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What is the hair style called galaxy?

The galaxy hair style, also sometimes referred to as cosmic hair, space buns or unicorn hair, is a vibrant and colorful hair trend that has become popular in recent years. This fun and dramatic hair look aims to make it appear as if the wearer has a head full of bright, cosmic colors.

Origins of the Galaxy Hair Trend

The galaxy hair trend is believed to have emerged sometime around 2016, when vividly colored ombre and dip-dyed hairstyles were gaining major popularity. These looks featured hair that transitioned from a natural shade at the roots to a bright, unnatural color at the tips. From there, the trend evolved into full heads of rich rainbow colors, evoking images of outer space, starry skies and swirling galactic colors.

Some credit early Instagram influencers and alternative hair stylists with pioneering the galaxy hair look by creating vivid ombre combinations and experimenting with bold new hair colors. It picked up steam as more celebrities and online personalities began to sport the dramatic style.

Defining Characteristics of Galaxy Hair

There are a few key elements that set galaxy hair apart and give it its cosmic vibe:

  • Vivid, saturated colors – Galaxy hair utilizes rich, intense shades like violets, blues, greens, pinks and oranges. The colors are heavier on the cool spectrum to evoke a deep space effect.
  • Blended ombre – Rather than blocking the colors, galaxy hair blends them seamlessly for a tie-dyed melded effect.
  • Galactic patterns – Swirls, drips, dots and starbursts help enhance the cosmic look. Stylists accent the hair with different shapes and patterns.
  • Glossy finish – The metallic, reflective quality of galaxy hair adds to the iridescent, multidimensional effect.

When done well, galaxy hair appears bright, dimensional and full of movement, just like a swirling galaxy floating through space.

Techniques for Achieving Galaxy Hair

It takes a skilled colorist to paint galaxy designs freehand directly onto the hair. There are a few techniques colorists rely on to create this look:

  • Hand painting – Using a brush, the colorist paints the dye colors directly onto the hair strands.
  • Foiling – Separate hair sections are foil wrapped and different dye colors are painted on.
  • Balayage – The dye is painted on with a sweeping motion, creating soft, blended streaks of color.
  • Ombre – The hair is sectioned off and dyed from roots to ends in a color gradient.

These techniques allow the colors to seamlessly transition and flow into each other for a cosmic fusion. The placement of the colors is also strategically done to enhance the galactic effect.

Galaxy Hair Color Combinations

There are endless combinations of vivid colors that can be used to create galaxy hair. Here are some of the most popular galactic color schemes:

Color Scheme Description
Purples and Blues Deep violets and cobalt blues evoke visions of a night sky with swirls of color.
Pinks and Blues The classic pink and blue color combo takes on a fun, funky vibe in galaxy form.
Oranges and Yellows Warm sunset shades like orange and yellow create a bright starburst effect.
Rainbow For the full cosmic effect, use all colors of the rainbow flowing together.

Mixing multiple shades within each color family helps give dimension. For example, use both deep and pastel shades of purple or alternate between magenta and violet pinks.

Galaxy Hair Upkeep

One downside to galaxy hair is that it requires very high maintenance to keep looking vibrant. Here are some upkeep tips:

  • Wash hair with a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo in cool water.
  • Use a deep conditioning hair mask 1-2x a week.
  • Protect hair from sun exposure which can fade colors.
  • Avoid heat styling tools like blowdryers and straighteners.
  • Get a gloss treatment every 4-6 weeks to boost shine and seal in color.
  • Refresh colors every 6-8 weeks with root touch-ups and all-over color.

To make the style last longer, ask your colorist to deposit multiple layers of color. Also, embrace a faded galaxy look as the colors soften over time.

