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What is a value pack BDO?

What is a value pack BDO?

A BDO value pack is an upgradable in-game item that can enhance the Black Desert Online experience. BDO is an expansive MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) developed by Pearl Abyss and originally released in 2014. The game has since expanded into multiple versions across various platforms. Value packs provide bonuses and conveniences for BDO players, making certain aspects of gameplay easier or more beneficial. Understanding what value packs are, what they offer, and how to use them strategically can help players progress farther in BDO.

What Does a BDO Value Pack Provide?

A BDO value pack provides the following when activated:

Inventory Expansion Adds 16 inventory slots per character
Storage Expansion Adds 16 storage slots per city
Merv’s Palette Allows unlimited use of dye without consuming the dye
Sale Tax Reduction Reduces marketplace tax from 35% to 30% when selling items
Silver Collection Increase Increases silver collection by 30% from grinding spots

The key benefits of a value pack revolve around inventory management, storage space, convenience of dying outfits, improved marketplace profits, and increased silver acquisition. Having extra inventory and storage slots allows players to grind, loot, and progress more efficiently. The dye system convenience saves players significant expenses over time. Lower marketplace taxes increases profits when selling valuable loot and item drops. Higher silver collection from monsters helps players gain currency faster during grinding sessions.

Types of BDO Value Packs

Value packs in BDO come in a few varieties:

– Regular Value Pack – Provides all benefits for 30 days. This is the standard value pack available for purchase in the pearl shop.

– Trial Value Pack – Free 7-day value pack periodically handed out to all players. Provides a sample of the benefits.

– Loyalty Value Pack – Can be purchased with loyalty points accrued from staying logged in. Gives 1, 3, or 5 days of value pack benefits.

– Special Event Value Packs – Limited duration value packs sometimes handed out during holidays or special events.

The regular 30-day value pack provides the most enduring benefits, while the trial, loyalty, and special packs offer more temporary perks. Players aiming to maximize long-term advantages will want to maintain an active regular value pack as much as possible.

Obtaining and Activating Value Packs

There are a few ways to obtain value packs in BDO:

– Pearl Shop Purchase – 30-day regular value packs can be purchased in the pearl shop for 1,250 pearls. This is the most direct way to get a standard value pack.

– Loyalty Shop Purchase – Spending accrued loyalty points allows you to buy 1, 3, or 5-day value packs depending on how many points you have.

– Marketplace Purchase – Players can sometimes find value packs listed on the marketplace by other players. This depends on availability from sellers.

– Events, Log-in Rewards, etc. – Check for special promotions that provide free value packs as log-in bonuses, event rewards, etc.

Once purchased or obtained, activating a value pack is easy:

– Open your Inventory (I) and select the Value Pack item.

– Click “Use” to activate all the benefits for the stated duration.

– The icon will now display on your screen indicating an active value pack.

It’s a good idea to try and have a value pack active at all times if possible. Having multiple stacked can keep benefits always running. Letting them lapse will lose all the extra inventory, storage, and earnings bonuses.

How Long do Value Packs Last?

The duration that value packs last depends on the type:

– Regular: 30 days from activation

– Trial: 7 days from activation

– Loyalty: 1, 3, or 5 days based on points spent

– Event: Varies, typically 7, 14, or 30 days

Value packs last for their stated durations based on real-time passed, not play time logged in-game. The bonuses persist whether you play every day or not during the period.

Once the time expires, all benefits are immediately removed. Inventory and storage slots revert back to normal, and market taxes go back up to 35%. Having back-to-back value packs is recommended so you don’t lose accumulated slots and other boosts.

Value Pack Bonus Details

Let’s explore the various value pack bonuses and how they benefit gameplay:

Inventory and Storage Expansion

The extra inventory and storage slots are arguably the most important benefits. Inventory space is vital while grinding, questing, and gathering loot. The storage additions help manage gear, items, crafting materials, silver/gold bars, and other assets.

