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What is the code for pink in google slides?

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Choosing the right colors for a presentation in Google Slides can be an important part of effectively communicating your message. The color pink, with its soothing and feminine connotations, can be an excellent choice depending on the context. But to use the color pink in Google Slides, you need to know the specific HTML color code associated with the exact shade of pink you want.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know to find and use color codes for shades of pink in Google Slides. We’ll cover:

  • What HTML color codes are and how they work in Google Slides
  • Where to find color codes for different shades of pink
  • How to input a hex color code in Google Slides to change the color of text, backgrounds, and other elements
  • Tips for choosing the right shade of pink for your presentation
  • Examples of hex codes for popular shades of pink like fuschia, light pink, and dusty rose

Equipped with the color codes for pink, you can add a pop of pink to titles, callouts, backgrounds, and charts that will instantly elevate the visual appeal of your Google Slides presentation.

What Are HTML Color Codes?

HTML color codes are hex triplets that represent the RGB (red, green, blue) values that make up each distinct web color. Here is the basic structure:


The “#” sign indicates that what follows is a hex color code. The next six characters are hexadecimal numbers from 00 to FF that specify the red, green, and blue components of the color.

For example, pure red is coded as #FF0000. This indicates the highest level red (FF), and no green or blue (both 00).

These codes were originally developed for use in HTML and CSS, but many other applications like Google Slides now support HTML color codes for specifying colors.

Finding Color Codes for Shades of Pink

There are a few main ways you can lookup and find HTML hex codes for any shade of pink you want:

Online Color Pickers

Online color tools allow you to pick from a wide palette of pink shades visually. When you click or select a color, the tool will display the hex code for that exact shade.

Popular color picker sites include:

  • W3Schools Color Picker
  • Adobe Color
  • HTML Color Codes
  • Color-hex

Image Color Samplers

You can also use online image color samplers to pick a pink shade visually from a photo, image, or other graphic. These tools will sampling the color and provide the hex code:

  • Pixlr Color Picker

Reference Charts of Pink Shades

There are many charts and tables online that provide the hex codes for common shades of pink all in one place. For example:

  • Shades of Pink Color Chart at RapidTables
  • Pink Colors Hex and RGB Codes List at SchemeColor

These can be helpful references to easily lookup a pink you have in mind.

Using Color Codes in Google Slides

Once you know the hex code for the shade of pink you want, it’s easy to apply it in Google Slides.

There are a few ways to input a color code:

Text Color

To change the color of text, highlight the text, open the Text Style toolbar, and click the Text Color icon (the letter A with a color square). This will open a color palette. At the bottom, click “Custom” to open a field to enter any hex code.

Shape, Line, and Border Colors

To change the fill color of a shape, the color of a line, or a border color, right click on the object and choose “Fill color” or “Border color” to open the color palette. Then use the “Custom” option to enter a hex code.

Background Color

To change a slide’s background, open the slide color toolbar, click Background, and choose “Custom” to enter a hex color code.

Choosing the Right Shade of Pink

Pink has a wide range of shades, so choosing the perfect hue for your presentation comes down to:

Considering Your Content and Audience

Light and bright pinks have an energetic, fun vibe, while dusty and muted pinks are more subtle and elegant. Choose a shade that matches your presentation style and audience preferences.

Establishing a Color Palette

Make sure your shade of pink complements any other colors in your deck. Use a color pairing tool to experiment with palettes.

Reviewing on Projectors and Screens

Colors can display slightly differently depending on the monitor, screen, or projector used. Be sure to review your slides on the actual equipment you’ll use for the presentation.

Understanding Color Psychology

In general, pink invokes feelings of love, warmth, femininity, and sensitivity, but lighter and darker shades provoke slightly different emotional responses.

Trying Different Shades

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pink hex codes across your presentation to see what pops and what fits your particular slide content and design.

Codes for Popular Shades of Pink

Here are some examples of hex codes for shades of pink that work well in presentations:

Hot Pink

This bright, intense pink grabs attention. Use it sparingly for maximum impact.

Hex Code: #FF69B4

Baby Pink

This light, soft pink has a gentle, innocent feel. It’s soothing and calm.

Hex Code: #FFB6C1


Bold and eye-catching, this vivid reddish-pink is energetic and dramatic.

Hex Code: #FF00FF

Cotton Candy

This pale, candy-colored pink looks sweet and fun. It’s uplifting.

Hex Code: #FFBCD9

Blush Pink

A medium rosy pink reminiscent of a natural blush tone. It’s romantic.

Hex Code: #DE5D83

Light Pink

Clean and minimal, this pink is excellent for backgrounds and elegant designs.

Hex Code: #FFB6C1

Dusty Rose

Muted and sophisticated, this pink with gray undertones adds a refined touch.

Hex Code: #C0737A

Learn Even More About Color in Presentations

Choosing the right color codes, like the perfect pink for Google Slides, is an art and science. To take a deeper dive, explore these guides:

  • Google’s official help on changing colors in Slides
  • Presentation design tips from Canva
  • Color theory basics from Adobe
  • Guide to color psychology in presentations

With the right shade and hex code, you can add a pop of pink to any presentation that will both look beautiful and enhance your message.


Finding and using the color pink in your Google Slides presentations is easy with HTML color codes. Start by identifying the perfect shade you want from a color picker, chart, or image sampler. Then simply input the hex code in the Google Slides color selector to change the colors of text, objects, and backgrounds.

Choosing a color that suits your content, brand, and audience takes experimentation and an understanding of color psychology. But a little bit of pink can go a long way in adding visual flair and supporting the tone you want to convey in your presentation when used strategically. With this guide, you have everything you need to incorporate the perfect pink into your next deck using custom color codes.