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What is a name that starts with L?

What is a name that starts with L?

There are many great baby names that start with the letter L. Choosing a baby name is an important decision for parents that can influence a child’s life. The first letter of a name forms a child’s initial impression and identity. Names starting with L have a melodic, lyrical quality and L is the 12th most popular first initial for baby names. This article will explore common and unique baby name options starting with L for boys and girls and provide inspiration to find the perfect name.

Baby Girl Names Starting with L

Baby girl names starting with the letter L have a lovely, feminine sound and range from common favorites to rare finds. Here are some top options for baby girl names starting with L:

  • Lily – A floral name meaning purity that ranks in the top 30 girl names.
  • Layla – This melodic Arabic name means night and is rapidly rising in popularity.
  • Leah – A gentle Hebrew name referencing a delicate woman that ranks in the top 50.
  • Luna – Meaning moon, this celestial name is fitting for a bright little girl.
  • Lucy – A sweet vintage charmer that means light.
  • Lila – This stylish name has the hip meaning of dark beauty.
  • Lola – A sassy short form of Dolores that is a fun, peppy choice.
  • Lydia – A lovely meaning of woman from Lydia, perfect for a strong baby girl.
  • Lila – This stylish name has the hip meaning of dark beauty.

These top girl names starting with L have familiarity while still feeling current. Short L names like Layla and Lily roll off the tongue lyrically, while longer options like Luciana have elaborate style.

Baby Boy Names Starting with L

Baby boy names that start with the initial L have rugged strength and vary from common to rare in popularity. Here are some top baby boy names starting with L:

  • Liam – A popular Irish name meaning determined guardian currently ranking #1 for boys.
  • Logan – A strong Scottish surname name meaning small hollow that ranks in the top 20.
  • Lucas – A friendly Latin name meaning light that is also a popular movie name via Luke Skywalker.
  • Leo – The zodiac name of the lion, meaning lion, is a hearty choice.
  • Lincoln – An energetic presidential surname name meaning village of the lime trees.
  • Lachlan – This uncommon Scottish name meaning from the fjord lands has sporting style.
  • Levi – A stylish Hebrew name meaning joined that offers a fresh spin on common names ending in -y or -ie like Zachary or Finley.
  • Lorenzo – An Italian charmer meaning from Laurentum perfect for a poetic little boy.

Boy names starting with the L have strength and versatility on their side. Popular L names like Liam and Lucas have boyish appeal, while choices like Lachlan and Lorenzo are more daring and dashing.

Gender Neutral Names Starting with L

Gender neutral names starting with L work well for boys or girls and provide unique unisex options. Here are some top gender neutral L names:

  • Logan – Traditionally a boy’s name, but gaining popularity for girls too.
  • Lane – A hip, sleek roadway name suitable for either gender.
  • Lennon – This musical Beatles-inspired name has artful edge.
  • Lux – A concise name meaning light that could work for a boy or girl.
  • Lumi – An intriguing Finnish name meaning snow that would suit a child of any gender.
  • Linden – A graceful nature name referring to the linden tree with a soft, androgynous feel.

Gender neutral names starting with L have modern style and versatility. Short, word name picks like Lane, Lux, and Lumi have universal appeal, while hipster choices like Lennon and Linden are artistic and cool.

Uncommon Baby Names Starting with L

Uncommon baby names starting with L are perfect for parents seeking one-of-a-kind name options for their child. Here are some rare and exotic L names to consider:

Name Meaning Origin
Larkin Rough English
Lesedi Light African
Likho Mythical spirit Slavic
Lute Orange flower Arabic
Luz Light Portuguese
Lyra Harp, lyre Greek

From exotic choices like Lesedi and Likho to whimsical word names like Larkin and Lyra, uncommon L names provide one-of-a-kind style. Names from mythology, nature, music, and diverse cultures offer creative baby name inspiration.


Names that start with the letter L have limitless possibilities. For baby girls, lovely feminine names like Layla, Luna, and Lily capture pure and delicate beauty. Rugged boy names starting with L like Liam, Lucas, and Lachlan have strength and character. Gender neutral L names provide modern flair, while rare finds like Lesedi, Larkin, and Lute offer adventure. Whatever your style, names beginning with L have lyrical quality and give babies a bright head start. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect name starting with L to complement your child’s personality.