Without value packs, inventory and storage quickly become limiting factors, forcing frequent trips to NPC vendors to clear space. The 16 additional slots per character and per city provide much needed breathing room.

When the value pack expires, make sure to clear out any overflow from the temporary slots opened up. You don’t want to end up over capacity and unable to pick up new items.

Unlimited Dye Usage

Merv’s Palette provides unlimited use of dye colors without consuming them from your inventory. This saves a ton of time and expense.

Normally, applying dye to armor and costumes destroys the dye item. Popular colors can cost 10,000+ silver on the marketplace.

With the value pack active, you can re-dye your outfits as often as you wish. Change hues to match situations or just for fun without worrying about cost.

Reduced Marketplace Tax

Selling items on the BDO marketplace normally incurs a 35% tax on the sale price. The value pack lowers this tax to 30% instead.

While it may not seem like much, that 5% reduction adds up over time, especially when selling highly priced items. For example, selling something worth 1 million silver would normally lose you 350,000 silver in tax. With the value pack, you only lose 300,000 silver instead.

This benefit adds up to huge savings over the course of normal gameplay and becomes more impactful the higher value your marketplace listings.

Increased Silver Collection

Grinding is a primary source of income in BDO. Killing monsters drops silver coins along with loot items. The value pack bonus provides a 30% increase to all silver collected from monster kills.

This substantially speeds up your silver generation from spending hours battling enemies. Whereas you might normally collect 1 million silver in a grinding session, the value pack nets you 1.3 million instead.

If you grind extensively for income, maintaining an active value pack provides a valuable earnings multiplier.

Who Should Use BDO Value Packs?

Value packs are useful for all player types and stages of progression in BDO. That said, some players can benefit more than others:

– Active Traders – The marketplace tax reduction saves a lot of silver from frequent trading.

– Avid Grinders – Increased silver drops directly multiply grinding income.

– Frequent Dyers – Unlimited dyes save tons for players who re-dye regularly.

– Hoarders – Extra inventory and storage provides breathing room for pack rats.

– Decorators – Housing enthusiasts get more slots to store furnishings.

– Crafting Mains – Extra resources storage for artisans and cooks to hoard materials.

– Progression Focused – Smoother overall experience speeds up early game advancement.

While optional, investing in value packs provides universal benefits that impact almost all aspects of play. Players aiming to advance quicker and maximize efficiency gains will find them highly valuable.

Tips for Using BDO Value Packs

Here are some tips to use value packs effectively in BDO:

– Maintain Active Status – Try to keep them running back-to-back to avoid losing benefits.

– Exploit Market Savings – Sell high value items during value packs to maximize silver profits.

– Cash in Loyalties – Spend loyalty points on small value packs to extend other benefits.

– Watch for Sales – Occasionally value packs go on sale in the pearl shop, stock up when discounted.

– Clear Expired Storage – Remove any extra items before temporary slots revert to avoid overages.

– Use Dyes Freely – Change outfit colors frequently without financial concerns.

– Grind More – Extra income generation enables more efficient grinding sessions.

– Quest at Capacity – Take on more quests and loot without inventory filling up.

Using value packs strategically enhances numerous aspects of BDO. Keeping them active as much as possible via smart purchase timing provides long-term gains.


Value packs are extremely useful items in Black Desert Online. Their bonuses help alleviate many restrictions and inconveniences players typically encounter. The extra inventory and storage space enables more efficient grinding, questing, and crafting. Unlimited dye usage removes expensive restrictions on customizing outfits. Cheaper marketplace fees and increased silver drops improve earnings over time.

Virtually all player types in BDO stand to benefit from value packs. Their advantages reduce friction points in the game and expand the possibilities for advancement and enjoyment. Players seeking to get the most out of BDO will find value packs well worth their periodic investment. Using them strategically will provide long-term rewards that multiply over hours of gameplay. Check the pearl shop and marketplace often and keep those value packs active as much as possible!