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What is the hex for Pantone pastel yellow?

What is the hex for Pantone pastel yellow?

Pantone pastel yellow is a soft, light shade of yellow that evokes feelings of cheerfulness, playfulness, and optimism. It is one of Pantone’s many standardized color swatches used for design purposes across various industries. Each Pantone color has a specific code or formula that defines its exact shade. For pastel yellow, the Pantone number is 12-0602 TPX and the hex code is #FFF59D.

Understanding Pantone Colors and Hex Codes

Pantone is a company known for its color matching system used in industries like printing, manufacturing, textiles, and more. The Pantone Matching System allows designers to specify and match colors exactly so that the final manufactured product matches the original design intent.

Each Pantone color has a unique number and formula code. For example, Pantone 12-0602 TPX tells us that pastel yellow is in the yellow color family (the first digit, 12) and gives us specific mixing information for how to recreate that exact shade of soft yellow.

Hex codes like #FFF59D are another way to represent specific colors in digital design work. Hex codes use a combination of 6 letters and numbers to create a unique color identifier. The code starts with a #, then has pairs of letters/numbers that specify amounts of red, green and blue to mix to create that particular color. For pastel yellow, the hex #FFF59D tells a computer to mix together high amounts of red and green with lower blue.

The Meaning and Uses of Pantone Pastel Yellow

Pastel yellow has a distinct cheery and sunny personality. It evokes feelings of optimism, clarity, whimsy, and confidence. Soft yellow shades like Pantone 12-0602 TPX work well in designs wanting to capture youthful, friendly moods.

Some key characteristics and meanings associated with pastel yellow include:

– Playfulness – Pastel yellow has a gentle, sweet nature that suggests leisure, play, and fun. It can create a whimsical feeling.

– Freshness – The lightness and brightness of pastel yellow gives a fresh, renewed sensation. It suggests springtime and new beginnings.

– Clarity – Soft yellows are mentally clarifying. They can aid concentration and focus while also creating uplifting feelings.

– Confidence – Bright but gentle pastel yellow inspires self-assurance and confidence without aggression.

Pastel yellow works well in designs for children’s products, hospitality, greeting cards, and any project wanting to capture a lively, friendly mood. It can be energizing when paired with neutral tones like white, gray, or black. Pastel yellow also pairs beautifully with other soft hues like pink or blue.

Complementary Colors for Pantone Pastel Yellow

Certain colors look especially attractive when paired next to pastel yellow. These complementary colors help the soft yellow stand out while also enhancing its positive, cheerful effects. Some top complementary color pairings include:

Pastel Yellow and Gray

Muted grays balance out the brightness of pastel yellow. The gray helps tone down the vibrancy while the yellow keeps an uplifting presence against the neutral gray. This pairing works for minimalist or contemporary designs.

Pastel Yellow and Soft Pink

Two pastel tones together evoke springtime and femininity. The yellow and pink play off one another in a soft, sweet combination. Pair these for a youthful, romantic aesthetic.

Pastel Yellow and Sky Blue

Cool blue undertones contrast nicely with the warmer yellow tones. Sky blue and pastel yellow give an airy, uplifting sensation together. Use this combo to suggest sunshine on a clear day.

Pastel Yellow and White

Crisp white makes pastel yellow pop. White space helps the yellow feel bright and sharp. This classic pairing works for minimalist looks with lots of negative space.

Pastel Yellow and Black

Even with its softness, pastel yellow has enough underlying brightness to stand out well against saturated black. The black amplifies the lively essence of the yellow. Use this for bold graphic impact.

Complementary Color Mood Created
Gray Minimalist, contemporary
Soft pink Feminine, sweet, romantic
Sky blue Uplifting, airy, sunny
White Crisp, bright, minimalist
Black Bold, graphic

Using Pastel Yellow in Home Decor

Pastel yellow can add a dose of cheeriness and light to home decor schemes. Here are some ways to effectively use Pantone 12-0602 TPX or similar pastel yellows in home design:

Pastel Yellow Accent Wall

Paint one wall in a pastel yellow to instantly liven up a space. The yellow wall will contrast nicely against white trim and ceilings for a crisp, vivid look. Use in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or hallway.

Pastel Yellow with Neutrals

Pair pastel yellow with timeless neutrals like white, beige, gray, and black. Yellow throw pillows on a gray sofa or yellow candles on a wood table give pops of color against a neutral backdrop. The yellow draws attention while the neutrals anchor the scheme.

Pastel Yellow in a Nursery

Sweet pastel yellow helps create a cheerful, gender-neutral nursery for babies or young children. Use yellow on the walls, for bedding, or baby accessories. The soft yellow tone isn’t overstimulating.

Yellow Front Door

Painting a front door in a happy pastel yellow makes a dynamic curb appeal statement. For balance, pair with white trim and neutral siding. The yellow door will invite guests inside with its friendly glow.

Yellow Kitchen or Dining Area

Use pastel yellow in dining spaces to energize the mood and stimulate the appetite. Try yellow walls, table linens, dishes, or upholstery. The vibrant shade encourages convivial gathering and socialization during meals.

Finding Pastel Yellow Paint Colors

While Pantone 12-0602 TPX is the exact specification for pastel yellow, there are many paint options that achieve a similar look for home decor. Here are some top paint colors in the soft yellow family:

Buttercream by BEHR – A pale, creamy yellow with very subtle green undertones. Has a delicate, feminine vibe.

Wild Daisy by Sherwin-Williams – A pale yellow with only the slightest hint of grey. Crisp and bright.

Canary Yellow by Valspar – A wash of warm, sunshine yellow. More vibrant than some pastel yellows.

Sunny Day by Benjamin Moore – A cheery, soft yellow with the coolest undertones of the bunch.

Bumblebee by Clark + Kensington – A very soft, nearly imperceptible pastel yellow. More neutral than the others.

Visit a paint store to test these out in person before painting an entire room. The right pastel yellow can convey just the mood you want.


Pastel yellow brings joy and lightness wherever it’s used. For Pantone’s standardized version called pastel yellow, the code is 12-0602 TPX. The hex number used for digital design work is #FFF59D. This soft sunshine hue can boost moods, clarity, and feelings of optimism. Use pastel yellows like Pantone’s in home decor, children’s items, hospitality design, and any project wanting to capture a sunny, uplifting sensation. With the right complementary colors like soft blue, pink, gray, white or black, pastel yellow makes a memorable design statement.