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What is the hex code for Benjamin Moore Dark royal blue?

What is the hex code for Benjamin Moore Dark royal blue?

Benjamin Moore’s Dark Royal Blue is a rich, deep blue paint color that adds drama and sophistication to any space. With undertones of purple, this regal blue evokes a sense of luxury and elegance. In the world of design, color is incredibly important, as it can entirely transform the look and feel of a room. The specific hex code for Benjamin Moore’s Dark Royal Blue allows designers to incorporate this color into projects digitally before painting it on walls. Knowing the exact hex code ensures the color translates accurately across different programs and applications.

Understanding Hex Codes

Hex codes are six-digit codes that represent colors in mixing red, green, and blue light. The codes are preceded by a # sign and range from 00 to FF for each pair of digits, representing the decimal values 0 to 255. The first two digits following the # represent the amount of red, the middle two represent green, and the last two represent blue. Different combinations of these values create millions of possible colors.

For example, pure red would be expressed as #FF0000, pure green as #00FF00, and pure blue as #0000FF. Hex codes allow digital designers and developers to assign specific colors to elements in their projects. When working with physical paint colors like Benjamin Moore’s Dark Royal Blue, identifying the precise hex code makes it easier to coordinate digital and print materials.

Benjamin Moore’s Dark Royal Blue Hex Code

Benjamin Moore categorizes their Dark Royal Blue paint color under their Historical Collection, a series of elegant hues inspired by different eras in decorating history. Their official description of Dark Royal Blue describes it as a rich blue with purple undertones, evoking a sense of tradition and classic style.

According to Benjamin Moore, the specific hex code for Dark Royal Blue is:


This hex code indicates Dark Royal Blue has the following RGB values:

– Red: 10
– Green: 54
– Blue: 102

The relatively small amount of red compared to the green and blue values gives Dark Royal Blue its deep blue appearance with subtle hints of purple. The green adds vibrancy and richness to the color.

Uses of Dark Royal Blue

Here are some popular ways to incorporate Benjamin Moore Dark Royal Blue into home decor:

Accent Wall – Painting one wall Dark Royal Blue creates a striking focal point in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. The bold color contrast makes the blue wall pop.

Doors – Front doors, cabinet doors, built-ins, and closets are great small spaces to paint Dark Royal Blue for an eye-catching detail.

Trim – Use Dark Royal Blue on crown molding, baseboards, window frames, and door trim for an elegant contrast with neutral walls.

Furniture – Paint a dresser, side table, or chair in Dark Royal Blue to add a punch of color to a neutral room.

Kitchen Island – For a dramatic kitchen, paint the kitchen island Dark Royal Blue and pair it with brass hardware and light cabinetry.

Dark Royal Blue Color Combinations

Dark Royal Blue works beautifully with a variety of paint colors. Here are some recommended color pairings:

Color 1 Color 2
Dark Royal Blue Cream
Dark Royal Blue Light Gray
Dark Royal Blue White
Dark Royal Blue Gold

The classic combinations of Dark Royal Blue with white, cream, or light gray provide enough contrast for the blue to stand out. Gold accents, like hardware, lighting, or decor items warm up the cooler tone of blue.

Benjamin Moore Paint with Dark Royal Blue

In addition to using the precise Dark Royal Blue hex code for digital projects, Benjamin Moore offers a few physical paint options:

Benjamin Moore Dark Royal Blue in latex paint – Available in different sheens like matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. Easy to apply and durable for walls and trim.

Benjamin Moore Dark Royal Blue in alkyd paint – Formulated for furniture, cabinetry, and metal surfaces. Provides a smooth, hard finish.

Benjamin Moore Color Samples – Small take-home paint strips to test colors on walls before committing to a full can of paint.

Always check the specific name, code, or formula when purchasing Benjamin Moore paints to ensure you get the exact Dark Royal Blue color you want. Paint retailers can also mix custom colors.


With its regal purple-blue tone, Benjamin Moore Dark Royal Blue is a dramatic, elegant, and versatile color for any home. By knowing the precise Dark Royal Blue hex code #0A3666, interior designers and homeowners can seamlessly incorporate this rich hue across digital and physical materials. Dark Royal Blue works beautifully as an accent wall or on trim, furniture, cabinetry, and more. Pair it with contrasting neutrals like white, cream, or gray, or complement it with metallic gold accents. With so many stunning applications, Dark Royal Blue is a paint color fit for royalty.