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What is the color 18 1750 in Pantone?

What is the color 18 1750 in Pantone?

Pantone 18-1750 TCX is a rich, deep orange color in the Pantone Textile Cotton color system. Pantone is a globally recognized color matching system used by designers, manufacturers and printers to ensure colors are consistent across materials and productions. The Pantone Textile Cotton (TCX) system specifically refers to colors for cotton textiles and apparel. 18-1750 TCX is part of the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors cotton color system.

Each Pantone color has a unique code made up of numbers and letters that precisely identify that color. The code for 18-1750 TCX breaks down as follows:

– 18 refers to the color family – in this case, oranges.
– 1750 is the specific pigment code for this orange shade.
– TCX indicates it is from the Textile Cotton color system.

So 18-1750 TCX identifies a vivid orange cotton fabric color from the Pantone Textile Cotton palette. When this code is provided to designers, manufacturers, printers, etc. it removes all doubt about exactly which orange is being specified.

Where Does the Color Name Come From?

While 18-1750 TCX is the precise ID code for this orange, Pantone colors also have verbal names to make communication easier. However, Pantone does not provide official verbal names for the TCX cotton colors. Instead, the name is usually determined by the company or designer using the color.

Some examples of potential names for 18-1750 TCX are:

– Tiger Orange
– Cayenne Orange
– Paprika Orange
– Hot Habanero

These types of descriptive, food-related names help convey the spicy, bold essence of this rich orange. They name it after hot, fiery orange foods like tigers, peppers and spices to characterize the intense, appetizing color. Since Pantone doesn’t prescribe standard color names for the Textile Cotton shades, companies are free to choose descriptive names like these to capture the spirit of 18-1750 TCX Orange.

Characteristics and Uses of 18-1750 TCX

What are the characteristics of 18-1750 TCX Orange, and how is this vivid shade used?

Color Properties

18-1750 TCX is a very warm, saturated orange that leans towards the red side of the color wheel. Its appearance changes slightly depending on the type of cotton fabric. On white to pale yellow cottons, it appears as a strong tomato or hot pepper orange. On cream to tan cottons, it shifts towards a spicy mustard or paprika tone. The intense pigmentation results in excellent color retention and minimal fading when printed on natural fiber cotton textiles.

Some key characteristics of 18-1750 TCX Orange:

– Bold, bright, energetic
– Warm, fiery and spicy
– Highly saturated medium-dark orange
– Minimally dulling on cotton fabrics
– Excellent print retention on natural cotton textiles

Apparel and Fashion Uses

In clothing and apparel, 18-1750 TCX makes a bold, lively accent color for prints and trims on natural cotton fabrics. It has the strength needed to stand out against white or neutral tan cotton backgrounds. Fashion designers may use it for:

– Eye-catching prints and graphic tee designs
– Contrast pockets, collars or cuffs on shirts and dresses
– Bold stripes and color blocking
– Assertive zippers and fastenings
– Vibrant cotton embroidery thread
– Fun linings for bags, hats or garments

The hot orange also pairs well with summery lime greens, turquoise blues, pinks and violets for a playful color palette. It brings a happy, energizing pop of color to kids and womenswear.

Home Decor and Craft Uses

For home decor and crafting, 18-1750 TCX can enliven all kinds of projects as an energizing accent. Some examples include:

– Quilt fabrics and patchwork
– Table linens like placemats and napkins
– Orange accents on decorative pillows or cushions
– Lampshades or other DIY decor pieces
– Stationery, gift wrap and handmade cards
– Paint color for furniture accents
– Vibrant embroidery floss for hand-stitching

The zesty orange is Both festive and retro-inspired, fitting for crafts with a fun, summery or bohemian flavor. It also pairs nicely with blues, greens, yellows and neutrals for home decor palettes.

Coordinate and Complimentary Colors

18-1750 TCX has a wide color range that coordinates and contrasts nicely with. Here are some recommended color pairings:

Coordinating Colors

These colors are adjacent to 18-1750 TCX on the color wheel for harmonious combinations:

– Pantone 13-1064 TCX Buttercup Yellow
– Pantone 16-1143 TCX Mandarin Red
– Pantone 19-1557 TCX Papaya Orange
– Pantone 18-1449 TCX Tigerlily Orange

Using multiple coordinating shades of orange, red and yellow near 18-1750 TCX creates vibrant, complementary color schemes with lots of visual energy.

Contrasting Colors

These opposite colors on the color wheel make high-contrast pairings:

– Pantone 14-4811 TCX Blue Atoll
– Pantone 13-5415 TCX Cayenne Blue
– Pantone 16-4725 TCX True Red
– Pantone 19-4052 TCX Classic Blue

The dynamic contrast of 18-1750 TCX Orange with rich blues and blue-tinged greens has strong visual impact. Crisp navy blue is an especially timeless pairing.

