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What is the color code for the texas longhorns?

The University of Texas at Austin, known athletically as the Texas Longhorns, uses a distinct color palette that has become iconic and synonymous with the school. Burnt orange and white have been the official colors for Texas Longhorns sports teams since the 1800s. Over time, the precise Pantone shades have been updated, but burnt orange and white have endured as the core identity of the Longhorns.

History of Burnt Orange and White

The original colors for the Texas Longhorns were actually gold and white. In 1883, the students voted to change the colors to gold and maroon. However, by the late 1880s, the colors had shifted to orange and white. Legend has it that the burnt orange hue was inspired by the abundant orange wildflowers seen around Austin in the spring.

The first recorded use of burnt orange as an official school color was in 1892. The students voted to pair burnt orange with white, and it has stuck ever since. For a brief period in the 1960s, the Longhorns sported a darker, reddish-orange look. But the fans and administrators quickly decided to return to the original, lighter burnt orange shade.

Modern Burnt Orange Color Codes

Today, the official burnt orange color for print materials like merchandise and publications is Pantone 159. For digital displays like websites and video boards, the official burnt orange is Pantone 1505.

The specific white color paired with burnt orange has also been updated over the years. Currently, the official print white is PMS White and the digital white is Hex #FFFFFF.

Use Burnt Orange White
Print Pantone 159 PMS White
Digital Pantone 1505 Hex #FFFFFF

Burnt Orange in Longhorns Culture

Burnt orange is deeply ingrained in the culture of University of Texas athletics and beyond. Fans proudly wear burnt orange on game days to show their Texas Longhorn pride. The team’s uniforms, field, logo, and other branding all incorporate burnt orange.

Longhorns fans are also known to see burnt orange in unexpected places. There is even a condition dubbed “burnt orange syndrome” used to describe Texas fans who have visions of burnt orange during moments of extreme school pride.

The color burnt orange has come to symbolize passion, spirit, and loyalty for University of Texas students, alumni, and supporters. Along with white, it creates an iconic, nostalgic, and instantly recognizable color palette.

Use of Burnt Orange on Uniforms

The Texas Longhorns football uniforms prominently feature burnt orange and white. The home jerseys are mostly burnt orange with white numbers lined in burnt orange. The away jerseys flip the scheme, with primarily white jerseys and burnt orange numbers.

Burnt orange is also seen on the helmets, pants, socks, shoes, wristbands, towels, and other uniform accessories. For big games, the Longhorns may opt for a monochrome burnt orange look. The all-orange uniforms and accessories create a bold, intimidating statement.

Other Texas Longhorns athletics teams follow similar uniform templates that incorporate burnt orange and white. The burnt orange brings a cohesive look across football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more.

Use of Burnt Orange on Field and Facilities

In addition to uniforms, burnt orange makes a strong visual impact on the Longhorns’ facilities and field. At Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium where the football team plays, the end zones are painted in burnt orange lettering that reads “Texas” alongside white outlines. The burnt orange provides a vibrant contrast with the green grass field.

The Longhorns’ basketball court at the Frank Erwin Center also has burnt orange accents. It features a burnt orange-outlined longhorn logo at center court and burnt orange baselines. Again, the rich school color pops against the wooden court.

Around the facilities, Texas Longhorns graphics, banners, murals, signage, and other displays commonly incorporate burnt orange with white. The colors are instantly recognizable and synonymous with all things Longhorns.

Use of Burnt Orange in Logos

Burnt orange is integrated into many official Texas Longhorns athletics logos. The classic Longhorn logo outlines the iconic longhorn profile in burnt orange with a white fill. A white “Texas” is placed underneath. Another logo highlights the burnt orange “T” alone, sometimes with a white outline.

There are versions of the Longhorns logo that flip the scheme, featuring an orange longhorn within a white outline on a burnt orange background. But most prominently showcase burnt orange as the eye-catching accent color with white providing contrast. This creates a bold, creative use of the two official school colors.


Burnt orange and white have stood the test of time as the definitive colors of the Texas Longhorns. The burnt orange hue first emerged in the late 1800s and has been tweaked over the decades into today’s Pantone 159 and 1505 official shades. Paired with white, burnt orange provides an iconic, spirited identity for Texas athletics and beyond. Fans proudly wear burnt orange, and it features heavily on the Longhorns’ uniforms, field, facilities, and logos. After more than a century, burnt orange remains a cherished symbol of Longhorns pride.