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What is the cutest fish for a pet?

What is the cutest fish for a pet?

Many people love having fish as pets. Fish are relatively low maintenance, don’t require as much space or interaction as other pets like dogs or cats, and can add visual interest to any home or office. When choosing a pet fish, cuteness is often a top consideration for owners. But with over 32,000 identified species of fish in the world, how do you determine which fish are the absolute cutest?

Certain qualities like size, appearance, behavior, and temperament contribute to a fish’s cuteness. Small, brightly colored fish that exhibit interesting behaviors or patterns tend to be viewed as cute. Docile, gentle fish that can live peacefully with tankmates are also favorable. While beauty is subjective, some species consistently top the list as the cutest fish for pets.

Betta Fish

One of the most popular choices for cute pet fish is the betta fish. Bettas, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are a species of freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia. These fish have striking features that contribute to their cute appearance.

Bettas have long, flowing fins that come in vibrant colors like red, blue, purple, and green. Their fins can take on different shapes such as veils and crowns that accentuate their beauty. Male bettas in particular have larger, showier fins than females. Bettas also have the ability to flare out their gills when threatened or trying to intimidate another fish. This reveals a striking facial pattern on their gill covers that resembles a mask.

In addition to their looks, bettas exhibit behaviors like bubble nest building that owners find fascinating. Their small size, reaching just 2-3 inches, allows bettas to thrive in smaller tanks and desktop aquariums. With such stunning aesthetics and intriguing behaviors condensed into a petite package, it’s easy to see why bettas top the cute fish list.

Molly Fish

Mollies are another extremely cute species of fish popular in home aquariums. These livebearing fish come in a variety of colors like orange, black, and yellow. Their bodies have a rounded, chubby shape accentuated by a large dorsal fin that runs most of the length of their back.

The anal and caudal fins of mollies are translucent and fan out when swimming, revealing flashes of color on the fish’s body. Albino varieties of mollies lack pigment and appear almost white with reddish eyes. This pale appearance is considered attractive and cute by many owners.

In addition to their endearing looks, mollies also display cute behaviors. They tend to swim slowly and frequently rest on top of tank decorations. Their peaceful temperament allows them to thrive in community aquariums with other small fish. Given their charming appearance and mannerisms, mollies are sure to elicit plenty of oohs and ahhs.


Guppies are small, colorful fish that have long been popular across the globe. Their vibrant hues and active, lively behavior in the tank make them a leading choice for cute pet fish.

Male guppies in particular stand out for their ornate, showy fins. Though females are more subdued in color, males can display spots, splashes, and patches of blue, green, red, yellow, black, and purple across the body and fins. Delta and veil tail varieties have outstretched, flowing fins that shimmer as they swim about the tank.

In addition to bright colors, guppies have a plump, rounded body shape that adds to their cuteness factor. The males also engage in elaborate mating rituals that owners find both fascinating and adorable to observe. When combined with their diminutive size of just 1-2 inches, it’s clear why guppies appeal to those seeking cute pet fish.


For fishkeepers seeking cute, active pets, platies are a top choice. These small, peaceful fish earned their name from their flat sides. But it’s their vibrant colors and patterns that really make them shine.

Platies come in a rainbow of colors and mixes including blue, yellow, orange, red, and black. Two-tone varieties feature stripes or spots on the fins and body that contrast sharply with the base color. Some platies even display beautiful iridescent colors that shimmer under light. Mickey Mouse platies have distinct black markings on the tail that resemble the iconic cartoon character.

In the aquarium, platies zip around energetically with their colorful fins fluttering. They tend to stay mid-level in the tank, making them readily visible. Playful platies frequently interact with each other and other fish. Overall, their vivid hues, markings, and energetic activity make platies a leading cute fish for any home.

Pearl Gouramis

If you’re seeking a cool, calm, and cute fish, the pearl gourami delivers. These labyrinth fish hail from slow-moving Asian waters and retain an unhurried, graceful demeanor in the home aquarium.

Gouramis have a distinct body shape, with an elongated, rounded torso and swept-back feelers that protrude from their mouths. This gives them an almost whimsical appearance as they slowly meander around the tank. But it’s the colors that really accentuate their beauty.

Pearl gouramis live up to their name, with a shimmering white body accented by red or orange markings around the mouth and fins. The dorsal fin has the appearance of an opulent headdress atop the fish. Their relaxed swimming combined with a unique, eye-catching color pattern makes pearl gouramis a top choice for cute pet fish.


For fishkeepers partial to small, colorful fish, killifish offer loads of variety and cuteness. The 1500+ species in this diverse order come in nearly every color. Their oval-shaped bodies reaching just 1-2 inches make them perfect nano fish.

Peacock killifish display a rainbow of bright hues across an iridescent body and fins. Gardneri killifish have an attractive pattern of metallic blue and orange gardneri stripes. Golden wonder killifish shine under light with their glistening yellow bodies. A single aquarium can contain multiple colorful species that provide endless beauty.

In addition to appearance, killifish exhibit endearing behaviors like leaping out of the water when excited or courting each other. Their small size, dazzling colors, and lively antics make killifish a killer choice for a cute pet fish.


With their bright coloring, distinctive markings, and close bonds, clownfish emerge as one of the cutest options for pet fish. These coral reef dwellers are famous as the stars of Finding Nemo. But their vivid beauty and playful nature captivate fishkeepers.

Clownfish feature a brightly colored orange body with three thick white stripes – one at the head, midsection, and tail. Some varieties have additional black markings that accentuate the stripes. At just 3-4 inches long, clownfish are perfect nano fish.

Beyond their markings, clownfish display endearing behaviors. They form lifelong pair bonds and host sea anemones. The sight of two clownfish darting in and out of an anemone’s swaying tentacles is undeniably cute. Given their winning combination of color, size, and personality, clownfish consistently charm aquarists.

Panda Corydoras

The adorable panda cory catfish sports one of the cutest color patterns in the fish world. As their name suggests, these small catfish have a black and white color scheme reminiscent of giant pandas.

A thick black bar runs across the eyes and back over the dorsal fin. The rest of the body is white, save for black patches at the tail. When viewed from above, the contrasting colors resemble a cute panda face. Growing under 2 inches long, panda corydoras have round bodies and active behavior that complete the endearing package. Peacefully darting along the bottom, these “pandas” bring cute charm to community tanks.

Celestial Pearl Danio

Celestial pearl danios, also called galaxy rasboras, dazzle fishkeepers with their good looks and active schooling behavior. Their petite size and stunning celestial-inspired color scheme landed these fish a spot on the American Pet Products Association’s list of Top 10 Freshwater Fish.

True to their name, pearl danios have a pearly white body accented by an orange-yellow hue at the belly and bright red trim on the fins. A constellation of blue speckles adorns the body like stars in the night sky. Their colors shine brighter when kept in schools of 6 or more fish. Zipping around the tank together, these tiny galaxies create a cute scene.


When selecting cute pet fish, stunning colors, elegant fins, and endearing behaviors should be top considerations. Fish like bettas, mollies, guppies, and clownfish consistently charm aquarists with their beauty. Peaceful community fish, including platies, panda corys, and celestial pearl danios, also impress with their cute colors and activity.

Remember, finding the cutest fish is a subjective decision based on individual tastes. Provide excellent care tailored to your fish species for maximum health, color, and activity to help them show off their cuteness. With a little research into their needs, any one of these adorable fish can become the star attraction in your home aquarium.


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