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What does Standridge color make?

Standridge Color Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings and colorants. Founded in 1963, the company has grown into one of the largest suppliers of colorants, tinting systems, and coatings for the architectural, industrial, and specialty coatings markets. Standridge operates manufacturing and distribution facilities across North America and exports to over 60 countries worldwide.

Architectural Coatings

Standridge produces a wide range of architectural coating products used in both residential and commercial settings. Their exterior coatings include paints, stains, and sealers designed for use on wood, concrete, stucco, EIFS, fiber cement siding, and metal surfaces. Popular product lines include:

  • Supreme – Premium exterior paint
  • Prime – Contractor grade exterior paint
  • Supreme Stain – Semi-transparent wood stains
  • MasonryDefender – Concrete and masonry coatings
  • MetalGard – Industrial enamels for metal

For interiors, Standridge manufactures professional-quality paints, primers, and sealers. Products are designed to provide excellent hide and coverage on walls, ceilings, doors, trim, and cabinets in residential, multi-family, and commercial spaces. Top coating lines include:

  • Regal – Premium interior paint
  • Prime – Contractor grade interior paint
  • Supreme Stain – Interior wood stains
  • Multispec – Multi-purpose primers and sealers

Industrial Coatings

Standridge produces a diverse array of industrial coatings used for OEM, maintenance, and specialty applications. Major product categories include:

  • Powder Coatings – Used on metal products including automotive parts, appliances, furniture, agricultural equipment, and more.
  • Liquid Industrial Finishes – Solvent-based and water-based coatings for metal, plastic, and wood substrates.
  • Element Resistant Coatings – Designed to protect against corrosion, moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.
  • Adhesives and Sealants – Solvent-based and water-based adhesives used in manufacturing and construction.

Popular industrial coating brands from Standridge include Durastar, ElementShield, Bondstar, and Precisioncoat.

Colorants and Tinting Systems

A core part of Standridge’s business is producing colorants and tinting systems used to customize architectural and industrial coatings. Standridge manufactures a wide assortment of concentrated liquid colorants for water-based and solvent-based paints and coatings. They also design tinting machines and dispensing equipment to precisely dose colorants at the point of sale. Major tinting system product lines include:

  • SpectraTint – Universal colorants for paint, wood stains, and industrial coatings
  • AccuTint – Colorants for architectural water-based paints and stains
  • Duratint – Solvent-based colorants for industrial coatings
  • SpectraTint Machines – Tinting machines and shakers

Standridge colorants allow users to easily achieve thousands of custom colors on-site. This allows paint stores, hardware retailers, contractors, and industrial companies to provide customized coatings while minimizing inventory requirements.

Standridge Manufacturing

Standridge operates over a dozen manufacturing facilities across the United States and Canada. Major plant locations include:

Location Products
Reno, NV Architectural coatings, colorants
Sparks, NV Industrial coatings, adhesives
Fontana, CA Architectural coatings
Phoenix, AZ Colorants, tinting systems
Dallas, TX Industrial coatings
Houston, TX Adhesives and sealants
Chicago, IL Industrial coatings
Cleveland, OH Colorants, architectural coatings
Toronto, ON Industrial coatings
Montreal, QC Architectural coatings

In addition to in-house manufacturing, Standridge operates a network of blending and distribution facilities to supply products regionally. This includes architectural coating stores and industrial distributors.

Standridge History and Acquisitions

Standridge Color Corporation was founded in 1963 by Lawrence Standridge in Sparks, Nevada. The company originally specialized in industrial coatings and powder coatings serving regional markets.

Major milestones and acquisitions in Standridge’s growth include:

  • 1972 – Expanded into architectural coatings with the acquisition of fonts as text Spell-Kote Paints
  • 1984 – Opened a chemical plant in Houston, TX to produce coatings raw materials
  • 1995 – Acquired Baycoat Adhesives and entered the adhesives market
  • 1999 – Purchased SpectraTint Systems and entered the colorants and tinting equipment business
  • 2005 – Opened a new R&D center in Reno, NV focusing on green coating technologies
  • 2012 – Acquired Canadian coatings manufacturer Supreme Paints and expanded into Canada
  • 2018 – Entered the specialty coatings market with the purchase of ElementShield Coatings

Today Standridge employs over 5,000 people worldwide and produces over 2 billion pounds of coatings each year. The company continues to invest in new products, technologies, and global growth opportunities.

Standridge Brands and Product Lines

Standridge manufactures products under many well-known industry brands. Major architectural coating brands include:

  • Supreme Paint – Premium exterior and interior paints
  • Regal Paint – Mid-range exterior and interior paints
  • Prime Paint – Contractor-grade paints
  • Supreme Stain – Premium wood stains and sealers
  • Prime Stain – Contractor-grade wood stains
  • Heavy Duty Coatings – Masonry, floor, and specialty coatings

Leading industrial coating brands include:

  • Durastar – Solvent-based industrial coatings and finishes
  • Precisioncoat – Water-based industrial finishes
  • Sunstorm – Powder coatings
  • ElementShield – Specialty and element resistant coatings
  • Bondstar – Industrial adhesives and sealants

And for colorants and tinting systems, Standridge’s brands include:

  • SpectraTint – Liquid colorants and tinting systems
  • SpectraTint Machines – Tinting machines, shakers, dispensers
  • AccuTint – Architectural coating colorants
  • Duratint – Industrial coating colorants

In total, Standridge offers over 10,000 products to meet coating needs across residential, commercial, industrial, and specialty markets.

Standridge Quality and Sustainability

Standridge has built its reputation on providing high-quality, innovative coating products. All manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified and follow strict quality control standards. The company invests heavily in R&D, with major labs in Nevada, Texas, and Quebec.

Standridge is also committed to sustainability and developing eco-friendly coatings. Their green technologies include:

  • Zero and low VOC coatings
  • Coatings made with recycled materials
  • Energy efficient manufacturing processes
  • Bio-based resins and additives
  • Reduced packaging waste

The company partners with organizations like the US Green Building Council, EcoLogo, and GreenSeal to verify sustainability claims. Over 75% of Standridge’s coatings now meet eco-friendly standards.


For over 50 years, Standridge Color Corporation has been an innovator in the coatings industry. The company offers a diverse array of high-quality architectural, industrial, and specialty coating products. With manufacturing and distribution capabilities across North America, Standridge provides customers with customized coating solutions, exceptional service, and industry-leading products.

Standridge continues to invest in new technologies and sustainable product development. With its portfolio of widely recognized brands and coating technologies, Standridge is well positioned to maintain its leadership in the global coatings marketplace.