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What goes best with rose gold gold or silver?

Rose gold has become an increasingly popular metal color in jewelry and fashion accessories over the past few years. But when styling rose gold jewelry, many people wonder – what looks best with it, gold or silver? Here we’ll examine the different options for wearing rose gold and offer tips on how to style it with gold and silver metals and colors.

The Characteristics of Rose Gold

First, let’s look at what defines rose gold and what makes it unique:

  • Rose gold, also called pink gold or red gold, is a gold alloy with a rosy, pinkish hue.
  • The pink color comes from mixing yellow gold with copper – the more copper mixed in, the redder the gold will look.
  • Common mixes are 75% gold to 25% copper, or 50% gold to 50% copper.
  • Rose gold has a warm, vintage look but also feels trendy and modern.
  • It complements clear, neutral stones like diamonds beautifully.
  • Rose gold works with all skin tones thanks to its versatile pinkish tone.

How Rose Gold Pairs with Other Metals

Now let’s look at how rose gold interacts with yellow gold and silver:

Rose Gold with Yellow Gold

  • Rose gold and regular yellow gold pair beautifully together.
  • The mix of a warm rose tone and bright yellow tone creates interest.
  • Yellow gold helps make rose gold pop more.
  • Too much yellow gold can overpower rose gold, so aim for a 70/30 or 60/40 mix favoring rose.

Rose Gold with Silver

  • Rose gold and silver go surprisingly well together.
  • The mix of a soft pink and bright white metal creates contrast.
  • Silver helps tone down and soften the warm hue of rose gold.
  • Aim for a 60/40 or 50/50 mix of the two metals.

Comparing Gold vs Silver with Rose Gold

Now let’s directly compare the pros and cons of wearing gold vs silver with rose gold:

Gold with Rose Gold Silver with Rose Gold
  • Creates a warm, rich look
  • Very complementary tones
  • Risks looking too bold or flashy
  • Creates an elegant, high contrast look
  • Tones down the rose gold warmth nicely
  • Can look a little mismatched if not balanced well

As you can see, both gold and silver pair well with rose gold, but in different ways. Gold creates a bold warm look, while silver makes a softer contrast against the pinkish tone.

Tips for Wearing Rose Gold with Other Metals and Colors

Here are some top tips for wearing and styling rose gold jewelry with other metals:

  • Aim for a rose-dominant look (60-70% rose gold pieces). Yellow gold or silver should accent it.
  • Mix metals in the same outfit, but try to limit it to 2-3 metal colors max for simplicity.
  • Group matching metals together (e.g. rose gold necklace with rose earrings).
  • Alternate metal types (e.g. rose gold ring with silver bracelet).
  • Neutral colors like black, white, gray, tan pair great with all rose gold combos.
  • Orange and peach colors complement a rose gold and yellow gold pairing.
  • Blue accents work nicely with rose gold and silver together.

Examples of Rose Gold with Gold and Silver

Here are some examples of how you can stylishly combine rose gold jewelry with gold and silver pieces:

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

  • Rose gold watch, yellow gold hoop earrings
  • Rose gold pendant necklace, yellow gold bracelet
  • Rose gold cocktail ring, yellow gold band ring
  • Rose gold drop earrings, yellow gold butterfly necklace

Rose Gold and Silver

  • Rose gold stacked rings, silver bangle
  • Rose gold dainty necklace, silver chunky necklace
  • Rose gold threader earrings, silver studs
  • Rose gold cuff, silver tennis bracelet

These pairings showcase how rose gold can be beautifully combined with gold and silver for gorgeous fashion looks.

Best Jewelry Designs for Rose Gold

Certain jewelry designs and styles particularly suit the warm, vintage vibe of rose gold. Here are some of the best jewelry types to consider:

  • Pendants – From simple discs to engraved lockets, pendants catch the light nicely in rose gold.
  • Chunky chains – Thicker chain links contrast with the feminine tone of rose gold.
  • Signet rings – Vintage-inspired rings with engraved designs or family crests.
  • Cocktail rings – Bold, statement rings with large gems complement rose gold’s drama.
  • Hoop earrings – Timeless medium-sized hoops in rose gold become an instant staple.
  • Stacking rings – Mixing thin bands in the rose gold family creates interest.

When shopping for rose gold jewelry, look for these classic styles for a sophisticated, on-trend look.

Ideal Gems and Stones for Rose Gold

Certain gems and stones pair especially beautifully with the rosy tone of rose gold. These include:

  • Diamonds – A rose gold diamond pendant necklace is an eternally glamorous combo.
  • Pearls – From necklaces to drop earrings, creamy pearls offset rose gold gorgeously.
  • Morganites – This pale pink stone was made for rose gold’s soft hue.
  • Rubies – The intensity of ruby’s red looks stunning in vintage rose gold settings.
  • Rose quartz – This pink stone adds to the romantic femininity of rose gold.
  • Onyx – Black onyx gives bold contrast against rose gold for striking jewelry.

When choosing accents for rose gold jewelry, look to these colored gems and stones for a coordinated finish.

Ideal Clothing Colors to Wear with Rose Gold Jewelry

Certain clothing colors pair perfectly with the warm, feminine look of rose gold jewelry. Try wearing rose gold accessories with these colors:

  • Cream – Soft cream accentuates the romantic vibe of rose gold.
  • Blush – Subtle blush pink brings out rose gold’s hue.
  • Nude – Fleshy nude tones complement rose gold’s skin flattery.
  • Burgundy – Deep wine burgundy enhances the vintage flair of rose gold.
  • Rich blue – From navy to cobalt, strong blues offset rose gold nicely.
  • Emerald green – Deep green provides the perfect color contrast with rose gold.

Use these wardrobe colors as a guide when getting dressed with your rose gold jewelry for a put-together, stylish look.


Both yellow gold and silver pair beautifully with rose gold for jewelry. Gold creates a visually warm, rich combination that’s perfect for formal occasions. Silver makes an elegant contrast against the pinkish tone of rose gold for a modern, yet romantic look. When styling rose gold jewelry, opt for a rose-dominant mix with gold or silver accents. Use neutral wardrobe colors like cream and black to let the jewelry tones shine. With the right complementary pieces, rose gold can be worn stylishly with gold, silver, or both metals for a versatile, on-trend look.