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What is the 35th anniversary theme?

Wedding anniversaries are a special time to celebrate the enduring love between two people. As each year passes, the milestone represents overcoming challenges, sharing joys, and growing together. For 35 years of marriage, the traditional and modern gift theme is coral or jade, representing harmony, closeness, and warmth in the relationship.

Background on Anniversary Themes

The origins of anniversary gift themes date back to medieval Germany, where couples would exchange gifts based on what materials corresponded to each year of marriage. Over time, the list expanded and evolved into traditional and modern versions. While the traditional themes are based on older materials like paper, cotton, copper, and wood, the modern list incorporates newer and more precious items like appliances, electronics, and gemstones.

The traditional and modern gift lists are not definitive – just suggestions. Couples can choose to exchange any gift that is meaningful to them. However, knowing the traditional themes can provide inspiration if struggling to come up with ideas. Most importantly, anniversary gift-giving is about expressing love, appreciation, and commitment.

35th Anniversary Meaning

The 35th wedding anniversary marks a huge relationship milestone. Three and a half decades of marriage represents overcoming obstacles, supporting each other through ups and downs, and building a life partnership. Reaching 35 years together takes compromise, forgiveness, effort, and resilience.

By their 35th anniversary, most couples have raised children together, built careers, purchased homes, and shared countless memories. They have likely experienced the joy of welcoming grandchildren. After 35 years, spouses usually know each other profoundly – flaws and all. The relationship has deepened from attraction to an unbreakable bond.

The 35th anniversary is a celebration of completing over a third of a century in marriage. It represents the strength of a commitment and love that has endured through challenges. Milestones like this prompt reflection on all two people have built together.

35th Anniversary Gemstones

The traditional and modern 35th anniversary gemstones are coral and jade respectively. These gems represent the meaning of an enduring, warm, and harmonious marriage.


Coral has significance as the traditional 35th anniversary gemstone. Found in the sea, coral takes time to solidify and grow, symbolizing a marriage maturing over time. Its organic reddish-pink color emulates the warmth of an enduring bond between spouses. Once thought to protect against ill fortune, coral represents harmony and closeness in a long-term relationship.


Jade is the modern gem for the 35th anniversary. Prized for its purity and simplicity, jade signifies the mutual understanding and support between partners after 35 years together. Emerald green jade was believed to foster wisdom and harmony within relationships and marriages. Its durability as a gemstone reflects the resilience of a marriage reaching its 35th milestone.

Gemstone Color Meaning
Coral Reddish-pink Warmth, harmony
Jade Emerald green Harmony, resilience

35th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary gifts do not have to directly correlate to the traditional gemstone theme, but can if appropriate. More important is choosing a meaningful gift that symbolizes the relationship’s strength and appreciation for one’s spouse. Here are some 35th anniversary gift ideas inspired by coral and jade:

For Her

  • Coral jewelry such as earrings or a necklace
  • Jade pendant necklace or bracelet
  • Green jade earrings
  • Custom portrait painting or photo collage of wedding/family
  • Plan a vow renewal ceremony and gift new rings
  • Plan a couples trip or cruise

For Him

  • Engraved coral or jade cufflinks
  • Leather briefcase or wallet
  • Men’s watch with coral or jade accents
  • Gift certificate for golf clubs or lesson
  • Whiskey tasting flight
  • Tickets to a concert, sports event, or play

For Couples

  • Coral or jade sculpture
  • Outdoor patio furniture
  • Picnic basket filled with wine, cheeses, and snacks
  • Couples massage gift certificate
  • Tickets for Hawaiian resort vacation
  • Donation in both your names to a meaningful charity

35th Anniversary Party Ideas

In addition to exchanging gifts, couples can celebrate their 35th by hosting an anniversary party. This is a great opportunity to gather family and friends and commemorate the milestone. Party ideas include:

  • Have guests dress in 1980s attire to match when you were married
  • Decorate with coral and jade colors
  • Serve cocktails and foods from when you wed
  • Play a slideshow or video from your wedding and early years
  • Incorporate your wedding flowers like roses or lilies
  • Have small favors like chocolate seashells or green candles
  • Display old photos from throughout your marriage
  • Have guests sign a guestbook sharing marriage advice
  • Hire a band to play songs from the 1980s

The party can be held at home, a rented venue, restaurant reception room, winery, or backyard tent. Send invites 6-8 weeks in advance so guests can arrange schedules.

35th Anniversary Trip Ideas

In addition to or instead of a party, consider getting away for an anniversary trip. Escaping just the two of you lets you celebrate your enduring marriage without everyday distractions. Recommended destinations include:

Destination Accommodations Activities
Hawaii Oceanfront hotel or bungalow Whale watching, helicopter tour, luau, snorkeling
Alaska Glacier view lodge, cruise ship Glacier helicopter landing, salmon fishing, dogsledding, wildlife tours
Italy Villa, boutique hotel Winery tours, cooking classes, walking tours

Or consider returning to a favorite spot from earlier in your marriage like where you honeymooned. Relaxing at the pool or spa, enjoying candlelit dinners, and reflecting on all you have experienced together makes for a memorable 35th anniversary trip.

35 Year Anniversary Gift Traditions Around the World

Anniversary traditions vary across cultures worldwide. Here are how some countries celebrate 35 years of marriage:

Country Tradition
China Coral or chicken as symbols for relationships being lively and auspicious
UK Coral jewelry gifts
India No formal 35th anniversary tradition
Germany Coral gifts exchanged

While specific customs vary, most cultures celebrate 35 years of marriage as an incredible achievement. The longevity of the union is honored with meaningful gifts, events, and quality time spent as a couple.


Reaching 35 years of marriage is an amazing accomplishment for any couple. The milestone signifies the passage of time, trials overcome, joys shared, and an unbreakable bond cemented. Traditional coral and modern jade perfectly capture the meaning of a warm, resilient marriage at this stage. Celebrating with a special trip, party, or exchanging personalized gifts allows you to honor your relationship’s strength and commitment. Most importantly, the 35th anniversary provides a chance for spouses to express their profound and enduring love for each other.