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What is the Behr alternative to silver drop?

Paint colors can dramatically affect the look and feel of a room. Choosing the right shade is key to creating the aesthetic you’re aiming for. Silver drop is a popular gray paint color by Behr that gives spaces a cool, sophisticated vibe. If you’re looking for an alternative to silver drop that provides a similar look, read on for some great options from Behr and other brands.

Understanding the Silver Drop Color

Silver drop is one of Behr’s releases in their 2022 color trends palette. It’s a light gray paint with subtle hints of blue and green undertones. This gives it a soft, breezy feeling while still providing enough contrast when used on walls.

Some key details about silver drop:

  • Light gray base with blue-green undertones
  • Part of the Behr 2022 Color Trends palette
  • Pairs beautifully with whites and other gray tones
  • Works in a variety of interior design styles

When painted on walls, silver drop creates an open, airy atmosphere in a room. It has enough depth to provide contrast with white trim, but still feels light and soothing. The green undertones give it a slightly natural, mineral-like quality as well. This versatile gray can be dressed up with bold accent colors or pared down for simple, Scandinavian-inspired spaces.

Behr Alternatives

If you’re hoping to match the light airiness of silver drop but don’t necessarily need the exact color match, Behr has several alternative grays to consider. Here are a few top options:

Natural Gray

For a slightly warmer alternative, look at Behr’s natural gray. This has a greige undertone, blending gray and beige together. It’s a bit deeper than silver drop but provides the same flexible foundation for decorating. Natural gray is part of the Behr PRO collection and has a matte finish.

Silver Screen

Silver screen is a very close match to silver drop, but has a bit more green in its undertone. Side by side, you’d notice silver screen reading slightly cooler than silver drop. But it offers the same light, airy feeling with soft blue-green hues. Silver screen is from the Behr MARQUEE line of paints which feature superior hide, durability, and stain resistance.

Silver Bullet

For an edgier take on silver drop, silver bullet amps up the charcoal in the gray. This is a darker, moodier version while maintaining the green-blue undertone present in silver drop. Going a few shades darker gives it a more sophisticated, modern feeling while keeping a similar color profile. Silver bullet is another Behr PRO selection so it has a matte finish.

Color Name Collection Undertones
Natural Gray Behr PRO Greige
Silver Screen Behr MARQUEE Blue-green
Silver Bullet Behr PRO Blue-green

Valspar Alternative

Valspar is another popular mainstream paint brand carried at Lowe’s stores. Their best match to silver drop is:

Silver Strand

Silver strand is part of the Valspar Reserve line and is a near identical match to Behr’s silver drop. It has the same soft, subtle blue-green undertones and light airy feel. At certain angles and lighting, you’d be hard pressed to notice a difference between silver drop and silver strand. This makes it an excellent alternative if you have easy access to Valspar paint.

Sherwin-Williams Alternative

For a silver drop match from Sherwin-Williams, look at:

Mindful Gray

This light gray has strong green undertones, reading slightly cooler than silver drop. But it offers the same soft, breezy vibe with ample contrast from white. Mindful gray is part of Sherwin-Williams’ Collections line, putting it in the middle tier of their offerings. So it provides good durability and coverage at a reasonable price point. Overall, a worthy silver drop alternative from Sherwin-Williams.

Benjamin Moore Alternative

Benjamin Moore’s take on silver drop is:

Silver Satin

True to its name, silver satin has subtle hints of blue that cool down its gray base. It comes across slightly more neutral than silver drop, making for an easy transition between the two. Silver satin provides a versatile, clean backdrop for decor and styles well with other grays, whites, and blues. It’s part of Benjamin Moore’s Affinity line.

Glidden Alternative

For the Glidden brand alternative:

Dovetail Gray

This light gray has faint hints of green that give it a breezy, natural vibe. In certain lights, dovetail gray can read very similarly to Behr’s silver drop. It provides the same light, neutral foundation for pairing with various accent colors. Part of Glidden’s Premium line, dovetail gray offers good coverage and durability.

