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What is the code for james hardie iron gray?

Choosing the right exterior siding color for your home is an important decision that can dramatically affect the overall look and feel of your house. James Hardie fiber cement siding comes in a wide variety of colors and profiles to match both traditional and contemporary architectural styles. One of their most popular neutral siding colors is Iron Gray, which offers a cool, steely gray tone that works well in many settings.

What is James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding?

James Hardie is a leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding products. Their siding is made from a composite material composed of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. This makes it more durable and longer-lasting than traditional wood or vinyl siding.

Some key advantages of James Hardie fiber cement siding include:

  • Resistance to rotting, cracking, and moisture damage
  • Fire resistance and non-combustible
  • Impact resistant and can withstand hail damage
  • Won’t warp, shrink, or swell due to water absorption
  • Offers insulation benefits for energy efficiency
  • 30-year transferable limited warranty

James Hardie siding comes in a variety of styles including lap siding, vertical siding, shingles, and panels. The siding is factory primed and ready for paint or stain.

What Color is Iron Gray?

James Hardie’s Iron Gray siding color is part of their ColorPlus Technology collection. It is a dark, saturated gray with subtle blue undertones. When light hits it, you may notice some brownish-green flecks as well. It’s a cool neutral that pairs nicely with both warm and cool exterior color palettes.

Here are some details about James Hardie’s Iron Gray siding color:

  • LRV: 25
  • Hex Code: #5E696E
  • RGB Values: R: 94 G: 105 B: 110
  • Recommended Trim Colors: Cobble Stone, Navajo Beige, Mountain Sage

The Iron Gray color is versatile enough to work on contemporary modern homes as well as more traditional cottage styles. It has an industrial, urban feel that also associates well with Farmhouse and Craftsman designs.

Getting the Iron Gray Color

If you want the exact Iron Gray color for your James Hardie siding, going with their pre-finished ColorPlus products is the best option. Choose from any of the eligible styles, such as HardiePlank lap siding or HardieShingle siding, in the Iron Gray color.

Alternatively, you can have your siding primed and work with a painting contractor to match the Iron Gray color using exterior paint. Provide them with the hex code or RGB values to get the closest match possible. Be sure to use high quality 100% acrylic latex paint in a flat or satin finish.

Finally, you can order James Hardie custom color match siding. Provide them with the Iron Gray color code and they can factory tint your siding order to the exact shade. This option may have minimum order requirements and extended lead times.

Pairing James Hardie Iron Gray Siding

A key design tip when using James Hardie’s Iron Gray siding is to pair it with complementary colors. Try to avoid matching it with too many other gray tones. Here are some colors that work well with Iron Gray:

Warm Neutrals

  • Almond – soft beige with yellow undertones
  • Brown – choose a warmer shade like chocolate or chestnut
  • Sandstone – earthy light brown
  • Khaki – subtle greenish tan

Cool Neutrals

  • White – bright, clean contrast
  • Light gray – add visual interest by varying shades
  • Charcoal – deepen and enrich the gray
  • Black – strong, bold accent

Natural Hues

  • Green – mossy, sage, or olive tones
  • Blue – lighter sky blue or navy
  • Wood tones – natural cedar or reddish brown

Incorporating colors like these will make the Iron Gray pop while still ensuring everything works together cohesively. Use trim, shutters, and other accents to provide contrasting or complementary hues.

Using Iron Gray for a Whole House

While Iron Gray works great as an accent, can it be used on the entire exterior? Absolutely! Here are some tips for using Iron Gray house-wide:

  • Add visual interest by incorporating different siding styles and textures. Try a combo of lap siding, vertical siding, and board-and-batten.
  • Use lighter shades of gray or off-white for trim and corner boards to frame windows and doors
  • Paint the front door a bold, contrasting shade like red, blue, or black
  • Use natural stone veneer as an accent for the home’s foundation
  • Plant colorful flowers like purple asters or red tulips to make the landscaping pop

The varied textures and strategic use of accent colors will keep an all-over Iron Gray exterior from feeling flat or monotonous. This on-trend gray shade makes a striking statement on its own.

Maintenance for Iron Gray Siding

James Hardie siding with ColorPlus Technology has a 15-year fade resistant warranty. However, periodic cleaning and maintenance is still a good idea.

Here are some tips for keeping Iron Gray siding looking its best:

  • Wash occasionally with a garden hose and mild non-abrasive soap. Avoid high pressure power washing.
  • For stains, spot clean by hand with baking soda paste or diluted vinegar solution.
  • Check for damage and repair as needed with touch-up paint.
  • Caulk gaps around trim, windows, and doors to prevent water intrusion.
  • Repaint every 8-12 years or when fading/chalking occurs.

With proper care, your Iron Gray James Hardie siding will maintain its cool, lustrous color and remain beautiful for decades.


James Hardie’s Iron Gray is a versatile, stylish neutral color for fiber cement siding. Its gray tone with slight blue undertones complements both traditional and contemporary homes. Pair Iron Gray with contrasting trim colors and accessorize with plants or shutters to create exterior charm and curb appeal.

As a ColorPlus product or custom match, specify Iron Gray siding for long-lasting durability and fade-resistance. With some simple maintenance, you’ll enjoy the striking Iron Gray color on your James Hardie siding for years to come.

James Hardie Siding Color LRV Hex Code RGB Values
Iron Gray 25 #5E696E R: 94 G: 105 B: 110