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What is the hex code for pantone 294?

Pantone 294 is a bold, vibrant shade of blue that grabs attention. But what exactly is the hex code that web and graphic designers use to access this color digitally? In this article, we’ll explore the history of Pantone 294, examine its exact hex code specification, and look at some examples of how this dramatic blue is used in marketing and design.

A Brief History of Pantone 294

First, let’s look at where Pantone 294 came from. Pantone is a proprietary color system that allows designers to access specific shades by referring to a unique number code. Founded in 1962 by Lawrence Herbert, Pantone was created to solve the problem of inconsistent color matching across the design and printing industry.

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a standardized method for specifying colors based on a formula guide. Each Pantone color is mixed by hand to achieve an exact shade that can be reproduced reliably. Over time, Pantone expanded beyond printing and became the standard language for color across multiple industries including fashion, interior design, plastics, and architecture.

Pantone 294 was first introduced in 1963 as part of the original PMS formula guide. At the time, it was simply known by its number. The evocative and memorable name “Strong Blue” wasn’t applied until later editions of the formula guide. When injected into the marketing zeitgeist, Pantone 294 represented the bold confidence, clarity, and vibrant energy of the era.

The Hex Code

So what exactly is the hex code specification for Pantone 294? Hex codes are six-digit codes that represent the specific RGB color mix that creates a certain shade. Here is the hex code for Pantone 294:

Hex Code #0055A4

This code breaks down to:

  • R (Red) = 00
  • G (Green) = 55
  • B (Blue) = A4

When a designer inputs #0055A4 into design software, the program mixes this precise ratio of red, green and blue to output the exact color Pantone 294. This hex code allows the color to be recreated digitally on screen and in print.

Use in Marketing and Design

Pantone 294 packs a visual punch and commands attention. As a result, it has been embraced by major brands to communicate key aspects of their identities. Here are some examples of Pantone 294 used iconically in marketing:

  • Twitter – The social media platform uses Pantone 294 as its official brand color. The energetic shade reinforces Twitter’s identity as a real-time source of news and commentary.
  • Spotify – Spotify adopted Pantone 294 as a key color in its 2015 brand identity update. The bold blue evokes music and creativity.
  • Baltimore Ravens – The NFL team uses Pantone 294 prominently on their uniforms, conveying the spirit of strength and victory.
  • Democratic National Convention – In 2008, Pantone 294 was adopted as the official color of the Democratic National Convention, linking the party to upbeat positivity.

In web design, Pantone 294 is commonly used for call-to-action buttons. Because it stands out on the page, Pantone 294 draws the eye to important clickable elements that drive visitors to convert. The color pops against black text and white backgrounds.

In print design, Pantone 294 is versatile and can be used at both large and small scales. It creates impact in headers, charts, diagrams and data visualizations. Because of its association with trust and stability, Pantone 294 is also frequently seen in infographics and financial reports.

Accessing Pantone 294

Now that we’ve covered the specifics of the Pantone 294 hex code, how can designers access the color? Here are some tips:

  • Use the hex code #0055A4 directly in CSS, design apps, and software.
  • Refer to Pantone 294 C in the Pantone Color Bridge Guides for cross-referencing between Pantone and other color systems.
  • Download digital Pantone 294 swatches from online libraries to import into Adobe Creative Suite and more.
  • Purchase physical Pantone 294 color chips or fan decks for real-world color matching and verification.

Professional designers will often have access to Pantone 294 through proprietary libraries included in their software suites. But casual designers can find free digital swatches online containing the exact hex code and RGB values. This ensures accurate color specification every time Pantone 294 is used.

Harmonious Color Pairings

Pantone 294 is bold enough to stand alone as an accent color. But what palettes pair harmoniously with this vibrant blue? Here are some suggestions:

  • Pantone 294 + Pantone 1375 (Cream) – The cream tones down the blue for a professional look.
  • Pantone 294 + Pantone 7406 (Light Gray) – Subtle gray acts as a neutral backdrop to make the blue pop.
  • Pantone 294 + Pantone 7561 (Silver) – Sleek and modern combination evoking technology.
  • Pantone 294 + Pantone 7703 (Beige) – Earthy beige grounds the vibrancy with natural tones.

Creative designers can also consider splitting complements on the color wheel to generate triad color schemes, such as pairing Pantone 294 with vivid orange and lime green accents.


Pantone 294 Strong Blue is a contemporary color that commands attention with its energetic personality. Now that we’ve delved into its backstory and explored the specific hex code #0055A4, you have insight into precisely mixing this iconic shade. Whether you’re developing a brand identity or designing a poster, Pantone 294 can inject a dose of confidence and modernity.

For designers, knowing the exact hex code for Pantone colors gives control and consistency. The Pantone Matching System enables accurate color reproduction across different mediums. So unlock the potential of Pantone 294 by adding it to your digital palette today.