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What is the best day to shop at dollar general?

Dollar General is one of the most popular dollar store chains in the United States. With over 16,000 locations across 46 states, Dollar General offers incredible deals on household items, groceries, clothing, toys, and more. Shopping at Dollar General can save shoppers a ton of money, but is there an optimal day or time to shop there?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the pros and cons of shopping at Dollar General on different days and times. We’ll also share tips and tricks for getting the best deals and making the most of your Dollar General shopping trips.

Weekday vs Weekend Shopping at Dollar General

One of the first things to consider is whether weekday or weekend shopping is better at Dollar General. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of each:

Weekday Shopping Pros

  • Less crowded stores
  • New stock is put out overnight so weekdays have the best selection
  • Easier to find assistance from staff
  • Shorter checkout lines

Weekday Shopping Cons

  • You may have less time to browse if shopping before/after work
  • Peak weekday hours may overlap with your work schedule

Weekend Shopping Pros

  • You have more time to shop and browse deals
  • You can go with family or friends
  • Don’t have to rush before or after work

Weekend Shopping Cons

  • Stores are much more crowded
  • Popular items may be picked over
  • Longer lines at checkout
  • Less staff assistance available

Overall, weekday shopping tends to be a bit better at Dollar General since the stores are less crowded and products are freshly stocked. But weekends can work if you go at opening or closing time to avoid peak crowds.

Mornings vs Afternoons vs Evenings

Another consideration is what time of day is best for shopping at Dollar General. Here is an overview of mornings, afternoons, and evenings:


Hitting Dollar General first thing in the morning has several perks. The stores open at 8am or 9am depending on location, so getting there when they open means you’ll have first pick of all the new stock put out overnight. Mornings on weekdays tend to be less crowded than other times, making it easier to shop. The only downside is mornings may not fit everyone’s schedule.


Early to mid-afternoons on weekdays are a decent time to shop, as crowds remain moderate. You can browse and take your time more than busy evenings. Just know that the most popular items may start to sell out by afternoon, so selection could be lower.


Evenings bring big crowds to Dollar General, especially after work hours and on weekends. Shelves could be picked over from heavy shopping earlier in the day. Checkout lines get long in evenings too. However, evenings allow flexibility if you couldn’t shop earlier in the day. Just try going a bit before closing to dodge the peak crowds.

Dollar General Daily Deals

Dollar General runs daily deals on certain products each day of the week. Knowing the deal schedule can influence which days you choose to shop there:

Day of Week Deal
Monday New weekly digital coupons released in app
Tuesday $1.00 off Tide laundry products
Wednesday 10% off Nestle water
Thursday Up to 30% off pet toys and treats
Friday $4 Friday family movie night deal
Saturday 2-day weekend sale released (varies)
Sunday 5% off all gift cards

As you can see, certain days have better discounts on popular items. For example, stocking up on discounted Tide on Tuesdays or pet items on Thursdays. Plan your shopping trips around the deals you want.

First and Last Day of the Month

The first and last day of the month are two other key shopping days at Dollar General. Here’s why:

First Day of the Month

  • New monthly digital coupons become available
  • New monthly sales ad starts with fresh deals
  • Stores get major restocks on first of month
  • Easier to stack coupons for biggest savings

Last Day of the Month

  • Last chance for monthly digital coupons
  • Manager mark-downs on expired/clearance items
  • Best clearance selection as stores clear old stock
  • Can still combine with weekly deals

Shopping on the bookend days of the month will ensure you get the best deals, coupons, and clearance selection. Make a point to hit Dollar General on these key dates.

Holidays and Events

Holidays and seasonal events impact Dollar General shopping as well. Here are some examples and how to shop them:

Back to School (July – Sept)

  • Stock up on school/office supplies for the year
  • Shop early as supplies sell out quickly
  • Grab discounted summer clothes/shoes before season ends

Halloween (October)

  • Decorations discounted up to 50% off after holiday
  • Candy heavily discounted Nov 1st for next year
  • Grab costumes and accessories on Nov 1st for next year

Thanksgiving to Christmas (Nov – Dec)

  • Decor on sale prior to holidays, then 50% off Dec 26th
  • Toys and gift sets on manager clearance Dec 26th
  • Buy discounted gift cards for following year
  • Shop gift wrap, bags, tissue after holidays for 90% off

Planning your Dollar General trips around major holidays and events ensures you get the best deals on seasonal merchandise. The deeper discounts come the day after the holiday itself.

Monthly Promotions

Dollar General also runs big monthly promotions on certain categories. These can be another influence on choosing the best shopping days:


  • Organization and storage for new year
  • Fitness and wellness resolutions
  • Winter clothing and accessories


  • Valentine’s Day candy and gifts
  • Home goods and small appliances
  • Spring early bird deals


  • Spring cleaning essentials
  • Easter decor and candy
  • Gardening and outdoor deals

Pay attention to the big category promotions each month and time your trips to take advantage of specials on those goods. The free monthly sales ad details all the upcoming deals as well.

Best and Worst Days for Coupon Deals

Serious couponers pay close attention to which days they can score the biggest savings. Here are insights on getting the best and worst coupon deals:

Best Coupon Days

  • Monday – New digital coupons released
  • First day of month – New digital and paper coupon book
  • Saturday – Preview paper coupon insert for Sunday
  • Wednesday – 10% off coupons from survey code

Worst Coupon Days

  • Last day of month – Digital coupons expire
  • Sunday – Paper coupon inserts often sell out fast
  • Thurs – Fri – Popular digital coupons often sell out

Using coupons at Dollar General on the best days stacks savings even more. Avoid the worst days when coupons may be expired or sold out.

What is the Best Day Overall?

Taking all these factors into account, what singular day is best for Dollar General shopping? While every day has some pros and cons, we recommend…

Tuesdays Are Best

If you had to pick one all-around best day, Tuesdays edge out the competition. Here’s why Tuesday is ideal for Dollar General shopping:

  • Less crowded than weekends
  • $1 off Tide laundry products deal
  • New ad and deals start on Tuesdays
  • Can get paper coupons a day before Sunday
  • Digital coupons still available
  • Truck deliveries mean fuller stock

With the right timing on Tuesday mornings or evenings, you can avoid crowds and shops when inventory is freshest. The weekly deals reset, popular coupon deals are available, and you can stock up on the Tide special. For balancing convenience, stock levels, coupon access, and sales – Tuesdays are your best bet.

Tips for Dollar General Shopping

No matter what day you shop, these tips will optimize your Dollar General experience:

  • Download the DG app for digital coupons and deals
  • Check weekly ad online before shopping
  • Browse clearance endcaps first for hidden deals
  • Price match items using DG app scanner
  • Go up and down each aisle to find best bargains
  • Stack savings with manufacturer and store coupons
  • Ask staff about any unmarked clearance items
  • Join Dollar General Rewards for more savings


Shopping at the right time can take your Dollar General savings to the next level. While every day has pros and cons, Tuesdays provide the ideal mix of light crowds, freshly stocked inventory, available coupons, and special deals. Combine smart timing with the right tips, and you can get the most bang for your buck at Dollar General.