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What is a shade of blue beginning with C crossword clue?

Crossword puzzles are a fun and engaging way to challenge your knowledge of words, trivia, and general knowledge. Clues that involve colors can sometimes be tricky, especially when the answer is a specific shade of a color. Let’s explore some common shades of blue that start with the letter C that may come up as crossword puzzle clues.

An Overview of Shades of Blue

Blue is a primary color and a ubiquitous hue that is found everywhere from nature to man-made objects. There are countless shades of the color blue, some more common and recognizable than others. Blue shades vary in their hue, tone, and saturation which leads to very light pastel blues to very dark navy blues.

Some of the most common shades of blue include:

  • Navy – A very dark blue that is considered a standard color.
  • Royal blue – Slightly lighter than navy, often associated with royalty.
  • Sky blue – A light blue the color of a clear sky.
  • Aqua – A light greenish-blue the color of water.
  • Turquoise – A greenish-blue evocative of the semiprecious stone.
  • Indigo – A dark blue-violet color between blue and purple.
  • Powder blue – A very pale blue named for its resemblance to blue powder pigments.

There are also some more unusual shades of blue that may come up in a crossword puzzle clue search:

  • Periwinkle – A pale purplish-blue inspired by the flower.
  • Cerulean – A bright medium blue evoking the sky.
  • Cornflower – A medium blue color like that of the cornflower.
  • Cobalt – A rich blue color associated with the element cobalt.

With this overview of some shades of the color blue, let’s look at some specific blue shades starting with the letter C that may be a crossword puzzle clue answer.

Shades of Blue Starting with C

There are a several shades of blue that start with the letter C. Here are some possibilities for a crossword puzzle clue search:


Cerulean is a bright medium blue that evokes the blue of the sky. It takes its name from the Latin word caeruleus meaning “sky blue.” Cerulean may also be known as azure after the precious lapis lazuli stone. This blue color is associated with harmony, trust, and tranquility.

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue is a medium blue shade inspired by the color of cornflowers. It is brighter than navy blue but not as bright as cerulean. Cornflower blue is often considered a romantic, delicate color associated with gentleness and harmony. The cornflower is the national flower of Germany.

Cobalt Blue

Hue Blue
Tone Vivid
Hex Code #0047AB

Cobalt blue is a rich blue color that is inspired by the element cobalt. It is made by coloring glass or other substances with cobalt oxide. This shade of blue is symbolic of resilience, tranquility, and calm. Cobalt glass was used historically to color glass and ceramics.

Cadet Blue

Cadet blue is a grayish shade of blue that was originally used on military uniforms. It is the official color of the cadet forces in Germany, Ireland, and South Africa. Cadet blue represents authority, discipline, and honor. It takes its name from younger cadet military officers in training.

Other Shades of Blue

While those are some of the most common shades of blue starting with C, here are a few other less common possibilities for crossword puzzle clues:

  • Ceil blue – An extremely pale tint of blue.
  • Cendre blue – From the French for ash, a blue-gray color.
  • Celeste – A light blue-green shade like the sky blue color celeste.
  • Cyan – A bright greenish-blue secondary color.
  • Crayola blue – A pigment blue from Crayola crayons.

Tips for Solving Crossword Clues About Shades of Blue

Here are some tips that may help when trying to solve a crossword puzzle clue involving a shade of blue:

  • Consider the number of letters in the answer. Crossword creators carefully choose words to fit.
  • Think about common vs obscure shades of blue. Common shades are more likely.
  • Try to conjure a mental image of the shade based on its name for hints.
  • Use word associations to think of different blues (ex: sky blue, navy blue, etc).
  • Look for crossword clues with a color theme for context.
  • Try using a crossword helper app or online resource if stuck.

With an idea of some common shades of blue starting with C and these clue solving tips, you’ll be prepared next time this question comes up in a crossword puzzle!

Examples of the Color Blue in Art and Culture

The color blue has symbolic meaning in art and culture across many societies. Here are a few examples:

  • Blue in Hinduism – Krishna is depicted with blue skin and blue is a sacred color representing divinity.
  • Blue in Christianity – The Virgin Mary is often clothed in blue representing tranquility, faith, and truth.
  • Blue in Islam – Blue mosaic tiles decorate mosques and blue is associated with immortality.
  • Blue in Chinese culture – Blue symbolizes immortality, advancement, and prosperity in China.

Some famous examples of the use of blue in art include:

  • Van Gogh’s The Starry Night – This features Van Gogh’s signature intense blues swirling through the night sky.
  • Picasso’s Blue Period – Picasso used blues and somber tones during his early career as an artist.
  • Rothko’s color field paintings – Mark Rothko pioneered giant fields of color including luminous blues.

As you can see, shades of blue have profound symbolic resonance in cultures worldwide. Creative minds have used the color blue to unique effect in artistic masterpieces through the ages.


In summary, common shades of blue beginning with the letter C that may appear as crossword puzzle clues include cerulean, cornflower blue, cobalt blue, and cadet blue. Less common possibilities are ceil blue, cendre blue, celeste, cyan, or Crayola blue. To solve crossword clues for blue shades, consider the number of letters, commonality of the color name, mental associations, and the context of other clues. The color blue has carried meaning and symbolism throughout the history of art and world cultures. So next time you encounter a tricky crossword clue involving a blue shade, use these tips to guide you to the solution.