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What goes with linen curtains?

Linen curtains can lend a lightweight, breezy feel to any room. The natural texture and relaxed drape of linen makes it perfect for windows, especially in spring and summer. But what colors, patterns, and styles pair best with linen curtains? Here are some top tips for choosing linens that complement your decor.

Neutral Linen Curtains

If you want maximum versatility from your linen curtains, go for neutral solid colors like white, ivory, tan, or light gray. These easygoing shades will blend into almost any color scheme and style. Neutral linens have a clean, casual vibe that works well in both traditional and modern homes.

All-white linen curtains look fresh and bright, especially when the sun shines through them. Ivory linen has a slightly warmer, softer color that provides a soothing backdrop. Tan and light gray linens offer a bit more contrast and personality while still remaining neutral.

Textured Linen Curtains

Linen has an inherently textured, organic surface. Choosing linens with extra texture can add depth and visual interest to your windows. Options include:

  • Herringbone or chevron woven patterns
  • Nubby, slubbed linen with knots and dimensional texture
  • Embossed or pressed linen with patterns woven in
  • Linen blends with subtle variations in yarn thickness

Textured linens pair well with both casual spaces and more formal living rooms or dining rooms. They hide wrinkles and imperfections better than very smooth linens.

Soft Pastel Linen Curtains

Delicate pastels like blush pink, pale blue, mint green, and lavender make beautiful linen curtains. These soft hues have a romantic, feminine aesthetic. Pastels feel light and airy, emphasizing the breezy nature of linen.

Use pastel linens to brighten up a neutral room or complement analogous color schemes. For example, blush pink linens would enhance a palette of pink, peach, cream, and gold accents. Avoid strong primary colors and busy patterns with pastel linens.

Earth Tone Linen Curtains

Rich earth tones like olive green, mustard yellow, brick red, and chocolate brown have an organic warmth that works well with linen’s natural vibe. Earth tones make cozy linen curtains that still let light filter into the room.

Pair deeper earth tone linens with wood furniture, leather accents, and terracotta or brick red walls. Use lighter earthy shades like wheat, sage, or buttercream to prevent the room from appearing too dark and heavy.

Nautical or Coastal Linen Curtains

Crisp navy blue and white stripes or solids evoke a nautical New England cottage feel. For beach house style, hang breezy linen curtains in colors like coral, seafoam green, sky blue, and sand.

Accent with accessories like driftwood frames, woven baskets, and accent pillows with embroidered anchors or shells. Bleached linen in natural hues also complements coastal decors.

Bohemian or Boho Linen Curtains

Free-spirited boho style pairs perfectly with linen’s laidback vibe. Try patterned or embroidered linen curtains from places like India, Turkey, or Morocco. Kilim, Ikat, suzani, or tribal prints on linen add global charm.

Fringe, pom pom, or macrame details lend an artisanal touch. Use linen to frame tapestry wall hangings for an eclectic bohemian living room. Stick to a neutral color palette to keep the space from feeling too busy.

Linen Sheers

Linen or linen-cotton blend sheers are a lightweight option that add privacy while still letting in light. Sheers come in solid colors or simple patterns like stripes or grids. Hang them alone or pair them with complementary linen drapes in a contrasting texture or print.

Linen sheers are perfect for French doors, kitchen windows over the sink, or bedrooms. Avoid very dark or dense sheers, which negate the breezy essence of linen.

Linen Curtain Styles

From tailored to romantic, linen can be fashioned into all kinds of curtain styles:

  • Rod pocket – Casual and continental, with a gathered heading
  • Back tab – Crisper silhouette with tabs to hang on rods
  • Grommets – Modern and streamlined with metal grommets at top
  • Pencil pleat – Formal look with neat, narrow folded pleats
  • Inverted pleat – Soft, billowy inverted box pleats
  • Ruffle – Feminine touch with flouncy ruffled heading

Choose a style that matches your decor and complements the linen’s texture and pattern.

What Color Walls Go with Linen Curtains?

Linen’s natural versatility means they suit a wide range of wall colors. Here are some recommended combinations:

Linen Curtain Color Complementary Wall Colors
White or ivory Light blue, pale green, blush pink, sage green, tan, seafoam
Light gray Lavender, coral, buttercream, navy, ochre
Tan or beige Sky blue, olive green, peach, brick red
Pastel White, other soft pastels, metallics like rose gold or champagne
Navy Cream, blush, light teal, warm grays
Earth tones Warm neutrals like ivory, tan, brown

In general, stick to a unified cool or warm palette. Don’t be afraid to pick up an accent color from patterns or prints in the linen. Use wall paint to highlight those tones.

Fabrics that Complement Linen Curtains

When decorating a room with linen curtains, choose fabrics that enhance their laidback aesthetic. Recommended pairings include:

  • Cotton – Chambray, denim, canvas, poplin
  • Wool – Tweed, melton, flannel
  • Silk – Solid colors or small prints
  • Jute – Natural fiber woven rugs
  • Linen blends – Tablecloths, upholstery, pillows
  • Terrycloth – Towels, bathmats
  • Suede – Pillows, poufs, wall hangings

These fabrics have a similar organic, cozy vibe. Mixing in some cotton prints and patterns helps balance solid linen curtains. Avoid stiff brocades or very sleek, shiny synthetics that clash with linen’s matte, casual elegance.

Window Treatments that Work with Linen

Linen curtains pair beautifully with these other window treatments:

  • Wood blinds – Natural materials complement linen; add warm contrast
  • Roll-up bamboo shades – Match linen’s laidback vibe
  • Sheer linen panels – Soften solid linen curtains; filter more light
  • Brass or wood rods – Warm metals and natural wood suit linen
  • Curtain tiebacks – Echo linen’s texture with tassels, pom poms, or macrame

If your linen curtains have a nubby texture or bold pattern, keep other window treatments simple. Frame the linen curtains as the focal point with plain bamboo blinds or solids. For solid-colored linen, bring in textural interest like woven wood shades.

Furniture that Complements Linen Curtains

Certain furniture styles and materials make natural partners for linen curtains. Ideal choices include:

  • Rattan – Echoes linen texture in a tropical vine material
  • Wicker – Casual, breezy, and natural like linen
  • Wood – Oak, teak, acacia have warmth that balances linen
  • White-painted wood – Light and casual; coastal vibe
  • Upholstered – Linen or linen blends on chairs/sofas
  • Leather – Distressed leather; organic and artisanal
  • Wrought iron – Light, natural, goes with any color linen

Avoid heavily carved, ornate, or baroque-style wood pieces, which feel too formal for linen. Slipcovered upholstery in linen-cotton blends makes a cohesive look. Wicker, rattan, or rustic woods enhance the textural interplay.


With its unfussy elegance, linen makes timeless curtains that work in all different decor styles. Opt for neutral solids or soft pastels for maximum versatility or make a bold statement with textured or globally inspired patterned linens. Natural woods, rattan, cotton prints, and upholstery fabrics continue the organic feel. Tailor your linen curtains with drapes, sheers, and accessories like tiebacks. Whatever your style, linen is sure to lend an effortless grace to your windows.