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What goes with behr swiss coffee?

Behr Swiss Coffee is a popular neutral paint color that can work in many rooms and pair well with lots of different decor. If you’re looking for inspiration on what colors go with Behr Swiss Coffee, this article will provide plenty of ideas for paint, furniture, accessories, and more! Keep reading for a detailed look at what colors complement this versatile neutral shade.

Overview of Behr Swiss Coffee

Behr Swiss Coffee is a light tan paint color with warm undertones. It’s part of the Behr neutrals color family. Swiss Coffee is often described as a greige – meaning it has elements of both gray and beige. This versatile neutral provides a soothing, peaceful backdrop in any room.

Some key facts about Behr Swiss Coffee:

– LRV (Light Reflectance Value): 66%
– Undertones: Warm, brown/beige
-Pairs well with: Earth tones, blues, greens, warm metallics
-Works in: Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, bathrooms

The warm undertones of Swiss Coffee allow it to coordinate with many colors and styles. It has enough depth to avoid looking washed out but is still light enough to keep a room feeling open and airy. This versatility makes it a go-to neutral shade for many homeowners and designers.

Paint Colors that Go with Behr Swiss Coffee

Here are some top paint colors that complement Behr Swiss Coffee:

Earth Tones

Shades of brown, tan, sand and khaki work beautifully with Swiss Coffee’s warm undertones. Try pairing it with:

– Behr Cappuccino Froth – Rich chocolate brown
– Behr Cashew Cream – Light tan with peach hints
– Behr Beach Sand – Soft khaki color
– Behr Roasted Chestnut – Dark coffee brown


Natural green hues bring out the subtle olive tones in Swiss Coffee. Great options include:

– Behr Silver Moss – Sage green with gray undertones
– Behr Czar’s Gold – Mossy army green
– Behr Irish Mist – Blue-green gray with hints of green
– Behr Cypress Leaf – Deep forest green


From soft sky blue to rich navy, an array of blue shades look fabulous with Swiss Coffee. Consider these picks:

– Behr Indigo Batik – Vivid cerulean blue
– Behr Blue Danube – Classic denim blue
– Behr Nebulous Blue – Hazy light blue
– Behr Naval – Dark blue with green undertones


Swiss Coffee’s neutral character allows it to work with both cool and warm grays. Stylish combinations include:

– Behr Virtual Taupe – Gray taupe with brown undertones
– Behr White Metal – Bright, cool gray
– Behr Pewter Tankard – Charcoal gray with green hints
– Behr Silver Drop – Warm dove gray

Accent Colors

Punchy accent colors like coral, yellow and teal pop against Swiss Coffee. Some accent pairings to try:

– Behr Mellow Coral – Vibrant orangey coral
– Behr Lemon Twist – Zesty lemon yellow
– Behr Breezeway – Bright aqua blue green
– Behr Guacamole – Rich avocado green

Furniture Colors that Complement Behr Swiss Coffee

When decorating a room painted in Behr Swiss Coffee, keep the furniture selections cohesive by choosing pieces in colors that coordinate. Here are some excellent furniture finishes to try:

Wood Tones

Natural wood finishes like oak, walnut and teak fit right in with Swiss Coffee’s warm vibe. Opt for finished like:

– Espresso – Rich, dark brown wood
– Oak – Classic reddish-brown oak grain
– Birch – Light beige wood with brown streaks
– Walnut – Chocolate brown hardwood with grey tones


A timeless choice, black furniture and accents pop against Swiss Coffee. Try black finished in:

– Tables
– Shelving
– Desks
– Bed frames
– Lighting fixtures
– Decor accents


Crisp white furnishing prevent the room from feeling too heavy. Use white in:

– Sofas
– Side tables
– Cabinets
– Desks
– Upholstered chairs
– Bedding


Soft, neutral grays work perfectly with Swiss Coffee. Incorporate gray through:

– Sectionals
– Platform beds
– Dressers
– Accent chairs
– Kitchen island


Warm metallic finishes like brass, bronze and nickel inject a glam touch. Try metallics in:

– Tables
– Light fixtures
– Decor accents
– Bar carts
– Shelving

Fabrics and Textiles that Work with Behr Swiss Coffee

Use fabric and textiles in wall hangings, pillows, rugs and bedding to tie the whole room together. Ideal Swiss Coffee color pairings include:


Off-whites, tans and light browns maintain a soothing vibe. Options like:

– Ivory
– Cream
– Beige
– Khaki
– Light tan
– Sand

Warm Tones

Spice up neutrals with terra cotta, clay and mustard colors. Fabrics like:

– Terracotta
– Paprika
– Saffron
– Clay
– Rust orange
– Sunbaked yellow

Earthy Patterns

Natural prints and organic patterns contain colors that match effortlessly. Try:

– Plaid textiles
– Subtle geometrics
– Botanical prints
– Leaves/jungle prints
– Tribal influences

Blues and Greens

Accent fabrics in shades like denim, slate, olive and grass weave in cool tones. Great picks include:

– Denim
– Light blue
– Aqua
– Sage green
– Moss green
– Olive green

Wall Decor Ideas with Behr Swiss Coffee

Wall decor is the perfect way to embellish a space painted Swiss Coffee while enhancing the color scheme.

