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What female did jim carrey play in living color?

Jim Carrey was one of the breakout stars on the hit 1990s sketch comedy show In Living Color. Known for his outrageous physical comedy and impressions, Carrey played a wide variety of memorable characters on the show. Among them were several popular female characters that showed off Carrey’s incredible range and gift for physical comedy. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic female characters brought to life by Jim Carrey during his time on In Living Color.

Vera De Milo

One of Carrey’s most beloved In Living Color creations was Vera De Milo, an unfortunate but hilariously clumsy female bodybuilder. With her severe Eastern European accent, aggressive attitude, and ridiculously over-built physique, Vera De Milo left nothing but destruction in her wake. Some of her funniest moments included competing in bodybuilding competitions, going on dates, and attempting to complete everyday tasks. No matter what the situation, Vera always found a way to wreak havoc due to her hulking size and complete lack of coordination. Jim Carrey perfectly embodied the aggressively obtuse character, creating an iconic character who remained popular even after Carrey’s departure from the show.

Key Details About Vera De Milo
Played by Jim Carrey
First appearance January 1990
Appearances 10 episodes over 3 seasons
Catchphrase “I must break you.”

Female Bodybuilders on In Living Color

In addition to Vera De Milo, Jim Carrey played several other female bodybuilder characters on In Living Color. These included competitions between female bodybuilders with increasingly ridiculous and unnatural physiques and proportions. Carrey leaned into absurdity with these characters, playing bodybuilders with enormous, bulging muscles that dwarfed their heads and tiny waists. The juxtaposition of Carrey’s traditionally female makeup and costumes with his exaggerated muscular physiques made these bodybuilder sketches especially hilarious. They allowed Carrey to show off his incredible physical comedy skills.

Anton Jackson

One of Jim Carrey’s recurring characters was a gender-bending take on the ’90s hip-hop scene. His character Anton Jackson was an over-the-top caricature of the outrageous and profane gangsta rappers of the time. Anton Jackson was unique in that Carrey played the character in full feminine dress and makeup, complete with a long wig, women’s clothes, and heels. However, Anton was also rough, aggressive, and spoke with an exaggerated African-American Vernacular English accent and speech pattern. This bizarre blend of feminine aesthetic and hyper-masculine attitude made Anton Jackson a wildly unpredictable character. Carrey clearly relished the chance to play an erratic proto-rapper, spouting absurd lyrics and pushing the boundaries of taste on television.

Key Details About Anton Jackson
Played by Jim Carrey
First appearance May 1990
Catchphrase “Aw, it’s about to get stupid in here!”
Notable sketch “Cold as Hell”

Additional Female Characters

In addition to his breakout female characters, Jim Carrey inhabited a number of other memorable female roles on In Living Color:

  • The Cheap Hooker – A prostitute who charged ridiculously low prices for her services and often tried to bargain with customers.
  • Marge – An accident-prone elderly woman who found herself in absurd peril.
  • Granny – The unlucky matriarch of an eccentric Southern family.
  • One Eyed Belle – A bizarre Old West bartender/entertainer who only had one eye.

With each character, Carrey fully committed to transforming himself into an exaggerated female archetype. His gift for physical comedy and willingness to take risks made his female characters especially funny and boundary-pushing.

Impact of Carrey’s Female Characters

Jim Carrey’s memorable female characters were a key part of what made In Living Color such a groundbreaking sketch series. At the time, the concept of a male actor fully inhabiting female roles for comedic purposes was still quite novel in sketch comedy. Carrey proved that he could inhabit these characters just as thoroughly as his famous male roles. His commitment to the female characters inspired other sketch shows to similarly stretch the boundaries of gender in comedy.

Carrey’s female characters also highlighted his incredible gift for physical comedy. Exaggerated movements, postures, and absurd situations allowed him to squeeze every last drop of humor out of each scene. Carrey’s willingness to take fashion risks and portray characters completely unlike himself was a testament to his dedication to getting a laugh.

In Living Color broke new ground in terms of representation, diversity, and boundary-pushing comedy. Jim Carrey’s roster of memorable female characters was a key part of the show’s legacy as an incubator for groundbreaking comedy. Carrey proved that sketch comedy could parody aspects of gender and culture in thought-provoking ways while still being hilariously funny. His work on In Living Color showcased Carrey’s emerging genius and set the stage for his explosion into superstardom.


During his meteoric rise as part of the cast of In Living Color, Jim Carrey gifted audiences with several iconic female personas that pushed boundaries and highlighted his incredible range as a comedic performer. Characters like Vera De Milo, Anton Jackson, and his parody female bodybuilders allowed Carrey to blend absurd humor and physical comedy in ways that were uproariously funny as well as thought-provoking. Carrey’s chameleonic ability to inhabit exaggerated female archetypes helped make him a standout on a show overflowing with emerging talent. His fearless, anything-for-a-laugh approach to sketch comedy can be seen in the DNA of many shows that followed. Jim Carrey’s female characters remained emblematic of his willingness to take comedic risks and demonstrated his versatility and commitment to getting the perfect laugh.