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What is a very dark purple called?

What is a very dark purple called?

When most people think of the color purple, they imagine a rich, vibrant, medium shade like that seen in the flowers of lilacs or lavender. However, the color purple actually encompasses a wide range of hues from pale lilac to deep mulberry. On the darker end of the purple spectrum exist shades so deep they are almost black. So what are these very dark purples called?

Purple is a secondary color made by combining red and blue. By adjusting the proportions of red and blue, different shades of purple can be created. More red yields reddish purples while more blue makes bluish purples. Adding white lightens the purple and adding black darkens it.

Names of Very Dark Purples

Here are some names used to describe very dark shades of purple:

Color Name Hex Code
Eggplant #614051
Dark Byzantium #5D3954
Tyrian Purple #66023C
Midnight #7026B5
Mardi Gras #880085


Eggplant is a very dark purple with hints of blue. It is named after the color of the skin of eggplants. The hex code for eggplant is #614051. It is widely used in fashion. Eggplant gives a luxurious, sophisticated look.

Dark Byzantium

Dark Byzantium is a rich, dark purple shade verging on black. It is darker than the original Byzantium purple. The Byzantine Empire used Tyrian purple as a royal color. Dark Byzantium has a hex code of #5D3954.

Tyrian Purple

Tyrian purple is the historic royal purple worn by Roman and Byzantine emperors. It is a rich, reddish purple that is extremely dark but just lighter than black. Tyrian purple gets its name from Tyre, an ancient Phoenician coastal city where the dye was first produced from the mucus of sea snails. The color’s hex code is #66023C.


Midnight is an intense, dark blue-based purple reminiscent of the night sky. With a hex code of #7026B5, it sits between purple and dark blue on the color wheel. Midnight evokes mystery and elegance. It is commonly used for evening wear.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a very dark purple with strong red undertones. Named after the famous carnival in New Orleans, this festive color has a hex code of #880085. It pairs well with other jewel tones in rich fabrics like velvet.

Dark Purple vs. Deep Purple

Dark purple and deep purple are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to very dark shades of purple. However, some sources distinguish between the two:

– Dark purple contains more blue undertones compared to deep purple. It often has a cooler, darker appearance.

– Deep purple contains more red undertones and appears slightly lighter and warmer than dark purple. It is still very dark in shade.

So in summary, deep purple leans slightly more towards red while dark purple leans more towards blue. But the division is not clearly defined.

Using Very Dark Purples

Here are some ways very dark purples can be utilized:


In fashion, deep plummy purples pair beautifully with black for an elegant, chic aesthetic. Dark eggplant purples add richness and flair to clothing. Dark purples work for Fall and Winter collections.

Interior Design

Deep purple accents create an opulent, luxurious ambiance in interior spaces. Dark purples work well with gold and black decor. A touch of deep purple goes a long way to create drama.

Graphic Design

Dark purples make striking backgrounds or accents in websites, logos, marketing materials, and more. The eye-catching shades stand out without being overwhelming. Dark purples imply sophistication.


Deep purple foods like blackberries, purple grapes, purple sweet potatoes, etc. are high in antioxidants. Purple has associations with royalty and luxury. Use dark purple garnishes or serving pieces for decadent desserts.


Deep purple lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polishes are glamorous and seductive. Eggplant and plum purple makeup has an autumnal vibe. Dark purples contrast well with light skin.

Psychology of Very Dark Purples

Here is some of the symbolism and psychology behind very dark shades of purple:

Wealth and Extravagance

In antiquity, Tyrian purple dye was more expensive than gold. Dark purples still evoke extravagance, royalty, and ambition today. They imply wealth, luxury, and style.

Mystery and Intrigue

With their near-black darkness, deep purples are associated with mystery and intrigue. Fashion brands use them to cultivate a edgy, provocative image. Dark purples suggest the complex and hidden.

Creativity and Imagination

Dark purples encourage creativity and imagination. In color psychology, purples represent the dreamy unconcious and the deeper parts of the psyche.

Spirituality and Mysticism

Very dark purples relate to spirituality, mysticism, and ancient ritual. Purple is traditionally connected with magic and the occult.

Somberness and Gloom

While they can evoke luxury, very dark purples also bring to mind sorrow, gloom, and solemnity. In culture, deep purples represent mourning and tragedy.


From eggplant to midnight, deep purples come in a rich variety but share a sense of drama and mystique. Whether used in bold splashes or subtle accents, these moody, magnificent shades make a striking visual impact and profound psychological impression. Very dark purples encapsulate the regal and mysterious side of the color spectrum.