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What is the code for all orange colors?

What is the code for all orange colors?

Orange is a bright, warm color that combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. There are many different shades of orange, each with their own hexadecimal code used for web design and digital design work. Here is a look at all the different codes for shades of the color orange.

Basic Orange Hex Codes

The basic shades of orange are made by mixing red and yellow in different proportions. Here are the hex codes for some of the most popular basic orange shades:

Orange Hex Code Orange Shade Name
#FFA500 Web Orange
#FF8C00 Dark Orange
#FF7F00 Burnt Orange
#FF7500 Pumpkin Orange
#FF6F00 Carrot Orange

The hex code is a 6 digit code combining values for the red, green, and blue components on a 0-255 scale. #FFA500, for example, is 255 red, 165 green, and 0 blue.

These basic orange shades are vivid, bright, andeye-catching. They are bold colors perfect for grabbing attention. Dark orange is commonly used in fall themes and decor. Burnt orange has an earthy, rustic feel. Pumpkin orange is reminiscent of pumpkins and autumn.

Red-Orange Hex Codes

Red-orange shades are vibrant orange colors with a strong lean toward red. They are bright, energetic colors. Here are some hex codes for popular red-orange shades:

Red-Orange Hex Code Shade Name
#FF5349 Sunset Orange
#FF4E00 Vermillion
#FF4000 Scarlet
#FF3600 Lava
#FF2400 Radical Red

These shades are bold and fiery. They bring to mind sunsets, spicy food, and heat. Vermillion is a classic red-orange that gets its name from a pigment derived from the mineral cinnabar. Scarlet is a rich crimson red-orange popular in fashion.

Orange-Yellow Hex Codes

Orange-yellow shades lean more toward yellow in the color spectrum. They are cheerful, bright colors reminiscent of sunshine and citrus fruits. Here are hex codes for some key orange-yellows:

Orange-Yellow Hex Code Shade Name
#FFB300 Selective Yellow
#FFA343 Mango Orange
#FF9F00 Amber
#F39C12 Orange Sherbet
#F37500 Orange Peel

Selective yellow is used for visibility and caution signs. Mango orange is tropical and fruity. Amber is perfect for capturing the glow of sunlight. These shades are cheerful and energetic.

Soft Orange Hex Codes

Soft orange tones are muted, dusty shades of orange. They are gentle, earthy colors. Here are some hexadecimal codes for soft orange shades:

Soft Orange Hex Code Shade Name
#F7CAC9 Pale Orange
#FFD6AD Papaya Orange
#FAA76C Cantaloupe
#E47735 Dull Orange
#FFBF98 Peach Orange

These pastel orange tones are much more subtle than bright, vivid oranges. Pale orange is a great gender neutral color. Papaya orange has a tropical vibe. Cantaloupe is named after the melon. These soft shades are calm and endearing.

Earth Tone Orange Hex Codes

Earth tone oranges draw inspiration from nature and the earth. They are muted, natural shades. Here are some hex codes for popular earth tone orange colors:

Earth Tone Orange Hex Code Shade Name
#CC7722 Ochre
#E58E73 Terra Cotta
#C95922 Rust
#B2592D Copper
#966F33 Bronze

Ochre has an ancient, clay-like feel. Terra cotta evokes handmade pottery. Rust and copper capture industrial, weathered orange tones. These colors are earthy, natural, and rugged.


Orange is a multifaceted color with many shades spanning the spectrum from red to yellow. Vibrant orange tones like vermillion and mango orange are energetic and joyful. Soft oranges like peach and cantaloupe have a gentle, calming effect. Earthy hues like ochre and rust feel grounded and natural.

With many shades to choose from, orange can fit any design style or mood you want to convey. Use burnt orange for a fall theme, amber for a sunny design, or terra cotta for a natural mood. The hex codes provide specific options to find that perfect shade of orange.