Kelly-Moore Alternative

From Kelly-Moore Paints, look at:

Natural Light

Natural light has the slightest hint of greenish-blue, pairing beautifully with crisp whites. It matches the tone and feeling of silver drop very closely. Natural light functions well in both modern and transitional spaces, giving you flexibility. It’s part of Kelly-Moore’s zero VOC line of paints making it a good environmentally-friendly option.

Dutch Boy Alternative

For a match from Dutch Boy:


Silverado is a spot-on match to silver drop in terms of tone and depth. It’s a smidge lighter but has the same hint of coolness from subtle green-blue undertones. As Dutch Boy’s version of a light, airy gray, silverado offers the same versatile neutral backdrop as silver drop. It’s part of their Maxbond line which features premium coverage and washability.

Ralph Lauren Alternative

Ralph Lauren paints offer a perfectly matched alternative with:

Silver Bleach

Silver bleach has the exact same tone, depth, and undertones as silver drop. The two are indistinguishable unless viewed side-by-side in the same lighting. Silver bleach provides that soft, breezy neutral foundation for which silver drop is known. It’s a great option if you want a top quality silver drop duplicate from Ralph Lauren.

Olympic Alternative

For an Olympic paint brand alternative:


Silverstone is Olympic’s version of a light airy gray with hints of greenish-blue. It’s slightly cooler and brighter than silver drop but provides a similar energy. The green gives it a mineral-like quality as well. Silverstone could easily be used in place of silver drop for a close match from the Olympic line.

PPG Alternative

PPG Paints offer this comparable color:

Mindful Gray

This light gray has a hint more green than silver drop resulting in a cooler, brighter look. The undertone gives mindful gray a natural, relaxing vibe. PPG’s mindful gray is slightly greener than the Sherwin-Williams version, but provides a workable silver drop substitute from the PPG brand.

Color Match Considerations

When evaluating alternatives to silver drop, here are a few tips for finding the closest match:

  • Prioritize similar undertones – cool green-blues over warm browns
  • Compare depth and brightness
  • View color swatches in natural lighting
  • Test samples on walls to view in entire room
  • Use comparable sheens – satin or eggshell finishes

Even paint colors that look identical on a small swatch can read differently when on full walls and in natural lighting. Testing out a few samples first helps ensure you get as close a match as possible.

Achieving the Silver Drop Look

Silver drop is a distinctive light gray paint color. But small tweaks to these alternative colors using accent walls, lighting, and decor can help replicate the silver drop aesthetic in a space.

Here are some tips for getting the silver drop look with any cool-toned light gray paint:

  • Use crisp white trim for clean contrast
  • Incorporate light blue, sage green, and metallic accents
  • Add mirrors or reflective surfaces to amplify light
  • Use a semi-gloss or satin sheen for a hint of shine
  • Pair with dark wood tones for bold contrast
  • Incorporate natural textures & elements to accentuate green undertones

With the right complementary colors and finishes, you can easily achieve the cool, airy vibe of silver drop. Test out accent walls or metallic finishes like silver, chrome, or nickel to add visual interest as well.

Silver Drop in Action

Seeing any paint color used in real spaces helps give a sense of the vibe it creates. Here are some snapshots of Behr’s silver drop in action:

  • An entryway with white wainscoting pops against silver drop walls
  • White kitchen cabinetry glows against a silver drop backdrop
  • In a bedroom, silver drop walls contrast beautifully with crisp white bedding
  • Metallic silver accents in a living area play off silver drop walls
  • Crisp white crown molding frames cool silver drop ceilings

These examples showcase the light, airy, and subtly sophisticated personality of silver drop. The blue-green undertones provide a soft natural feel as well. It can fit into both modern and transitional design motifs quite nicely.

Using any of the silver drop alternative paint colors above in similar ways will achieve a comparable aesthetic. Just pay attention to sheen, trim colors, and any metallic or green-blue accents you add.


Behr’s silver drop is a light, breezy gray paint color with subtle green-blue undertones. It provides a cool, airy backdrop for rooms and decor. There are many worthy silver drop alternatives from both Behr and other major paint brands. Look for light grays with hints of green or blue for the closest matches. Consider sheen, undertones, and real-life test samples as well when evaluating potential alternatives. With the right supplemental colors and textures, many of these similar paint colors can effectively mimic the look and feel of silver drop in a space.