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What is the color green smoke by farrow and ball?

Green Smoke is a rich, deep green paint color by Farrow & Ball. It gets its name from the dark, smoky quality it has. Green Smoke is a complex and moody hue that can add drama and sophistication to a space.

Overview of Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball is a premium British paint and wallpaper brand known for its rich, pigmented colors. The company launched in 1946 and has grown into a globally recognized brand. Farrow & Ball uses a unique paint formulation that results in matte, velvety finishes and deep, nuanced hues. The brand offers over 100 paint colors inspired by architecture, nature, and design history. In addition to its core paint line, Farrow & Ball also has wallpaper, fabric, and furnishings collections.

Green Smoke Paint Color

Green Smoke is one of Farrow & Ball’s Signature Colors, meaning it is one of their most iconic and popular hues. Here are some key facts about the Green Smoke paint color:

  • Color Family: Green
  • Hex Code: #4C513C
  • LRV: 11.8
  • Availability: Estate Emulsion and Modern Emulsion

Green Smoke has a dark value and low LRV (Light Reflectance Value). This means the color has a brooding, enveloping effect in a room. It absorbs light rather than reflecting it back, creating a cozy, intimate feel.

The Look and Feel of Green Smoke

So what exactly does Green Smoke look like? Here are some words that describe the color and its effect:

  • Rich
  • Deep
  • Dark
  • Moody
  • Sophisticated
  • Dramatic
  • Elegant
  • Masculine

Green Smoke is a dark green with grey undertones. It’s much more complex and nuanced than a typical emerald or forest green. The color has a smoky quality, with plenty of depth. There is also a subtle olive undertone that comes through.

While vivid greens feel energizing and refreshing, Green Smoke has a more restful vibe. It creates an intimate retreat-like feeling in a space. The saturated darkness enwraps a room in a rich moody atmosphere.

Decorating with Green Smoke

When working with a dramatic hue like Green Smoke, avoid going too bold or shiny with other elements in the space. The color stands out beautifully against neutral backdrops. Here are some tips for decorating with Green Smoke:


Linens in natural fibers and textures complement Green Smoke walls nicely. Try organic cotton, linen, wool, velvet, and embroidered or woven fabrics. Keep accents in similar muted tones like grey, tan, brown and cream.


Stick to solid wood, leather, or fabric furniture against Green Smoke walls. Mid-century modern, mission style, and antique furnishings work well. Brass accents can add nice warmth.

Accessories & Art

Use weathered objects, sculptural ceramics, glass bottles, and vintage or antique accessories. Black and white photography and botanical prints offset the color beautifully. Simple metalwork and natural wood or bamboo accents also enhance the vibe.


Wood or stone floors suit Green Smoke walls, especially in a natural finish. Other options include sisal, jute, clay tiles, concrete, and woven rugs.


Painting the ceiling a light neutral like white, ivory, or tan helps make the room feel grounded and spacious.

Trim & Cabinets

For trim, try matching the wall color for an enveloping effect. Other options include wood stained in a medium-dark espresso tone or black for contrast. For cabinets, stick to a muted neutral like gray, charcoal, or off-white.

Coordinating Colors

Not sure what colors go well with Green Smoke? Here are some coordinating colors to consider:

Color Paint colors Fabrics/Textiles Natural Materials
Neutrals Whites, creams, light tan, warm greys Cotton, linen, wool, suede Oak, birch
Browns Fawn, beige, chestnut brown, chocolate Corduroy, velvet Walnut, leather, rattan
Blues Navy, denim, steel blue Indigo Blue slate
Metallics Brass, bronze, pewter

Stick to a calm, earthy palette of neutrals, natural materials, and tones from the brown and blue families. Soft metallics like brass can also complement Green Smoke nicely without overpowering it.

Rooms for Green Smoke

With its enveloping darkness and moodiness, Green Smoke naturally lends itself to certain spaces. Here are some rooms where Green Smoke truly shines:

Living Room

Make a cozy living room even more inviting with Green Smoke walls. Add warmth with wood furniture, sisal rugs, and brass accents. The color provides a dramatic backdrop for an evening movie night.

Dining Room

Green Smoke makes a dining space feel rich and intimate. Set a beautiful wood table against the hue and use vintage chairs mixed with velvet seat cushions. The color sets the stage for wonderful dinner parties.


For a relaxing retreat, paint a bedroom in Green Smoke. Layer natural linen bedding over the color and keep furnishings simple. The enveloping darkness ensures a restful sleep.

Home Office

Balance the stimulating nature of a home office with soothing Green Smoke walls. The color minimizes distractions and helps you stay focused. Add wood bookcases and desk along with ambient lighting.


Green Smoke naturally suits the warm, scholarly vibe of a home library. Paint built-in bookshelves in the hue and furnish the space with leather armchairs and an antique rug for rich texture.

Powder Room

Make a small powder room feel special with Green Smoke. The dramatic color makes this utilitarian space feel richer. Keep the sink and accessories simple against the bold backdrop.

Tips for Using Green Smoke

Here are some top tips for working with rich, bold Green Smoke in your home:

  • Test it out first – paint large swatches to see Green Smoke in both natural and artificial light.
  • Prep walls properly – the color’s intensity shows imperfections, so make sure surfaces are smooth.
  • Limit accents – let Green Smoke be the star and choose subdued, neutral accents.
  • Add contrast carefully – a little contrast from black or white enhances the color.
  • Embrace the depth – use dim lighting and layered rugs to emphasize the color’s moody allure.
  • Repeat it strategically – paint ceilings, trim, and doors in Green Smoke for a cocooning effect.

Green Smoke is captivating but intense. Take care when applying this deep green and let its smoldering richness shine.

Green Smoke in Different Lighting

Lighting has a major impact on how Green Smoke is perceived. Here’s how the color shifts in different lighting scenarios:

Natural Light

In natural light, Green Smoke appears richer and more dynamic. Its green undertones come forward, giving it vibrancy. Yet the grey influence remains, so the color still has depth.

Artificial Light

Under artificial light, Green Smoke takes on a darker, moodier vibe. The green undertones fade back, allowing the near-black shade to dominate. The color feels enveloping and cave-like.

Dim Light

In dim lighting, Green Smoke becomes very dark and dramatic. The color feels sexy, sophisticated, and intimate in a low-lit space. Pair it with candlelight for serious mystery.

Bright Light

When brightly lit, the lighter silvery-green undertones in Green Smoke emerge. It appears a touch brighter and less somber. But the inherent darkness still comes through.

Make sure to view Green Smoke at different times of day before committing. The color shifts noticeably from bold green to near black.

Green Smoke Alternatives

Love the look of Green Smoke but want something a bit lighter or with different undertones? Here are some alternative green paint colors to consider:

Brunswick Green

Also by Farrow & Ball, Brunswick Green is a very dark green with blue undertones. It’s rich and traditional feeling.

Hague Blue

Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball is a dark teal that shares Green Smoke’s sophisticated moodiness.


Benjamin Moore’s Thunder is charcoal gray-green that’s slightly lighter than Green Smoke.


Sherwin-Williams Celtic is a dark green with grey-blue undertones. It has similar handsome sophistication.

Black Magic

If you want to go darker, Black Magic by Behr is an near-black green. It’s inky and enveloping.


With its deep green complexity and smoky grey depth, Green Smoke is a dramatic yet versatile color. It lends any space intimacy and elegance with its moody, sophisticated allure. Careful application and subdued, neutral accents allows Green Smoke’s richness to take center stage. Embrace the moodiness and see how this color transforms a room into a seductive retreat.