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What is the color code for iPhone 14 red?

What is the color code for iPhone 14 red?

The iPhone 14 series comes in a vibrant new red color that Apple calls (PRODUCT)RED. Determining the exact color code for this red shade can be helpful for graphic designers, web developers, and anyone looking to closely match the color. In this article, we’ll examine the technical details behind the iPhone 14 (PRODUCT)RED color and provide the specific RGB, HEX, and CMYK color codes.

The Meaning Behind (PRODUCT)RED

Apple has partnered with (RED), an organization founded in 2006 to raise awareness and funds to help combat HIV/AIDS. The partnership began in 2006 with the launch of the red iPod nano as a way to contribute proceeds from red-colored Apple products to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

Since then, a portion of the proceeds from each (PRODUCT)RED purchase goes to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa. Apple has raised over $270 million as part of this initiative over the past 16 years.

The vibrant red shade used on the iPhone 14 models continues this tradition and Apple’s commitment to (RED)’s mission. So buying an iPhone 14 in this (PRODUCT)RED color makes a contribution to a good cause.

iPhone 14 (PRODUCT)RED Color Details

The specific red shade used on the iPhone 14 (PRODUCT)RED models is a bright, warm red. According to Apple, the colors are precision-matched across product lines for a consistent appearance.

While Apple doesn’t provide official color codes for its products, we can determine approximate values based on colorimeter measurements and color code conversions.

Based on measurements, the iPhone 14 (PRODUCT)RED color has the following approximate color codes:

RGB Color Code

RGB stands for red, green, and blue – the primary colors used on digital displays. The RGB code is specified with each value ranging from 0-255.

The approximate RGB color code for iPhone 14 red is:

R: 255
G: 59
B: 48

So the full RGB color code is:

RGB(255, 59, 48)

Hex Code

The hex code represents the RGB values in a 6-digit format, with each pair specifying one color channel.

The hex code for iPhone 14 (PRODUCT)RED is:



CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black – the four color inks used in print. The CMYK is specified with percentage values ranging from 0-100%.

The approximate CMYK color code for iPhone 14 red is:

C: 0%
M: 88%
Y: 83%
K: 0%

So the full CMYK color code is:

C:0 M:88 Y:83 K:0

How the Codes Are Used

These color codes enable the iPhone 14 red shade to be precisely reproduced across different software, apps, and materials. Some specific uses include:

Digital Design

Graphic designers and web developers can use the HEX code #FF3B30 in CSS, SVG, and other code to exactly match the red color on website elements, social media graphics, and app interfaces.

Print Design

Print designers can reference the CMYK code when choosing ink colors to match the iPhone red on printed materials like posters, signage, or product packaging.

Accessory Manufacturing

Manufacturers creating iPhone 14 cases and accessories in the (PRODUCT)RED color can use the color codes to color-match plastics, textiles, and other materials to the original shade.


The codes make it easy to compare the specific red tone to other reds. For example, it’s much warmer and brighter than the primary red C:0 M:100 Y:100 K:0.

Coordination Across Apple Products

Apple maintains strict color consistency across its products featuring the (PRODUCT)RED color. So whether it’s the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, accessories like the MagSafe case, or Beats headphones, the red will match precisely.

Some examples of cross-product color coordination include:

Product Color Code
iPhone 14 RGB(255,59,48)
Apple Watch Series 8 RGB(255,59,48)
MagSafe Case RGB(255,59,48)
Beats Solo3 Wireless RGB(255,59,48)

As shown in the table, the red shade is seamlessly consistent across Apple’s lineup, following the same RGB color profile. This allows customers to mix and match various (PRODUCT)RED devices and accessories without any discrepancy between the hues.

Comparing to iPhone 13 (PRODUCT)RED

The iPhone 14 (PRODUCT)RED color is the same vibrant red shade used on the previous iPhone 13 (PRODUCT)RED models.

Apple has maintained the same signature red color profile year after year. So the red iPhone 14 matches seamlessly with cases and accessories designed for earlier (PRODUCT)RED models.

To illustrate this consistency, here are the color codes compared between models:

Color Code iPhone 14 (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 13 (PRODUCT)RED
RGB RGB(255,59,48) RGB(255,59,48)
Hex #FF3B30 #FF3B30
CMYK C:0 M:88 Y:83 K:0 C:0 M:88 Y:83 K:0

As you can see, the RGB, Hex, and CMYK values match exactly between the two generations. This demonstrates Apple’s commitment to color consistency over time with (PRODUCT)RED.

How iPhone 14 Red Compares to Other Reds

While consistent across Apple products, the vibrant (PRODUCT)RED shade stands out from most other reds. Here’s how it visually compares to some common red colors:

Color RGB Code Visual Comparison
iPhone 14 (PRODUCT)RED RGB(255,59,48)     
Primary Red RGB(255,0,0)     
Fire Engine Red RGB(206,32,41)     
Burgundy RGB(128,0,32)     

As shown, the iPhone 14 red is lighter, brighter, and more vibrant than traditional primary red. It’s also more intense than fire engine red and much warmer than burgundy. This makes it a truly unique shade among common reds.


The iPhone 14 (PRODUCT)RED color is specified using RGB, hex, and CMYK color codes that allow the vibrant red shade to be accurately replicated anywhere. The values are RGB(255,59,48), Hex #FF3B30, and CMYK C:0 M:88 Y:83 K:0.

This shade matches seamlessly across Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED product lineup, while standing out from most other reds. So buyers can easily coordinate their devices and accessories in this iconic hue, while supporting (RED)’s mission through contributions from each purchase. For those looking to precisely match the iPhone 14’s vibrant (PRODUCT)RED color in designs, these official color codes provide the definitive source.