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What is the hex code for pale baby pink?

Selecting the perfect pale baby pink color can be tricky. With so many shades of pink to choose from, how do you know which hex code to use? In this article, we’ll break down the hex codes for soft, delicate pale pink shades that are perfect for baby themes. Whether you’re designing a baby shower invitation, nursery decor, or baby clothing, these pretty pink hues will help you create the ideal aesthetic.

What is a Hex Code?

First, let’s quickly go over what a hex code actually is. The hex code represents the specific RGB color mix that produces a certain shade. Hex codes are six-digit codes that begin with a pound sign (#) and contain letters A-F and numbers 0-9. Within the hex code, the first two digits represent the amount of red, the middle two digits are for green, and the last two digits are for blue. Red, green and blue can each be represented in 256 shades, combining in various ratios to produce over 16 million possible colors.

For example, the hex code #FF0000 is pure red, since FF (255) represents the highest amount of red, and 00 indicates no green or blue. On the other end, #0000FF is pure blue. When you mix red, green and blue together equally, they make white, represented by #FFFFFF. Hex codes provide a universal standard for identifying colors that designers and developers use online.

Shades of Pale Pink Hex Codes

Now let’s get into the best hex code options for soft, light pinks perfect for babies. Here are ten gorgeous shades of pale pink and their hex codes:

Shade Name Hex Code
Baby Pink #F4C2C2
Blush Pink #DE5D83
Cotton Candy #FFB7D5
Cherub #F8B2DC
Fair Pink #FFE4E1
Pale Dogwood #FEDCD2
Pink Lace #FFDDF4
Nude Pink #FFE5F1
Ballerina #FFE4E1
Pixie Pink #F1C0E8

Most Popular Pale Baby Pink Shades

The most commonly used pale pink hex codes for baby themes are:

Baby Pink (#F4C2C2)

This quintessential soft baby pink is soothing and feminine. With a 91% red value and 78% green value, #F4C2C2 mixes just a touch of blue for a delicate look. It’s the perfect shade for nursery decor, blankets, and clothes.

Blush Pink (#DE5D83)

#DE5D83 is a light reddish-pink that adds a subtle flair. It has 87% red, 36% green and 51% blue for a vibrant, rosy tone. Use blush pink for accents, flowers, or to make a statement.

Cotton Candy (#FFB7D5)

Reminiscent of spun sugar treats, #FFB7D5 combines 100% red, 72% green and 84% blue for a pale, dreamy pink. It works beautifully forSpring themes involving flowers, butterflies and rainbows.

Using Pale Pink Hex Codes in Design

Now that you know some top pale pink hex codes, how do you incorporate them into your baby-themed designs? Here are some tips:

Backgrounds and Borders

Use a pale pink hex code as a background color for invitations, website pages, flyers or announcement cards. To accent it, add a border in a slightly darker pink hue. This creates a cohesive look.

Text and Graphic Elements

Don’t be afraid to pair a soft pink palette with bold black text. This creates an elegant, high-contrast look. You can also add in pale green, blue, yellow or neutral touches for accents. Watercolor paint graphics and floral illustrations work well.

Different Shades and Tints

Use tints, tones and shades of the same pink hex code within your design for visual interest. A tint is a hex code with white added, which lightens it. A tone is produced by adding gray for a more subtle effect. A shade comes from adding black, creating a darker pink.

Home Decor and Nursery Design

For home decor, pale pink hex codes can go beyond wall paint or accents. Here are creative ways to work soft pink hues into a baby’s nursery or any room with a sweet, feminine style.

Fabrics and Soft Furnishings

Use pale pink on crib sheets, changing table covers, curtains, lamp shades, rugs and more. Pink adds warmth and lets the rest of the furniture and decor pop. Mix with creams or grays for a soothing ambiance.

Walls and Ceiling

Paint one wall baby pink as an accent against white or neutral walls. Or, paint the ceiling a surprise hue to delight baby’s eyes. Use pink in glossy or matte finishes.


Repaint a crib, dresser, rocking chair or bookshelf in a pink hue. This transforms vintage finds into one-of-a-kind gems. Paint the inside of a closet pale pink for a fun reveal.

Pairing Colors with Pale Pink

Certain colors naturally complement pale pink for baby designs. Here are top color pairings to try:

  • White: Timeless and clean, white gives pink a fresh, open look.
  • Gray: From soft dove grays to charcoal, gray beautifully balances pink’s sweetness.
  • Yellow: Buttery yellows lend pink a cheerful, sunny vibe perfect for Spring.
  • Green: Mossy greens, mints and sages create an earthy, botanical feel alongside pink.
  • Gold: Metallic gold adds a touch of timeless glamour and shine to pink palettes.
  • Navy: Rich navy blue amplifies pink’s delicacy for an elegant “ballerina” look.

Using Pale Pink for Clothing and Accessories

A pale pink color scheme translates seamlessly to baby wardrobes and accessories too. Here are ideas for using pink shades in baby fashion:

Clothing Pieces

Dress baby in soft pink onesies, rompers, socks, jackets, hats, bloomers and more in cotton, wool and cashmere. Go for solid pink or patterns like stripes, polka dots or florals.

Headbands and Bows

Adorn baby girls with a big pink bow headband or soft fabric roses. These make charming photo props and keep hair neat.

Blankets and Quilts

Swaddle baby in a pink flannel receiving blanket. Use pink homemade quilts as photo backdrops or tummy time mats.

Bibs, Burp Cloths and Washcloths

Practical pink bibs, burp cloths and washcloths keep baby clean in the cutest way. The pink shade hides stains.


The pale pink color palette is a must for baby-themed designs. Hex codes like #F4C2C2, #DE5D83 and #FFB7D5 provide soft, delicate shades perfect for any baby girl or boy theme. Use these colors across backgrounds, text, furniture, fabrics, clothes, and more. Pair pink with neutrals like white and gray or complementary colors like yellow and navy blue. With the right pale pink hex code, you can create an adorable, sweet baby aesthetic.