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What is sherwin williams most popular black?

Choosing the right black paint color for your next project can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which black is the most popular among Sherwin-Williams customers? As a leading paint manufacturer, Sherwin-Williams offers several deep, rich black paint colors that are favorites for both interior and exterior applications.

Most Popular Sherwin-Williams Black Paint Colors

Based on Sherwin-Williams sales data, here are some of their most popular black paint colors:

SW 7076 Cyberspace

One of Sherwin-Williams’ best-selling blacks, Cyberspace is a very deep, intense black with a matte finish. This versatile color works well in any room of the house and provides a dramatic, bold look. It has enough warmth to prevent it from looking flat and dull. Cyberspace is a great choice for modern, contemporary spaces.

SW 6990 Caviar

For a black with a subtle warmth, Caviar is a top choice. Its undertones of brown give it more depth than a flat black. Caviar features a velvety, eggshell finish that reads as nearly black, but its slight texture prevents it from feeling sterile. It’s an ideal black paint for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

SW 6258 Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black is Sherwin-Williams’ darkest black. With a matte finish, it absorbs light and adds dramatic impact. This intense black can feel modern and sleek, especially when used on contemporary architecture and design. Tricorn Black is suitable for accent walls, doors, trim, and exteriors.

SW 7065 Black Magic

For a deep, jet black with a hint of blue, Black Magic is a go-to choice. Its subtle cool undertone lends an airy, open feel to black. Satin or semi-gloss finishes help reflect light and add dimension. Black Magic looks sharp on front doors, shutters, wainscoting, and more.

SW 6991 Black Fox

Black Fox has a slightly weathered, charcoal-like finish while maintaining true black color. Its soft texture provides depth and visual interest. Black Fox pairs well with wood tones and can lend a rustic, earthy feel to farmhouse decor. Use it in living spaces, bedrooms, and porches.

Comparing Sherwin-Williams Black Paint Colors

With so many black paints to choose from, it can be helpful to compare them side-by-side. Here is an overview of some key similarities and differences between Sherwin-Williams’ most popular blacks:

Paint Color Finish Undertones Best Uses
Cyberspace Matte Neutral Contemporary spaces, modern looks
Caviar Eggshell Warm brown Bedrooms, living rooms, offices
Tricorn Black Matte Neutral Accent walls, trim, front doors
Black Magic Satin/Semi-Gloss Cool blue Front doors, shutters, wainscoting
Black Fox Soft matte Warm charcoal Farmhouse decor, porches

As you can see, Sherwin-Williams offers black paint with a wide variety of finishes and undertones to suit any style. Cyberspace and Tricorn Black offer true, flat blacks, while Caviar and Black Fox have more texture. For sheen, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss finishes add dimension.

Choosing the Right Black Paint

When selecting a black paint color, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Test swatches on the wall. Black paints can look very different in various lighting.
  • Consider the room size. Deeper blacks work best in smaller rooms, while larger spaces may call for a soft black.
  • Think about texture. Eggshell or satin blacks add subtle depth and contrast.
  • Choose undertones to coordinate with other colors in the space.
  • Semi-gloss finish reflects more light and works well in high-traffic areas.

Be sure to purchase the same finish that is on your sample swatch. An eggshell black will look much lighter than the same color in matte. Priming walls before application also helps achieve the truest black.

Black Paint Ideas for Rooms

Ready to use black paint in your home? Here are some popular ways to incorporate this dramatic shade:

Black Accent Walls

An accent wall in a bold black instantly creates visual impact. It’s a great way to add style without overpowering a space. Black accent walls pair nicely with bright white trim for contrast. Tricorn Black or Black Magic work well. Use black paint on the wall behind a bed, sofa, fireplace, or shelving.

Black Ceilings

For a unique look, consider painting your ceiling black. This adds drama and makes the space feel more intimate. Black ceilings feel very modern and work best with lighter wall colors. Matte finish blacks like Cyberspace help the ceiling recede. Use wall sconces or track lighting to add dimension.

Black Front Doors

A black front door makes a dramatic statement and creates instant curb appeal. Black Magic and Tricorn Black give that true, deep black look. For sheen, opt for a satin or semi-gloss finish. Black doors stand out against light siding and white trim. A pop of color on the door handle provides a nice contrast.

Black Window Frames

Painting window sashes, muntins, and frames black is an easy way to add visual interest and a modern vibe. Black neatly frames views outside. For a cohesive look, match your black window frames to black doors and exterior accents. Semi-gloss finish makes cleaning easier.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

In sleek, contemporary kitchens, black cabinets make a sophisticated style statement. They create a bold backdrop for stainless steel, white quartz counters, and light floors. For cabinets, opt for a black with a hint of warmth like SW 6990 Caviar. Matte black hardware perfectly complements the look.

Black Bathrooms

From modern to romantic, black paint brings drama to bathrooms. Use it on walls or vanities paired with brass fixtures for an upscale look. Black vanities grounded with white quartz counters keep the space feeling light and airy. Distressed blacks like Black Fox work for vintage styled baths.

Black Furniture

For furniture and built-ins, black paint creates a custom, high-end look. Black bookcases, cabinets, and accent tables help anchor a room. Distressed finishes like SW 6991 Black Fox work well for a timeworn charm. Top with glass or brass accents to complete the vintage vibe.

Tips for Painting with Black

While stunning when completed, painting with true black paint presents some specific challenges:

  • Priming is essential for an even black coat. Prime walls with a tinted primer or with your black paint diluted with 25% water.
  • Black shows imperfections. Ensure walls are smooth and properly prepped so the finish looks its best.
  • Work in small sections and maintain a wet edge to prevent lap marks and unevenness in tone.
  • Cut in edges first with a brush, then use a microfiber roller to quickly apply paint to sections.
  • Only apply in dry weather when temperature is between 50-90°F.
  • Avoid direct sunlight while applying paint so it dries evenly.

Taking your time with adequate priming and prepwork helps ensure you’ll have a smooth, consistent black finish. Touch up as needed once the coat dries.

Caring for Black Painted Surfaces

While stunning, black paint needs proper care and maintenance to stay looking its best. Here are some tips for keeping black finishes looking fresh:

  • Dust frequently with a microfiber cloth to prevent buildup.
  • Wipe spills and dirt gently with a soft sponge and mild soap as needed.
  • Use a fresh coat of non-wax polish on black cabinets and furniture to protect the finish.
  • Reapply black exterior paint every 2-3 years. More frequent touch ups may be needed in harsher climates.
  • Consider a satin or semi-gloss sheen on trim and doors for easier washing.

With proper prep, application, and cleaning methods, black painted surfaces can maintain their deep, dramatic beauty.


Choosing that perfect black paint color can make all the difference in creating a stylish, put-together space. Sherwin-Williams’ most popular blacks like Cyberspace, Caviar, and Black Magic offer versatility and visual drama for any home. With deep, neutral tones, warm undertones, and options from matte to semi-gloss, there is a perfect black paint for any project. Just be sure to prime thoroughly, apply carefully, and protect the finish.

Achieving a stunning black painted surface simply comes down to picking the right undertone for your space, prepping well, and maintaining it carefully over time. With the proper application and care, you can enjoy the sophisticated, dramatic look of black paint within any interior or exterior space.