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What is May flower and birthstone?

What is May flower and birthstone?

May is the fifth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and has 31 days. It is a spring month in the northern hemisphere and an autumn month in the southern hemisphere. May is known for flowers blooming and mild weather in many parts of the world. It also contains several celebrations and holidays such as Mother’s Day and Memorial Day in the United States and Victoria Day in Canada. The May birthstone and birth flower hold special significance for those born in this month.

May Birthstone

The May birthstone is the emerald which embodies the lush green growth and vibrancy of spring. Emeralds range in color from light to deep green and are a form of the mineral beryl. The vibrant green color comes from trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Emeralds are often valued by their clarity and depth of color. Here are some key facts about the May birthstone:

Birthstone Emerald
Color Green
Occurrence Beryl mineral family
Key Sources Colombia, Zambia, Brazil
Hardness 7.5 to 8 on Mohs scale

The emerald has been prized for thousands of years and was mined in Egypt as early as 330 BC. Some famous emeralds include the Chalk Emerald ring owned by Elizabeth Taylor and the Patricia Emerald brooch made for the late Princess Patricia of Connaught. Emeralds are also said to have healing properties and are associated with wisdom, growth, peace, and patience.

The vivid green color of the emerald is said to enhance clairvoyance and emotional clarity. It’s thought to aid in recovery from infectious illnesses and soothe sinuses. Some say it can also test one’s integrity and demonstrate true and false friends. Those who favor emeralds are said to have strong intuition and insight.

May Birth Flower

The May birth flower is the lily of the valley, a dainty white bell-shaped flower that grows on a slender stem. Despite its delicate appearance, the lily of the valley is quite hardy and adapts well to various conditions. Here are some key facts about this May flower:

Birth Flower Lily of the Valley
Botanical Name Convallaria majalis
Color White
Type Herbaceous perennial
Native Region Northern Hemisphere of Asia, Europe, Eastern North America

Lily of the valley thrives in the shade and blooms in spring. Its dainty white flowers grow on tall thin stalks that can reach 8-12 inches in height. The flowers have a light, sweet fragrance that is said to be reminiscent of fruit and honey. Despite the beauty of this flower, the plant is poisonous and all parts can be toxic if ingested.

In the “Language of Flowers”, lily of the valley signifies sweetness, humility, renewal, and trustworthiness. It became popular to use in bridal bouquets and symbolizes the return of happiness. Lily of the valley can also represent female solidarity or solidarity in general.

Cultural Significance of May Birth Symbols

The May birthstones and flowers have rich cultural meaning and origins across different societies:

Emerald One of the sacred stones in breastplate of High Priest of Israelites. Referenced multiple times in Bible.
Thought to improve eyesight and cure illness in India.
Associated with the Greek goddess Venus and symbolized wisdom and growth.
Lily of the Valley National flower of Finland since 1967.
Christian symbolism links it to Virgin Mary’s tears at crucifixion.
Given to women on International Women’s Day in countries like Russia and Belarus.

The vibrant emerald has long been associated with rejuvenation and was historically worn for protection. Lily of the valley’s delicate beauty led to its many symbolic meanings across cultures. Both the May birthstone and flower speak of spring’s bounty and the resilience of life.

Famous People Born in May

May is the birth month of many famous personalities. Here are just a few well-known people born in this springtime month:

May 1 Emily Dickinson, American poet
May 5 Adele, British singer/songwriter
May 8 Harry Truman, 33rd U.S. President
May 19 Nicholas II, Last Tsar of Russia
May 20 Jimmy Stewart, American actor
May 26 John Wayne, American actor
May 29 John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. President

The list of famous May birthdays includes notable figures in entertainment, politics, science, and other fields. Those born in May are in good company with many influential people sharing their birth month.

May Holidays and Observances

Along with special days honoring mothers and Memorial Day, the month of May contains several other notable holidays and observances. Here are some of the major celebrations that occur during this springtime month:

May 1 May Day – Traditional spring celebration day with origins in ancient Roman feast of flowers.
May 5 Cinco de Mayo – Honors Mexico’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.
May 8 VE Day – Remembers Allied victory in Europe during World War 2 in 1945.
May 12 International Nurses Day – Recognizes nurses and their contributions to society.
May 15 Peace Officers Memorial Day – Honors law enforcement officers who died on duty.

May contains remembrance days for World War 2, several international cultural celebration days, and a day honoring those who served in law enforcement and healthcare. The numerous holidays and observances highlight the significance of May as a month of rebirth and commemoration.

May Astrological Signs

The Sun transits through the astrological signs of Taurus and Gemini during the month of May. Here is an overview of the key dates:

May 1 to 20 Sun in Taurus
May 21 Sun enters Gemini
May 21 to 31 Sun in Gemini

Those born from May 1st to 20th are Taureans and are represented by the stubborn Bull. Taureans are known to be patient, reliable, devoted, and appreciate the good life.

People born from May 21st to 31st are born under the sign of Gemini, depicted by the Twins. Geminis have adaptable and lively personalities. They are considered to be energetic, witty, and eloquent.


May is a month marked by blooming flowers, pleasant weather, and numerous holidays and celebrations. The May birthstone and birth flower, the emerald and lily of the valley, carry cultural meaning about springtime and new beginnings. People born in May join the ranks of many famous historical figures and embody the adaptable traits of Taurus and Gemini. May’s astrology and floral emblems capture the hopefulness and vitality of springtime.