Natural Materials

Incorporate reclaimed wood or rattan in:

– Mirror frames
– Wall hangings
– Shelving
– Paneling accents

Black and White Photos

Display black and white photography to add contrast. Try grouping photo prints in different sizes.

Framed Botanical Prints

Vintage style botanical artwork and prints complement Swiss Coffee’s earthy vibe. Go for illustrations of ferns, tropical foliage or wildflowers.

Woven Textiles

Handwoven wall tapestries and macrame hangings in neutral, earthy hues add texture and boho flair.

Warm Metallics

Inject a glam touch by selecting gold, brass or copper frames and accents.

Terracotta Ceramics

Bring in organic texture with ceramic vases, bowls and planters.

Dried Foliage

Dried leaves, grasses and branches provide natural contrast when displayed in vases or on floating shelves.

Accessory Colors for Behr Swiss Coffee

Accessories and accent pieces are a great way to personalize a Behr Swiss Coffee palette. Complementary accessory colors include:


Cream brings lightness into the space. Use it in:

– Throw pillows
– Area rugs
– Table lamps
– Decor objects
– Curtains


Terracotta introduces earthy vibrancy. Add it through:

– Planters
– Tableware
– Small appliances
– Decor pieces

Moss Green

A natural green hue like moss injects vibrancy. Incorporate it in:

– Throw blankets
– Houseplants
– Kitchenware

Pale Blue

Soft powder blue provides an airy contrast. Use it in:

– Pillows
– Florals
– Candles
– Decorative trays

Walnut Brown

Rich walnut brown enhances the earthy scheme. Add it in:

– Throws
– Coasters
– Decor
– Area rugs


Classic black accessories ground the space. Ideal uses:

– Sculptural decor
– Photo frames
– Vases
– Serving pieces

Sample Room Colors with Behr Swiss Coffee

Here are some full room examples that use Behr Swiss Coffee paired with complementary colors:

Living Room

Swiss Coffee on the walls
Oak wood laminate flooring
Black and cream patterned area rug
Beige linen sofa
Blush pink and teal accent pillows
Brass coffee table and floor lamp
Dark green plants


Swiss Coffee on the walls
White bed frame
Light blue and ivory paisley bedding
Warm oak nightstands
Cream shag rug
Rattan ceiling light
Tan woven wall hanging over bed

Dining Room

Swiss Coffee on the walls
Walnut dining table
Black dining chairs
Brass chandelier
Sand colored curtains
Olive green pottery on shelving
Neutral jute rug


Swiss Coffee on the walls
White shaker cabinetry
Marble countertop and backsplash
Black metal fixtures
Teal towels and accessories
Plank flooring in oak tone
Beige bath rug


Swiss Coffee on the walls
White shaker cabinets
Gray quartz countertops
Stainless steel appliances
Butcher block island in oak finish
Black metal stools
Terracotta cookware for pops of color

Tips for Decorating with Behr Swiss Coffee

Here are some top tips for successfully decorating with Behr Swiss Coffee:

– Introduce contrast through black and white – This classic combo prevents Swiss Coffee from feeling washed out.

– Layer natural textures like wood, rattan, linen and cotton – Organic textures complement the earthy color.

– Incorporate plants for freshness – Houseplants with green foliage pop against the neutral background.

– Use metallics as accents – Brushed gold, brass and nickel fixtures add subtle glam.

– Add warm cream or ivory – Soft tones keep the palette relaxed rather than stark.

– Use blue-greens sparingly – A small dose energizes the space with color.

– Mix modern with organic – The color works with both styles, blending them balances the look.

– Anchor with natural wood furniture – Wood finishes connect with the color’s warm undertones.

– Accent with terracotta – Vibrant pots, vases and tableware liven up the palette.


With its versatility and cozy appeal, Behr Swiss Coffee is one of the most popular neutral paint colors. It pairs beautifully with a wide range of hues from earthy beiges and browns to soothing blues and greens. Grounded by black and white accents and natural wood tones, the possibilities for decorating with Swiss Coffee are endless. Use the color pairing and room ideas in this article to help craft a stylish, welcoming space fueled by this pretty greige paint.

Color Where to Use
Black Furniture, lighting, decor accents
White Furniture, bedding, rugs
Wood tones Furniture, flooring, decor
Cream Pillows, curtains, lamps
Blue Accent walls, pillows, accessories
Green Accent walls, plants, decor
Terracotta Planters, tableware, decor