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What eyeshadow suits blue eyes?

Eyeshadow can dramatically enhance blue eyes when the shades are carefully chosen. The right hues can make blue eyes pierce, sparkle, and stand out. When selecting eyeshadow for blue eyes, it’s important to consider undertones and choose colors that complement your eye color. With so many eyeshadow options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find shades that will look stunning with blue eyes. This article will break down the best eyeshadow colors and techniques to make blue eyes pop.

Gold and Bronze Eyeshadow

Gold, bronze, and copper eyeshadow shades make blue eyes shine brighter. These warm metallic hues accentuate blue eyes beautifully. The trick is to choose golds and bronzes that lean more towards rosiness as opposed to yellowness. Here are some stunning gold and bronze eyeshadow options for blue eyes:

Brand Eyeshadow Name
L’Oreal Amber Rush
Maybelline Bronzed Bronze
Revlon Rose Gold
NYX Golden Peach
Urban Decay Half Baked

When applying golden or bronze eyeshadow on blue eyes, blend the shade all over the lid up to the crease. This makes eyes look wider and brighter. You can also try applying a bronze shade just on the center of the lid and a neutral bone shade on the inner and outer corners to make eyes pop.

Rosy and Mauve Eyeshadow

Soft rosy pinks, mauves, and plums also flatter blue eyes beautifully. These shades enhance blue eyes’ brightness and luminosity. Avoid shades with too much gray undertones, which can make eyes look dull. Here are some stunning rosy and mauve eyeshadow shades for blue eyes:

Brand Eyeshadow Name
Milani Bella Pink
L’Oreal Iced Latte
Maybelline Mauve Glam
Covergirl Mauvescape
Revlon Sugar Plum

Apply a rosy pink shade all over the lid, extending it slightly into the crease. You can also try using a matte mauve shade in the crease and a shimmery pink shade on the lid. This creates a nice contrast while still harmonizing with blue eyes.

Purples and Plums

Rich purple and plum eyeshadows also complement blue eyes beautifully. These cool-toned shades bring out the blue undertones in your eyes. Lean towards shades with a hint of pink, wine, or rose undertones as opposed to flat lavenders. Here are some stunning purple and plum eyeshadow options for blue eyes:

Brand Eyeshadow Name
NYX Dance Party
Urban Decay Rockstar
Milani Plum Attraction
L’Oreal Exotic Orchid
Maybelline Violet Vixen

Use a medium purple shade all over the lid and extend it slightly upward into the crease. You can also do a smoky purple eye look by using a paler purple on the lid paired with a dark plum shade smoked out in the crease and outer corner.

Navy Blue

Surprisingly, navy blue eyeshadow also makes blue eyes pop! Using a darker blue shade intensifies the blue of your eyes. When applying blue eyeshadow, choose shades with subtle warm undertones like teal rather than harsh cold shades. Here are some beautiful navy blue eyeshadow options for blue eyes:

Brand Eyeshadow Name
Maybelline Midnight Blue
L’Oreal Sapphire Spark
NYX Blueprint
Urban Decay Evidence
Covergirl Admiral Blue

Pat navy blue shadow all over the lid and lightly into the crease. You can also try using a shimmery navy shade just on the center of the lid for a fun pop of color.


Green eyeshadow also complements blue eyes beautifully. Look for shades with blue undertones like emerald, teal, seafoam, and aqua green. Olive and mossy green shadows work well too. Stay away from greens with yellow undertones, which may clash. Here are some stunning green shadows for blue eyes:

Brand Eyeshadow Name
NYX Mermaid
Urban Decay Lounge
L’Oreal Jade Clash
Maybelline Forest Siren
Covergirl Peacock Green

Apply a shimmery seafoam green across the lid into the crease. For drama, pat on a darker emerald green shade just on the outer lid and crease. This creates a fun pop of color while still harmonizing with blue eyes.


Don’t overlook neutral browns when choosing eyeshadow for blue eyes. Shades like tan, taupe, silver, pewter, and sand make blue eyes stand out. Go for neutrals with subtle cool undertones as opposed to warm shades. Here are beautiful neutral shadows for blue eyes:

Brand Eyeshadow Name
Maybelline Champagne
L’Oreal Cafe Au Lait
NYX Bedroom Eyes
Urban Decay Mushroom
Covergirl French Vanilla

Apply a shimmery pewter shade all over the lid up to the crease. Try using a matte taupe shade in the crease and a frosty silver highlighter under the brow bone. Neutral shadows open up the eyes and make blue irises stand out.

Avoid clashy shades

When choosing eyeshadow colors for blue eyes, it’s also important to avoid shades that can clash or make your eyes look dull. Steer clear of brown or orange shadows with yellow undertones. Frosted whites and icy silver shadows can also wash out blue eyes. Any eyeshadow with red or pink undertones has the potential to make eyes look irritated and bloodshot. Always check eye makeup in natural lighting before heading out!

Complementary eyeliner colors

Choosing the right eyeliner shade can also help make blue eyes pop. Brown eyeliner is foolproof and defines eyes without being overpowering. For drama, try navy blue or plum purple eyeliner to intensify eye color. Olive green and teal liners also complement blue eyes nicely. Use waterproof eyeliner formulas on both upper and lower lash lines to open up eyes. Soften the lower liner with a smudge brush.

Mascara matters

Curling and defining the lashes frames blue eyes perfectly. Use a lash curler before applying mascara for wide awake eyes. Choose volumizing and lengthening mascara formulas in black or navy. Waterproof mascara also helps eyes stand out. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara to upper lashes, and 1-2 coats on lower lashes. This gives definition without heaviness.


With the right eyeshadow hues, blue eyes dazzle and mesmerize. Warm golds, bronzes, plums, greens, and blues make blue eyes sparkle beautifully. Avoid shades with yellow, red, and pink undertones that can overpower or clash. Frame eyes with brown, navy, plum, or green eyeliner and volumizing black mascara. Experiment and have fun choosing colors that make those blue eyes shine!