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What is the going rate for bulk lego?

Lego bricks are beloved by children and adults alike for their versatility and ability to spark creativity. For Lego enthusiasts or resellers looking to buy Lego in bulk, knowing the going rate can help get the best deal.

Current Lego Bulk Rates

The current going rate for buying Lego bricks in bulk varies depending on several factors:

  • New vs. used – New, unopened Lego is more valuable than used Lego.
  • Complete sets vs. loose bricks – Complete sets in unopened boxes tend to command the highest prices per piece.
  • Desirability – Rare, discontinued, or desirable sets and pieces are worth more.
  • Weight – Prices are often quoted by the pound.
  • Seller – Prices can vary between individual sellers.

As a general guideline for loose Lego bricks bought in bulk by weight:

Condition Average Price per Pound
New, unopened Lego $10 – $15
Used, like new $7 – $12
Used, good condition $4 – $10
Used, fair condition $2 – $5

However, prices can be higher for rare, desirable pieces or sets. Complete sets in new condition can command prices from $0.05 up to $0.20 per piece or higher.

Where to Buy Lego in Bulk

There are several options for buying Lego bricks in bulk quantities:

  • Online marketplaces – Websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist allow sorting by bulk Lego listings. Prices and selection can vary greatly between sellers.
  • BrickLink – An online platform specifically for buying and selling new and used Lego. Large stores sell bricks in bulk by the pound or kilogram.
  • Wholesale distributors – Some companies specialize in selling new Lego bricks and sets in bulk for resellers. Minimum order sizes often apply.
  • Lego Education – Lego’s education division sells bricks in classroom packs up to 400+ pounds intended for educational use.
  • Garage sales – Estate and garage sales can sometimes yield buckets of used Lego at reasonable prices.
  • Thrift stores – Check thrift stores often for occasional Lego finds, but selection is hit or miss.

For the greatest selection and ability to buy exactly the quantity, condition, and types of bricks desired, online marketplaces like BrickLink and eBay are best. Wholesale distributors can offer volume pricing but may lack older and rare items.

Factors Affecting Bulk Lego Pricing

Several factors impact the fair going rate when buying Lego bricks in bulk:

New vs Used

Brand new, unopened Lego sealed in factory packaging has the highest value. Once opened and assembled, bricks lose some resale value. However, even used Lego tends to retain decent value due to the versatility and durability of the bricks.


Lego bricks in like-new condition can command prices close to new. Bricks with some scratches or bite marks still have good play value. Badly worn, cracked, or damaged bricks are worth less.


Rare Lego sets that are discontinued, made in limited quantities, or tied to desirable licenses like Star Wars can sell for high prices even in bulk. Standard bricks are less valuable.


A wider variety of brick types, colors, and pieces in a bulk lot increases the creative potential and so generally raises the resale value.


Larger bulk quantities often sell for a lower price per pound than smaller lots. However, extremely large bulk purchases may command higher pricing.

Seller Type

Individual and hobbyist sellers on sites like eBay often price Lego lower than specialty brick stores on BrickLink or wholesale distributors.


Bulk lots advertised as all one color like blue or green bricks tend to list for more than mixed color lots.

Estimating Value

When buying bulk used Lego, here are some guidelines for assessing fair pricing:

  • Count number of pounds or kilograms in the bulk lot.
  • Examine condition – like new, good, fair?
  • Assess variety – lots of specialty pieces?
  • Note any rare, discontinued, or desirable sets/pieces.
  • Use the average bulk pricing table above as a starting point.
  • Increase price if desirability factors are high.
  • Aim for $5-10/lb for good usedcondition mixed Lego bricks.

Bulk Lego pricing can vary greatly, but following these tips when buying bulk used Lego helps identify fair going rates.

Questions to Ask Sellers

To help ascertain the value when sourcing Lego in bulk, some key questions to ask sellers include:

  • Is the Lego new or used? If used, what condition?
  • Are any original boxes/instructions included?
  • Are bricks sorted by type/color or mixed together?
  • Are any known rare/valuable sets or minifigures included?
  • How many pounds/kilograms are included in total?
  • Are the bricks cleaned and free of major defects/damage?

Asking these questions helps determine fair bulk pricing and identifies any hidden gems or concerns early before finalizing a purchase.

Cleaning and Processing Bulk Lego

To ready used Lego bricks for resale or reuse, they should be cleaned and processed as follows:

  1. Sort – Separate bricks by basic type to simplify finding specific pieces later.
  2. Clean – Wash bricks in soapy water, rinse, and air dry to sanitize and remove grime.
  3. Inspect – Check for damage and discard any broken, badly worn or defective bricks.
  4. Organize – Further sort bricks by color, size, etc for easier identification.
  5. Store – Keep cleaned bulk bricks organized in sealed plastic bins or bags.

Proper cleaning, sorting, and storage helps bulk Lego retain maximum value for reuse or resale to other enthusiasts.

Selling Bulk Lego

To get the best return when selling bulk Lego bricks, here are some proven tips:

  • Photograph and catalog rare, valuable minifigures or sets separately.
  • Sort the remainder into similar-sized lots of 1, 5 or 10 pounds based on what buyers may request.
  • Creative sort the bricks by color to appeal to buyers.
  • Advertise on platforms like eBay, BrickLink, Facebook Marketplace.
  • Offer discounted pricing for large volume purchases.
  • Charge reasonable shipping rates – padded envelopes or flat rate boxes.
  • Be responsive and descriptive in communication with buyers.

Ensuring bulk lots are organized, photographed, and advertised properly helps maximize selling price and move inventory faster.


When sourcing and reselling Lego bricks in bulk, following the standard price ranges for new vs. used and understanding what factors increase value allows finding fair deals. Asking key questions also prevents overpaying. With the right process for cleaning, sorting and selling bulk Lego, collectors and resellers can maximize their profit and value for money on bulk Lego brick purchases.