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What hair to get for bohemian box braids?

Bohemian box braids are a beautiful protective hairstyle that allows you to express your free-spirited and artistic side. The look features chunky, rope-like braids that are woven together into intricate patterns and shapes. Bohemian box braids are versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. When getting this style, choosing the right hair is key to achieving the perfect boho braided look.

The Importance of Hair Type for Bohemian Box Braids

The texture and properties of the hair you choose are critical for bohemian box braids. This style involves creating full, chunky braids, so the hair needs to be able to hold up to the tension and last throughout the lifespan of the braids. Using hair that is too soft or silky can cause the braids to unravel quickly. Here are the ideal hair types to use:

  • Synthetic hair: Synthetic braiding hair is thick and durable. It comes pre-stretched so it can withstand braiding tension without reverting. Synthetic hair offers vibrant color options and can replicate various textures like kinky curly or yaky.
  • Kanekalon hair: Kanekalon is a popular synthetic fiber for braiding hair. It has a coarse, wiry texture that makes it easy to grip and hold box braids in place.
  • Toyokalon hair: Another synthetic option, Toyokalon has a natural-looking, satin-like sheen. It provides the right balance of texture, sheen, and durability.
  • X-Pression braiding hair: X-Pression pre-stretched synthetic fibers create thick, full braids that last for weeks.

While high-quality human hair can also be used, synthetic hair is often the best choice for bohemian box braids as it maintains volume and tension better. Avoid hair that is too soft, shiny, or prone to tangles.

Hair Length and Size

In addition to hair type, the length and size of the braiding hair impacts the look and feel of bohemian box braids. Here are some guidelines:

  • Mid-back to waist length: Choose hair that falls between 14″ to 30″ for the ideal boho braid length. Anything shorter may not have enough weight, while longer lengths make styling tricky.
  • Jumbo size: Opt for jumbo braiding hair that is at least 1.5″ wide or larger. This creates the chunky, rope-like shape.
  • 10-12 packs: Plan to use 10-12 packs of jumbo braiding hair for a full head of bohemian box braids.

The right amount of length and volume will prevent the braids from looking too skimpy or weighed down.


Texture is another key consideration for achieving perfect boho braids. The right texture will help the braids hold their shape and last longer. Here are top texture options:

  • Kinky curly: Kinky curly synthetic hair has lots of texture for grip. The coils and curls add body and a carefree vibe.
  • Yaky: Yaky texture is frizzy and wavy. It mimics the look of natural African hair textures.
  • Wavy: For a beachy, undone vibe, try braiding hair with loose waves and bends.
  • Twisted: Pre-twisted synthetic fibers have a visible spiral shape. This adds dimension to braids.

Stay away from hair that is too silky smooth or straight, as it can cause braids to unravel quickly. Prioritize hair with an authentic, bohemian texture.


The colors you choose for your bohemian box braids are another way to express your unique style. Here are some top color options:

  • Blonde: Honey, strawberry, ash, and platinum blonde shades complement light complexions.
  • Brunette: Rich chocolate or chestnut brown hues look beautiful on darker skin tones.
  • Bold brights: Vivid colors like electric blue, cherry red, neon orange, and pastel purple exude boho vibes.
  • Ombre: Blended color melts like chocolate to caramel or honey blonde to ash blonde provide dimension.
  • All-over color: For a bold statement, saturate every braid in one vivid hue.
  • Highlighted: Weave in pops of color throughout neutral braids to create a fun, whimsical effect.

The colors you pick should align with your personal style and preference. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Top Bohemian Box Braids Hair Brands

Not all braiding hair brands are created equal when it comes to achieving the perfect bohemian box braids. Here is a breakdown of top synthetic hair brands for boho braids:

Brand Notable Features
X-Pression Premium pre-stretched synthetic fiber that lasts 8+ weeks. Available in vibrant colors and yaky, kinky curly textures.
Sensationnel Variety of lively colors and trendy ombre shades. Affordable pricing with bulk discounts.
Bobbi Boss Wide selection of jumbo braiding hair in lengths from 16″ – 30″. Great yaky and kinky options.
FreeTress Soft, bouncy curls hold their shape. Vibrant color choices like fuchsia and electric blue.
Outre Budget-friendly pricing. Favorites include the Wet & Wavy Wet & Wavy and Kinky Curly collections.

Always opt for reputable brands that specialize in braiding hair. Beware of low-quality hair that can tangle easily and ruin the look of boho braids.

Caring for Bohemian Box Braids

Once your bohemian box braids are installed, proper care and maintenance will help them last 4-6 weeks or longer. Here are some tips for caring for your boho braids:

  • Gently pat braids dry with a microfiber towel or t-shirt. Air drying can cause frizz.
  • Sleep with a silk bonnet or pillowcase to prevent friction.
  • Moisturize braids daily by spraying with a leave-in conditioner and sealing with oil.
  • Avoid over-manipulating new braids for the first 1-2 weeks.
  • Wear braids in loose styles, not tightly pulled back.
  • Have your stylist trim any loose ends every 2-3 weeks.
  • Deep clean with an apple cider vinegar rinse 1-2 times per month.

Protect your investment by gently handling new braids and keeping them conditioned. This will help bohemian box braids maintain their beauty.


Bohemian box braids allow you to embrace your bold, artistic side with chunky, textured braids in beautiful patterns. Choosing the right hair is crucial for achieving flawless, long-lasting boho braids. Opt for durable synthetic hair in jumbo sizes, with plenty of texture and body. Kinky curly, yaky, and loosely wavy textures perform best for braiding. Customize your look with fun colors like blonde, brown, red, purple or ombre. And care for your new bohemian braids by keeping them clean, moisturized and gently handled. With the perfect hair, your boho box braids will turn heads wherever you go!