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What goes with lavender fashion?

What goes with lavender fashion?

Lavender is a light pastel purple shade that has become increasingly popular in fashion over the past few years. The color evokes feelings of tranquility and elegance, making it a versatile choice to incorporate into your wardrobe. When styled well, lavender can be quite striking and add a pop of soft color to any outfit. However, finding pieces that complement the hue can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to wear lavender fashion and what goes well with this delicate purple shade.

Matching and Mixing Lavender with Other Colors

One of the best ways to make lavender fashion work is by matching or mixing it with other complementary colors. Lavender looks beautiful paired with various shades of purple, from pale lilacs to deep violets. Monochrome lavender outfits in varying shades can make a bold fashion statement. Light pinks also work well with lavender, creating a soft, romantic look. Pastel blue is another gorgeously calming color combination. For something bolder, pair rich teals or emeralds with lavender pieces.

Some examples of great color combinations include:

– Lavender and white
– Lavender and light pink
– Lavender and pastel blue
– Lavender and violet
– Lavender and light gray
– Lavender and mint green
– Lavender and peach

When mixing lavender with patterns, choose ones in harmonizing colors like florals featuring purples, blues, pinks, and greens. Stripes, dots, or geometric prints in analogous hues also complement lavender beautifully.

Tops That Go Well with Lavender

For tops, lavender looks stunning when paired with crisp white. A white button-down shirt or tank top balances the pop of color. Light pink or blue blouses also work well with lavender bottoms. For layering over dresses, try an oversized neutral cardigan or denim jacket in white, gray, tan, or pale blue. Peach, mint, and soft yellow are cheery pairing options too.

Some flattering top options include:

– White button-down shirt
– White or black camisole
– Light pink blouse
– Pastel blue top
– Neutral cardigan
– Denim jacket
– Peach/mint/yellow cotton tee

Flowy lavender blouses or sweaters can be dressed up for work with black trousers and pumps or worn casually over jeans. Lavender graphic tees and hoodies look cute with denim shorts or a neutral skirt. Don’t shy away from prints either – a lavender striped tee or floral top can make a statement.

Bottoms & Dresses That Complement Lavender

On the bottom half, lavender shorts, skirts, and pants pair perfectly with neutral basics. White, black, gray, tan, and denim are ideal for balancing out the pop of purple. Pastel pink or blue bottoms also match well when mixing and matching lavender pieces.

Some flattering bottom/dress options include:

– White jeans or trousers
– Black leggings or skinny pants
– Denim shorts or skirt
– Tan/khaki shorts or ankle pants
– Pastel blue skirt or dress
– Gray wide-leg pants
– Pink maxi skirt or sundress

For workwear, team a lavender blouse with black dress pants or pencil skirt. Casual weekend looks can feature lavender shorts with a white tee and sandals. A flowy lavender sundress is gorgeous for summer paired with neutral wedges or metallic sandals.

Shoes & Accessories for Lavender Outfits

Metallic and neutral shoes work seamlessly with lavender fashion. Silver and gold sandals, heels, or sneakers pair nicely without competing. Nude shoes are another great option for elongating the leg. Whites, blacks, grays, and tans also complement without clashing.

As for accessories, lavender looks beautiful with:

Accessory Type Good Color Pairings
Handbags Neutral colors like tan, black, white, silver
Jewelry Gold, silver, pearls, gemstones
Scarves Light pink, purple, blue, teal, white
Hats Neutral straws, felt
Belts Brown, black, white, metallic
Shoes Nude, metallic, white, black, tan
Socks/Tights White, gray, pink, blue

Stick to metallic jewelry like gold and silver or pieces featuring gems in harmonizing colors. Pearls and lavender make a super feminine pairing as well. Scarves provide another opportunity to tie in pretty pastel pinks, blues, and purples.

When accessorizing lavender outfits, limit other loud colors and prints. The purple shade alone makes enough of a style statement.

Hairstyles & Makeup to Complement Lavender Fashion

To complement a lavender outfit, keep hairstyles and makeup sophisticated yet soft. Neutral makeup in rosy pinks and peaches enhances the purple shade. Golden brown smoky eyes or a cat eye also beautifully accent lavender pieces. Pair with a pink or nude lipstick or gloss.

For hair, softly curled locks or a braided updo suit the romantic vibe of lavender attire. For casual days, a messy top knot or bun allows the outfit to shine. Lavender clothing can also handle sleek straightened styles or pretty loose waves. Stay away from harsh neon makeup or hair colors that may clash.

Some flattering beauty pairings include:

– Soft curled or wavy hair
– Braided updo hairstyle
– Messy bun or top knot
– Cat eye makeup with nude lips
– Golden brown smoky eye
– Peach or pink blush
– Rosy nude lipstick

Let the lavender outfit be the star and keep hair and makeup classic and understated. A spritz of floral perfume finishing the graceful look.

Putting Together Full Lavender Outfits

Now that you know what pairs nicely with lavender clothing, it’s easy to start building complete stylish looks. Here are a few examples of head to toe lavender outfits:

Casual Lavender Outfit
– Lavender graphic tee
– Distressed denim shorts
– Tan leather sandals
– Gold cuff bracelet
– Pink crossbody bag

Workwear Lavender Outfit
– Lavender button-down blouse
– Black pencil skirt
– Black pumps
– Pearl stud earrings
– Gray tote bag

Formal Lavender Outfit
– Lavender maxi dress
– Silver strappy heels
– Diamon tennis bracelet
– Metallic clutch
– Curled updo hairstyle

Spring Lavender Outfit
– Lavender floral sundress
– Jean jacket
– White sneakers
– Straw handbag
– Pearl drop earrings

Mixing different shades of lavender together makes for fun stylish looks too. Don’t be afraid to incorporate lavender bottoms, tops, dresses, and accessories all in one outfit.


Lavender may seem like a tricky color for fashion at first glance, but when styled properly, it can be quite chic. By pairing lavender with complementary neutrals, pastels, and metallic shoes and accessories, you can create beautiful, graceful outfits. The color flatters most skin tones and brings a sense of relaxed elegance to any wardrobe. From casual weekend wear to dressy work looks, experiment with integrating this delicate purple hue into your style.