promote balance and harmony.

Today, vivid green diamonds represent prosperity, generosity, and wellbeing. They are believed to enhance compassion and give the wearer a greater connection to nature. Pastel green diamonds signify tranquility, luck and adventure. Green diamonds are gifted to recognize personal growth and celebrate new beginnings.

Meaning by Diamond Color Intensity

Not only does the hue of a diamond have significance, but the intensity of its color also carries meaning. Very pale or light tinted diamonds are linked to new beginnings and innocence. Bold, vivid diamonds represent passion and vitality. Here is an overview of some symbolic associations by diamond color depth:

Diamond Color Intensity Meaning and Symbolism
Faint Purity, elegance, calmness
Very Light Joy, optimism, cheerfulness
Light New beginnings, potential, clarity
Fancy Light Love, relationships, sentimentality
Fancy Passion, vibrancy, deep emotion
Fancy Dark Mystery, intuition, prestige
Fancy Intense Power, luxury, indulgence

Significance of White Diamonds with Secondary Color Hues

While pure white diamonds represent purity, other variations like salt-and-pepper diamonds and cognac/champagne diamonds carry their own unique symbolism. Here is an overview:

  • Salt-and-pepper diamonds – These white diamonds are flecked with black inclusions. They represent wisdom, intuition, and clarity coming from life experience.
  • Cognac diamonds – The warm brownish hue represents knowledge, sophistication, and distinction.
  • Champagne diamonds – The soft tan color signifies joy, warmth, and positivity.


Diamonds come in an array of dazzling colors beyond basic white. The different diamond hues each carry their own special meaning and symbolism. While colorless diamonds represent true love and new beginnings, yellow diamonds signify joy and blue diamonds inspire imagination. Green diamonds embody growth and pink diamonds romance. Even the depth of color has significance ranging from the innocence of pale hues to the passion of vivid intensity.

Diamonds have been admired and valued for centuries as stones of brilliance, strength and enduring beauty. Their rich color symbolism gives deeper meaning to these precious gems. When selecting diamond jewelry as a gift, the color can be chosen deliberately to reflect a specific symbolism and celebrate life’s milestones with more significance.