Neutral Colors

Soft beige and gray cotton shades create soothing natural palettes:

– Pantone 11-0602 TCX Cream Beige
– Pantone 11-0107 TCX Sandstone Tan
– Pantone 11-4800 TCX Shuttle Gray
– Pantone 14-4201 TCX Mist Gray

Using neutrals allows the bold 18-1750 TCX shade to take the spotlight while anchored by natural, muted tones.

Similar Colors and Alternatives

Designers looking for colors like 18-1750 TCX may want to consider these similar shades:

Pantone 18-1460 TCX Persimmon Orange
Pantone 17-1456 TCX Vibrant Orange
Pantone 16-1362 TCX Fire Orange
Pantone 17-1464 TCX Scarlet Orange

These all share the same warm, intense orange quality at varying saturation levels. Persimmon Orange is the closest match, a slightly lighter and less saturated version. Vibrant Orange has more yellow undertone. Fire Orange is slightly darker and moodier. Scarlet Orange has a redder, spicier look.

If 18-1750 TCX seems too bold, designers can tone it down by diluting it with:

– 10-20% Pantone 11-0601 TCX Parchment cotton
– 10% Pantone 1595-1415-4 TCX Peach cotton
– 5-10% Pantone 11-1106 TCX Cream Yellow cotton

Adding these softer beige, peach and yellow pastels mutes the orange down to more subtle shades while retaining the warming effect.

Use of 18-1750 TCX in Branding and Marketing

The dynamism and energy of 18-1750 TCX makes it very effective in evocative branding that targets specific audiences, emotions and aesthetics.

Youthful, Fun Branding

The bright orange pops against white, black and blue palettes, perfect for communicating youthful energy:

– Children’s apparel, toys and equipment
– Teen and college sports gear and accessories
– Outdoor action sports brands like surfing, skating, mountain biking
– Summer camps promoting activities and adventures
– Travel companies marketing to millennial adventurers

Whimsical, Retro Branding

18-1750 TCX also brings back a retro, 70s vibe that appeals to nostalgia when blended with browns, yellows and lime greens:

– 1970s-themed parties, concerts, community events
– Vintage clothing shops and decor sellers
– Hippie, bohemian and retro lifestyle brands
– Kitschy souvenirs, gifts and decorative items

Food-Related Branding

The zesty orange hue evokes appetizing associations that food brands can leverage:

– Specialty hot sauce companies
– Organic juice and smoothie bars
– Farmers markets and urban green grocers
– Local eateries and family restaurants
– Spice blends, salsas and artisanal condiments

Healthcare and Wellness Branding

In healthcare contexts, orange promotes feelings of energy, warmth and uplifting well-being:

– Mental health services and counselors
– Physical therapy and massage practices
– Yoga studios and meditation centers
– Sports medicine and orthopedic clinics
– Health food stores and nutrition services

Used wisely, 18-1750 TCX Orange makes a stimulating, positive accent across diverse branding and marketing contexts targeting all ages.

Significance and Symbolism

Orange has cultural, symbolic and spiritual significance across world civilizations. 18-1750 TCX Orange carries many of these same connotations through its rich, spicy hue.

Energy and Vitality

The brightness of orange evokes images of fire, sunlight, and the changing colors of autumn leaves. It symbolizes energy, vitality, and encouragement.

Friendliness and Invitation

Orange offers a sense of warmth, openness and social interaction. It is hospitable and inviting, arousing curiosity and engagement.

Fun and Livelihood

The playful, youthful spirit of orange inspires enjoyment, stimulation, and light-heartedness. It adds fun and levity to any setting.

Spirituality and Meaning

In many religions, orange represents spiritual enlightenment, divine purpose, and meaning. Saffron robes of monks and ancient Asian spiritual amulets are hues close to 18-1750 TCX.

So whether for home decor, fashion, branding, or cultural significance, 18-1750 TCX Orange makes a dynamic, meaningful, energetic impact.


Pantone 18-1750 TCX is a rich, spicy orange from the Pantone Textile Cotton color system. It has excellent color retention on natural cotton fabrics, with a hot, fiery personality. Fashion and home decor designers use 18-1750 TCX to add bold, lively accents to prints, graphics, accessories and crafts. When paired with blues, reds, yellows and neutrals it has broad appeal across ages and genders. 18-1750 TCX also carries symbolic meanings of energy, warmth, spirituality and joy across cultures. This versatile orange gives designers an uplifting, stimulating color option for communicating playfulness, retro appeal, and wellness. With proper application, 18-1750 TCX can make designs vividly pop in memorable ways.