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What is February birthstone power?

What is February birthstone power?

The birthstone for February is amethyst, a beautiful purple quartz gemstone. Amethyst has long been associated with healing, protection, and intuition. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning, history, and powers attributed to the February birthstone. Knowing the symbolic properties and lore around your birthstone can help you connect more deeply with its energy.

What is the February birthstone?

The February birthstone is amethyst, a variety of quartz ranging from light pinkish violet to deep purple. The most prized amethyst has a deep purple color with red flashes when light hits the stone. The word amethyst comes from the Ancient Greek “amethystos” meaning “not drunken” as ancient Greeks believed amethyst could prevent intoxication.

Other birthstones associated with February are hyacinth and pearl. Hyacinth is a red variety of the mineral zircon. Pearls are organic gemstones created by mollusks like oysters and mussels. However, amethyst remains the primary modern birthstone for February.

Amethyst meaning and lore

Throughout history, amethyst has been associated with royalty, spirituality, sobriety, and peace. Here are some key facets of amethyst meaning:

Royalty – In antiquity, amethyst was considered equal in value to ruby, emerald, and sapphire. It was favored by ancient royalty and worn by Egyptian pharaohs. The color purple also represented royalty and nobility more broadly.

Spirituality – Amethyst is thought to enhance meditation, prayer, and spiritual awareness. It’s said to open intuition and psychic abilities. In Feng Shui, it promotes calmness and tranquility.

Sobriety – As noted earlier, ancient Greeks believed amethyst prevented drunkenness. Catholic bishops also wore amethyst rings to symbolize sobriety.

Peace – Amethyst calms energies and soothes emotions. It reduces anxiety, anger, and fear. For these reasons, it’s seen as a stone of inner peace.

Amethyst Meanings Description
Royalty Worn by pharaohs, associated with purple color of royalty
Spirituality Enhances meditation, opens intuition
Sobriety Believed to prevent drunkenness
Peace Calms energy, reduces anxiety and anger

Amethyst history and lore

Some key facts about the history of amethyst:

– Mined as early as 2000 BC in Ancient Egypt. Found in royal jewelry.

– Featured in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Thought to deter deceit and intoxication.

– Worn by Catholic bishops to symbolize piety and sobriety.

– Adopted as February’s birthstone in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewelers.

Amethyst also has rich symbolic meaning in many cultures:

– In Buddhism, amethyst represents the Buddha’s enlightenment and focus during meditation.

– Ancient Hindus believed amethyst enhanced the mind and helped detach one from worldly desires.

– Ancient Chinese philosophers described amethyst as having the energy of tranquility.

– In crystal healing, it’s seen as purifying and protective. It can calm emotional storms and brighten one’s aura.

So amethyst has served spiritual and ornamental purposes for thousands of years across many civilizations. It remains a popular gemstone renowned for its regal purple tones.

Amethyst powers and healing properties

What are the purported powers and healing attributes of amethyst? Here’s an overview:

Physical healing

– Boosts hormone production and endocrine system function
– Strengthens immune system, detoxifies blood
– Alleviates headaches, insomnia, pain
– Improves skin appearance

Emotional/spiritual healing

– Reduces anxiety, anger, fear, obsessive behaviors
– Lifts mood, encourages emotional release
– Deepens meditation, enhances intuition
– Protects against geopathic stress and negative energy

Relationship healing

– Resolves conflicts, calms heated emotions
– Promotes sincerity, honesty and self-awareness
– Dispels resentment, curbs addictive tendencies
– Attracts soulmates, enhances commitment

Amethyst is also associated with the crown chakra, pineal gland, and pituitary gland. It boosts psychic abilities while purifying energy on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

How to use the powers of amethyst

Here are some popular ways to use amethyst so you can benefit from its healing energies:

– Wear as jewelry – Rings, necklaces, bracelets keep amethyst’s vibration close.
– Place stones in your home – Small clusters or geodes create a soothing presence.
– Meditate with crystals – Holding amethyst promotes serenity during meditation.
– Do crystal gridwork – Combine amethyst with other stones in sacred geometric patterns.
– Try amethyst massage wands – Rubbing wands over the body stimulates energy flow.
– Drink elixirs – Allowing gemstones to infuse water imbues it with crystal energy.
– Take amethyst baths – Adding stones to bathwater creates a therapeutic soak.

When using amethyst, consciously focus your intention to open your mind and energy field to its subtle powers. Notice any shifts in awareness, peacefulness, or synchronicities.

Amethyst birthstone gifts and products

What are some great amethyst birthstone gift ideas for yourself or a loved one born in February? Here are some options spanning various price points:

Gift Idea Description
Amethyst jewelry Necklaces, rings, bracelets featuring raw or tumbled amethyst
Amethyst crystal points Single terminated points for meditation or grids
Amethyst candle holders Candle holders carved from amethyst crystals
Amethyst singing bowls Crystal bowls played by ringing a mallet around the rim
Amethyst pyramids Mini pyramids carved from amethyst
Amethyst massage wands Wands with amethyst crystals for energy work

Quality amethyst is affordably priced, especially compared to many other precious gemstones. So February birthday gifts featuring amethyst will delight without breaking the bank.

Where to buy amethyst

High quality amethyst can be purchased from the following reputable sources:

Online retailers – Many online stores specialize in selling crystals and have excellent amethyst selections. Some examples are,, and

Rock shops – Local rock and mineral shops are great places to see and select pieces in person. Staff can offer guidance.

Crystal shows – Vendors from around the world display and sell crystals at these public events held across the US.

Etsy – Many independent lapidaries and jewelry designers offer amethyst items in their Etsy shops.

Collector’s auctions – Rare investment-grade amethyst can be found at fine mineral auctions.

When buying amethyst, examine stones carefully for quality workmanship and beauty. High grade amethyst has rich, even coloring without dark spots.

How to care for amethyst

While relatively durable, amethyst requires some basic care to keep it looking its best:

– Clean using warm soapy water, mild dish soap is fine. Avoid harsh chemicals.
– Store away from other harder stones and jewelry to prevent scratching.
– Avoid heat and prolonged sunlight exposure which can cause fading.
– Charge periodically by placing under the moonlight or on a crystal cluster.
– When not wearing, keep amethyst jewelry in a fabric-lined box.

With occasional cleaning and energy refreshing, your amethyst will retain its vitality and magic for many years.


Amethyst, the regal purple gemstone for those born in February, has inspired awe for millennia. It’s been associated with royalty yet also prized for its spiritual connotations of sobriety, peace, and intuition. Whether worn as jewelry or used in meditation, amethyst lives up to its reputation as a stone of higher wisdom. Its beautiful violet hues also give it an air of mystery and magic. February babies have an enchanting birthstone indeed!