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What is a light lavender color?

What is a light lavender color?

Light lavender is a pale, soft shade of purple with a slightly pinkish hue. As a quintessentially feminine color, it evokes a sense of nostalgia and old-world charm. While the origins of lavender as a color can be traced back centuries, its continued popularity in modern interior design makes it a timeless paint color choice for any room in your home.

Defining Light Lavender

The color lavender gets its name from the flowering herb of the same name. Native to the Mediterranean region, lavender has been used for its aromatic properties in perfumes, soaps, and teas for centuries. The soft purple flowers inspired the name for the distinctive color and scent.

While there are many shades of lavender, from pale lilac to vivid violet, light lavender sits on the pastel end of the range. It is characterized by its pale tone and very subtle pink undertone. The pinkish quality helps soften the purple, making it feel more sentimental and delicate.

In hex color codes, light lavender is represented as #DCD0FF, #E6E6FA, or #F5F5FD. It is tinted with just a small amount of pink to tone down the brightness of the lavender. The serene, ethereal color evokes spring flowers and feminine charm.

Name Hex Code
Very Pale Lavender #DCD0FF
Lavender Blush #FFF0F5
Pale Lavender #DDA0DD

History of Lavender

The history of lavender stretches back over 2,500 years to the ancient Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks called the herb “nardus” after the Syrian city Naarda. They used lavender for its medicinal and antiseptic properties. The Romans also prized lavender for scenting baths and even used it as a perfume.

By the medieval era, lavender was cultivated all across Europe. The plant became a popular ingredient in herbal remedies and was valued for its soothing, calming properties. The medieval English word “lavender” derives from the Old French “lavandre”. Lavender’s gentle, sweet fragrance and healing attributes made it indispensable for centuries. Monasteries cultivated their own lavender gardens to use for treating ailments.

During the Victorian era, lavender experienced a resurgence. Queen Victoria loved the scent of lavender and included it in perfumes, soaps, sachets for clothing, and more. Flowers and herbs like lavender were imbued with symbolic meaning for the Victorians. Lavender signified purity, grace, and femininity in the “language of flowers”. The pale purple color took on these same associations.

Lavender in Interior Design

For today’s interior designers, light lavender remains an incredibly popular paint color choice. Its soft prettiness makes it well-suited for bedrooms, especially those belonging to little girls and teens. Light lavender evokes sweet dreams and a peaceful ambiance.

In living spaces like sitting rooms and studies, light lavender can create a relaxing vibe. The subtle and demure color isn’t overwhelming, allowing it to work in both traditional and modern rooms. Accent the pale purple paint with crisp white trim and furnishings for a classic color combination.

Use light lavender in entryways or hallways to make a good first impression on your home. The soothing shade flows nicely throughout a home, creating a sense of harmony. For a bold pop of contrast, pair light lavender walls with black accents and decor pieces.

Light lavender works wonderfully in bathrooms, too. Whether used on walls or to stain vanities, its calming qualities translate to the perfect spa-like escape. Consider finishing bathtubs, cabinets, or other elements in a matching pale lavender shade. Add candles, towels, and accessories in coordinating lilac hues.

Pairing Colors with Light Lavender

The versatility of light lavender lends itself well to mixing and matching with other colors to create stylish, put-together spaces. Here are some of the best colors to pair with light lavender walls or accents:

White – Classic and timeless, white lets light lavender shine while keeping the look understated. Use crisp white for baseboards, ceiling, curtains, furniture, and more.

Gray – For modern spaces, charcoal gray and light lavender complement each other beautifully. Gray adds sophistication.

Yellow – Cheerful sunshine yellow gives life to light lavender. Use lemon and daffodil yellows for pops of color.

Green – Earthy shades like sage and olive green bring out the subtle pink undertones of light lavender.

Blue – Mixing light lavender with sky blue or denim creates a tranquil vibe perfect for bedrooms and spas.

Pink – Pairing blush pinks with light lavender heightens the romantic femininity of the purple shade.

Metallics – For glamour, accent light lavender with gleaming gold, rose gold, or silver finishes.

Light Lavender Paint Brands

When selecting a light lavender paint color for your next project, you’ll find plenty of gorgeous options among leading paint brands like Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore. Here are a few top choices:

Behr Urban Lilac – A pale, silvery purple with just a whisper of gray (No. S210-2). Gorgeously elegant and calming.

Benjamin Moore Wisteria Blue – A pale lavender-blue that’s almost periwinkle. Airy, delicate, and dreamy (No. 827).

Sherwin-Williams Lilac Bouquet – A soft lilac shade with subtle warmth. Uplifting and romantic (No. 6736).

Valspar Lavender Wisp – A muted, restful lilac that allows other colors to shine (No. 5004-10B).

Behr Pale Amethyst – A light pink-tinged lavender that’s extra creamy and saturated (No. PPU18-20).

Dutch Boy Bouquet of Violets – A vintage-inspired lilac with antique charm (No. DE 6217).

Brand Paint Name Code
Behr Urban Lilac S210-2
Benjamin Moore Wisteria Blue 827
Sherwin-Williams Lilac Bouquet 6736
Valspar Lavender Wisp 5004-10B
Behr Pale Amethyst PPU18-20
Dutch Boy Bouquet of Violets DE 6217

Using Light Lavender for Furnishings

From bedding to furniture, light lavender makes for gorgeous home accents beyond just paint. Here are some ideas for décor:

Bedding – Duvet covers, sheets, blankets, and shams in light lavender create a relaxing oasis in the bedroom. Layer in lilac and white.

Curtains – Hang airy sheers or textured drapes in light lavender at windows for a focal point. Add matching valances.

Furniture – Paint side tables, headboards, dressers, chairs, armoires, and more in a light lavender finish. Distress for vintage charm.

Pillows – Throw pillows or cushions in varying lavender prints and textures add pops of color throughout a room.

Rugs – Area rugs featuring lavender flowers, paisleys, or geometrics link the floor to the light lavender color scheme.

Accessories – Candles, vases, baskets, and decorative objects in complementary hues reinforce the theme.

Mixing lavender accents with neutral furnishings and white woodwork results in a peaceful, welcoming home environment. The light purple color provides just enough sweetness without going overboard.

Using Light Lavender in Fashion

Beyond interior design, light lavender is a fixture in the fashion world as well. The supremely flattering shade looks gorgeous against every skin tone, making it a runway staple. Light lavender complements other spring and summer colors like yellow, pink, blue, and green.

For women, light lavender exudes femininity when used for dresses, skirts, blouses, and suits. A pale lavender sundress conveys innocence, while a tailored lavender pantsuit radiates confidence. In colder months, a lavender wool coat makes a statement.

Light lavender button-down shirts, ties, trousers, and accessories add a stylish pop of color to men’s outfits without being overpowering. Lavender jeans, sweaters, and jackets work for casual looks. Women can also incorporate light lavender into menswear-inspired fashions.

In children’s clothing, light lavender conveys playfulness and imagination. Little girls look absolutely precious in lavender party dresses, smocked outfits, and hair accessories. For boys, light lavender shirts and shorts feel sweet yet still boyish.


With its heritage stretching back centuries, light lavender remains a beloved color for its delicate beauty. The pale purple conveys romance and nostalgia across interior design, fashion, and more. Light lavender creates an environment of tranquility that feels both peaceful and pretty. Next time you want to add a little sweetness to your home or closet, reach for this fairest lavender shade.