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What is the meaning of MFP in HP LaserJet?

MFP stands for “Multi-Function Product” or “Multi-Function Peripheral” and refers to a type of printer that includes multiple capabilities beyond just printing. HP LaserJet printers that include MFP in the model name offer a combination of printing, scanning, copying, and sometimes fax functionality all in one convenient device. Understanding what MFP means in an HP LaserJet model name can help you determine if the printer matches your needs.

Key Features of MFP HP LaserJet Printers

HP LaserJet printers with MFP in the name typically offer some or all of the following capabilities:

Printing The core function of any LaserJet, printing high quality documents quickly and efficiently.
Scanning Scan hard copy originals and save digitally in various file formats.
Copying Make copies of scanned pages or printouts without using a computer.
Faxing Send and receive faxes without dedicated fax machine.

Having all these options available in one machine saves space, reduces the number of devices needed, and allows for seamless integration of functions in digital workflows.

Common MFP LaserJet Model Numbers

Some examples of HP LaserJet model numbers that include MFP or Multi-Function Product are:

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M148dw
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw
HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M634dn
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M182nw

The MFP designation can appear at the beginning or end of the model name. Some key things the model number reveals:

  • Pro vs. Enterprise – Pro models are for small/home office use while Enterprise is for large office needs
  • M148, M227, M634 – Indicates relative size and capabilities of the MFP
  • Letters at end – d=duplex printing, w=wireless, n=network ready, f=fax capable
  • Color vs. Monochrome – Color LaserJets provide color printing

Understanding what the MFP designation means along with details from the model number helps ensure you select the right MFP LaserJet for your needs.

Differences Between MFP and Single Function Printers

The key difference between LaserJet printers with MFP in the name versus single function models is the inclusion of scanning, copying, and sometimes fax capabilities. Single function LaserJets like the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w only provide printing.

Some other differences:

MFP LaserJets Single Function LaserJets
All-in-one convenience and features Lower initial purchase cost
Larger physical footprint Smaller form factor
Higher purchase price Only designed for printing
Network and wireless connectivity May lack networking/wireless

So while single function printers are more affordable, MFP models provide expanded utility perfect for digitizing documents and integrating printing into digital workflows.

Key MFP Features to Consider

When selecting an MFP HP LaserJet, some key features to consider include:

Print Speed

– Faster print speeds of 20ppm or higher improve productivity for high volume printing

Duty Cycle

– Monthly duty cycle shows maximum recommended print volume

Paper Capacity

– Having multiple trays and ability to hold more paper reduces refill frequency

Networking and Connectivity

– Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB and mobile printing allow easy printer access

Automatic Document Feeder

– Allows quick and easy scanning or copying of multi-page documents

Duplex Printing

– Prints on both sides of the paper to reduce paper usage


– An LCD screen makes it easy to navigate printer menus and settings

Considering factors like these will help you select the right MFP LaserJet model for your specific use case.

Advantages of MFP LaserJets for Business

For business use, HP LaserJet MFP printers offer many benefits:

Reduced Costs

– Having multiple capabilities in one device reduces overall equipment costs.

Improved Productivity

– faster print speeds and paper handling save time for users.

Document Digitization

– Scanning to email, PDF, cloud services like Dropbox improves document workflows.

Centralized Functionality

– One MFP can meet the printing, scanning and copying needs of the entire office.

Security Features

– Password protection, encryption, and user authentication keeps documents safe.

Fleet Management

– Manage settings, updates, and usage across multiple devices from one central interface.

For offices that handle a high volume of document tasks, a business-class HP LaserJet MFP can maximize productivity while keeping costs down. The right model provides the perfect balance of performance, capabilities and price.


The MFP designation on HP LaserJet printers indicates a model with multifunction capabilities beyond just printing. This includes scanning, copying, faxing or a combination of these in addition to printing. MFP LaserJets consolidate multiple document functions into a single device, saving space and simplifying workflows.

Key factors to consider when selecting an MFP HP LaserJet include print speed, monthly duty cycle, paper capacity, connectivity options, auto document feeding, duplex printing, display features, and overall physical size. Consider the volume and types of tasks required to choose the right balance of performance, capabilities and price.

For many businesses, the productivity, efficiency and cost savings make a business-class HP LaserJet MFP an excellent investment. Understanding the MFP model designation helps ensure you choose the perfect all-in-one printer to meet your organization’s diverse document management needs while optimizing office workflows.