Galaxy Hair Styling Ideas

When it comes to styling galaxy hair, the focus should be showing off the gorgeous colors. Here are ideas for complementing and accentuating the look:

  • Loose waves or curls – Soft undone waves help blend the colors together.
  • Braids – Small braids woven throughout the hair beautifully display the color mixes.
  • High ponytail – Pulling hair up shows off the full rainbow effect.
  • Space buns – Twisted hair buns resemble planets with the colors swirling around them.
  • Half-up style – Pulling up just the top section creates height to exhibit the colors.

Have fun playing with different parts, textures and accessories like glitter hairspray and rhinestone clips. The styling options are endless!

Complementary Make-up for Galaxy Hair

When rocking galaxy hair, it’s best to let the hair be the star and keep make-up simple. Here are some tips for make-up that complements the look:

  • Use a hydrating foundation or tinted moisturizer for a dewy, fresh base.
  • Apply a soft shimmery blush in rosy pink or coral shades.
  • Swipe on a high-shine lip gloss in a sheer pink or peachy tone.
  • Keep eyes bare or use subtle neutral brown shadows.
  • Add black winged liner for a pop of contrast.
  • Curl lashes and apply black mascara.
  • Finish with highlight on the cheekbones.

The make-up should be simple enough not to compete with the hair. Let the vivid galaxy colors be the star of the show!

Galaxy Hair Cost and Maintenance

Getting your hair colored in a galaxy design is no small investment in terms of both cost and maintenance. Here’s what to expect:

Initial Color $150-$300+ depending on length and intricacy of design
Touch-ups $80-$150 every 6-8 weeks
Deep Conditioning $20-$40 per treatment, 1-2x per month
Gloss $30-$60 every 4-6 weeks

In total, expect to invest $250+ per month and 6-8 hours for monthly salon trips. The upkeep is demanding, so make sure you are committed before taking the galaxy hair plunge!

Galaxy Hair Risks

While fun and dramatic, attempting galaxy hair does come with some risks. Be aware of the following:

  • Hair damage – Bleaching and coloring hair so vividly is very damaging. Hair may become dry and brittle.
  • Skin irritation – Dyes can irritate the scalp and skin around hairline. Do a patch test first.
  • Color transfer – The vivid dyes may bleed or rub off on clothes, pillowcases, etc.
  • Quick fading – Such bright colors will fade very quickly. Roots will be obvious as they grow in.

Consult a trusted professional colorist who can help minimize risks. But some degree of damage is likely with such an extreme look.

Who Can Pull Off Galaxy Hair?

Galaxy hair allows for self-expression and creativity, so anyone can try out this cosmic trend. However, it tends to look best on the following hair types and lifestyles:

  • Longer hair – More canvas to work with for a dramatic effect.
  • Straight or wavy hair – Blends the colors nicely.
  • Light to medium base color – Vibrant shades show up better.
  • Youthful style – Fun and funky hue for a bold statement.
  • Creative field or artsy job – You can usually get away with more adventurous hair.

The rainbow colors make a major impact, so be sure you’re comfortable rocking this eye-catching look!

Galaxy Inspired Hair Ideas

If head-to-toe galaxy hair seems too daring, you can still participate in the trend with subtle touches of cosmic color. Some more low-key ideas include:

  • Galaxy hair at the ends only – Dip dye the mid-lengths to ends in cosmic colors.
  • Hidden galaxy layers – Add bright colors underneath top layers for a peek-a-boo effect.
  • Galaxy money piece – Dye the front framing sections in vibrant shades.
  • Galaxy patches – Scatter bursts of colors throughout in small sections.
  • Galaxy highlights – Use thin foils to blend galactic highlights.

You can also just incorporate elements of the galaxy theme with hair accessories like rhinestone bobby pins, glitter sprays and star barrettes.


Galaxy hair is a show-stopping trend that allows for creative expression of color and style. The luminous, sweeping shades create a dramatic, otherworldly look reminiscent of the cosmos. While high-maintenance, the end result is vibrant, beautiful hair that is truly unique. With proper precautions, galaxy hair can be an amazing experience for those seeking to stand out with a stunning burst of color.