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What is the code for the ultimate color switch XXL in fortnite?

Fortnite’s Ultimate Color Switch XXL game mode is a popular creative map that challenges players to complete obstacle courses by jumping through colorful walls. While fun, it can also be frustrating when you don’t know the correct code to access the right map. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to find the up-to-date island code for the best Ultimate Color Switch XXL version.

Step 1: Understanding Creative Maps and Island Codes

Fortnite Creative mode allows players to design their own maps and games which can then be published with a unique island code. This code allows other players to access that specific creative map. The Ultimate Color Switch XXL has been created by various users over time, so the island code changes whenever someone publishes an updated version.

Step 2: Finding the Current Island Code

To find the latest working island code, search for “Ultimate Color Switch XXL” on YouTube or social media and look for recently posted videos and maps. Popular Fortnite creators will test codes and publish the current one when they make a new video showcasing the map. You can also check Fortnite Creative mode under “Browse” for featured color switch maps.

Step 3: Verifying the Code in Fortnite

Once you find a purported code for the Ultimate Color Switch XXL, verify it works by loading up Fortnite and entering Creative mode. On the Creative Hub island, walk up to a featured portal and interact with it to enter the code. Type in the map code you found from videos or social media posts. The code should have 11-12 numbers and letters.

Platform How to Enter Code
PC Press the “Change Destination” button then enter the code
Xbox Press down on the D-Pad and enter the code
PlayStation Press down on the D-Pad and enter the code
Nintendo Switch Press down on the D-Pad and enter the code
Mobile Tap the “Enter Code” prompt and type in the code

If the portal brings you to a Ultimate Color Switch XXL map, then you have verified that the code is legitimate and up-to-date!

Step 4: Favoriting the Map

Once you’ve verified that the island code works, favorite the Ultimate Color Switch XXL map by pressing the heart icon. This will make it easy to access again from your Favorite portals in Fortnite Creative. You can also bookmark the code somewhere for future reference.

Step 5: Practicing and Completing Courses

Now you’re ready to start practicing! Ultimate Color Switch XXL has multiple obstacle courses and levels to complete. Each section requires jumping through colors, avoiding obstacles, and testing your reflexes. Try completing each course and challenge yourself to beat your best times. Remember to favor the map so you can easily return later.

Helpful Tips for Ultimate Color Switch XXL

Here are some tips to excel at the Ultimate Color Switch XXL map:

  • Look ahead – Scan the course to plan your path and timing.
  • Time your jumps – Jump just before hitting the color wall to pass through easily.
  • Use sprint judiciously – Sprinting can help but makes controlling jumps harder.
  • Practice parkour – Parts of the course need good parkour skills like climbing walls.
  • Repeat difficult sections – Focus practice on any parts you struggle with.
  • Change up your route – Try different paths for variety and optimization.
  • Learn from failures – Each failed attempt makes you better for next time.

Understanding the Ultimate Color Switch XXL Map Code History

The Ultimate Color Switch XXL has gone through many different versions and code changes over time. Here is a brief history of the map:

Version Island Code Creator Date Published
Ultimate Color Switch XXL 9547-7998-1513 Enigma May 2021
Ultimate Color Switch XXL 2.0 1207-6694-2255 Trickshot July 2021
Ultimate Color Switch XXL 3.0 5623-1399-5852 Rifty October 2021
Ultimate Color Switch XXL Chapter 2 7158-0030-5191 Vortex Builds January 2022

As you can see, the map code changes frequently as creators update and expand the map. The Chapter 2 code is the most recent version as of September 2022. But new codes are published regularly, so always check for the latest one before playing.

Troubleshooting Invalid or Outdated Codes

If you enter a code and it doesn’t bring you to the correct map, don’t worry! Here are some things to try:

  • Double check the code you entered has the correct number/letter combination
  • Make sure the code you’re using is current and was verified recently
  • Try searching again for a newer map code from recent videos or social posts
  • Check the map creator’s Social media profiles for updates on new codes
  • Browse Fortnite Creative for featured “Color Switch” maps that could be newer versions

With creators constantly updating and expanding the Ultimate Color Switch XXL, it’s common for old codes to stop working. But you should be able to easily find a new code that will let you enjoy the latest version of the map.


Finding the active code for the Ultimate Color Switch XXL in Fortnite just takes a few simple steps. Searching YouTube, social media and Fortnite Creative can uncover the current code. You can then verify it works by entering it in-game. Favoriting the map makes it easy to return to practice. With creators frequently releasing new versions, take care to find updated codes. Now get out there, practice your wall jumps and obstacle skills, and have fun with the Ultimate Color Switch XXL!