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What is the best grey color for Sherwin Williams cabinets?

When selecting a grey paint color for kitchen cabinets, there are many options to consider from the Sherwin Williams palette. Grey has become an increasingly popular choice for cabinetry in recent years as it creates a stylish, modern look. Choosing the right undertone and shade of grey will impact the overall look and feel of your kitchen. In this article, we will compare the most popular Sherwin Williams grey cabinet paint colors and help you determine the best option for your space.

Popular Grey Cabinet Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams offers grey cabinet paint colors that range from warm greys with brown undertones to cool greys with hints of blue. Their selection includes light, medium, and dark grey shades to suit any design aesthetic. Here are some of their most popular grey paint colors for cabinets:

Paint Color Undertone LRV
Agreeable Grey Warm with brown undertones 60
Eider White Slightly warm 73
Mindful Grey Slightly warm 50
Repose Gray Slightly warm 60
Passive Cool with blue undertones 48
Gray Matters Slightly cool 50
Peppercorn True neutral 35
Iron Ore Warm with brown undertones 18
Caviar Slightly warm 4

The most popular options tend to be the light to medium neutral greys like Agreeable Grey and Mindful Grey. However, you can see there are a wide variety of grey undertones and depth of color to choose from.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Grey

Here are some important factors to take into account when selecting the best Sherwin Williams grey paint color for your cabinets:


Cool greys have blue or green undertones, while warm greys take on brown, tan, or red undertones. Neutral greys don’t lean too cool or warm. The undertone will affect the overall look and mood of the space. Cool greys read more modern and slick, while warm greys feel cozy and traditional.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

The LRV indicates how much light a color reflects. LRV ranges from 0 (fully absorbs light) to 100 (fully reflects light). For cabinets, you generally want an LRV above 35 for an airy, bright space. Darker colors below 35 can make a kitchen feel closed in. Lighter LRVs are better for smaller, darker kitchens.

Natural Lighting

The amount and type of natural light in your kitchen should factor into choosing a grey. North-facing rooms with little natural light can handle a lighter grey. South-facing rooms will look better with a deeper, moodier grey. For east/west exposure, neutrals tend to work best.

Cabinet Style

Lighter greys complement modern, sleek cabinetry while deeper hues match better with traditional cabinetry. Distressed or antique finishes tend to look best with warm greys. The door style should also be considered, as tiny details get lost on darker colors.

Countertops & Backsplash

Your choice of countertop and backsplash materials will influence the grey color. Granite, quartz, or stone pairs nicely with warm greys. Cool greys work well with concrete, stainless steel, and glossy tile. Want the cabinet color to pop? Contrast with countertops in white, black, or wood tone.


Match flooring and cabinetry for a seamless, monochromatic look. Contrasting floor color helps the cabinets stand out. For light cabinets, medium or dark wood floors add warmth. With darker cabinets, light floors keep things airy.

6 Best Sherwin Williams Greys for Cabinets

Now let’s dive into 6 of the best grey paint colors for kitchen cabinets from Sherwin Williams:

1. Agreeable Grey

LRV: 60
Undertones: Warm, brown

A greige with strong beige undertones, Agreeable Grey is one of the most popular cabinet colors from Sherwin Williams. It has broad appeal due to its versatility and ability to blend with warm or cool accents. The warm undertones give it a relaxed, inviting vibe. Agreeable Grey looks great on traditional and contemporary cabinet styles.

2. Repose Gray

LRV: 60
Undertones: Slightly warm

Repose Gray is a lighter warm grey with a hint of brown that creates a tranquil, welcoming ambiance. With the same LRV as Agreeable Grey, it reflects a good amount of light. Repose Gray pairs nicely with white countertops and works well in Craftsman or cottage kitchens. Open shelving helps light bounce around.

3. Mindful Gray

LRV: 50
Undertones: Slightly warm

Mindful Gray is a complex, organic neutral that changes slightly depending on the light. It has vague hints of green and brown that give it natural depth without looking muddy. The lower LRV creates a cozier feel. Mindful Gray matches oak cabinets nicely and pairs well with marble or quartz.

4. Gray Matters

LRV: 50
Undertones: Slightly cool

A chameleon grey that shifts from blue to green, Gray Matters is a sophisticated neutral that complements various styles. It has enough warmth to pair with some woods and some coolness to coordinate with stainless steel. Gray Matters works well on modern, transitional, or contemporary kitchens.

5. Peppercorn

LRV: 35
Undertones: True neutral

Peppercorn is a rich, warm dark gray with brown undertones. With an LRV of 35, it toes the line between light and dark. The darkness gives it a cozy, moody vibe, so it works best in well-lit rooms. Peppercorn looks beautiful on modern walnut cabinets and gives a sleek kitchen natural depth.

6. Passive

LRV: 48
Undertones: Cool, blue

On the cooler side of the spectrum, Passive is a serene, airy neutral that gently flows between shades of blue and green. It gives off a calming vibe that encourages relaxation. Passive creates a light, bright kitchen when used on shaker or modern cabinet styles. It pairs nicely with marble, granite, or quartz.

Choosing the Best Grey for Your Space

When selecting a grey paint for your kitchen, be sure to get color swatches or samples to view in your space. Colors look different on monitor screens than in real life. Consider adjoining rooms and whether you want cabinets to blend in or stand out.

Cool greys like Passive work great with stainless steel and glossy tiles, creating a sleek, clean look. Warm greys like Agreeable Grey or Repose Gray provide a welcoming, homey feel with natural textures like wood or stone.

For traditional kitchens with oak cabinets, go for a greige like Mindful Grey or a deeper warm hue like Peppercorn. Modern white kitchens can handle a lighter grey like Repose Gray for an upbeat vibe. Darker tones are better suited to well-lit, airy kitchens.

Be sure to check out color pairings in the kitchens of your favorite stores and websites. Houzz is a great resource for grey kitchen cabinet ideas. Take your time, get samples, and see how different greys look at various times of day before committing.


Grey kitchen cabinets offer a stylish, on-trend look that works with diverse styles and spaces. Just be sure to take lighting, cabinet type, countertops, floors, and your overall design vision into account. Sherwin Williams offers a vast range of grey tones from warm to cool across light, medium, and dark hues. Popular greige options like Agreeable Grey or Repose Gray are good starting points. For a moodier look, consider deeper shades like Peppercorn. Cool greys like Passive keep things airy and modern.

Have fun exploring the many greys from Sherwin Williams. Get samples, look at the colors in your space at different times of the day, and you’ll find the perfect versatile grey to make your kitchen cabinets shine.