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What does blue walls do for you?

What does blue walls do for you?

Blue is a popular wall color for many reasons. It can evoke feelings of calmness, relaxation, and productivity. Blue walls can visually open up a space, making small rooms feel larger. The shade of blue you choose can impact your mood and mindset. Let’s explore what blue walls can do for you.

Calming Effects

Blue is known to have a calming effect on people. Studies have shown that just looking at the color blue can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Lighter shades of blue, like sky blue, are especially soothing. The association with blue skies and clear water evoke feelings of serenity and peace. Having blue walls in spaces where you want to feel calm and relaxed, like bedrooms and studies, can help create that ambiance. The calming nature of blue makes it an excellent color for high-stress spaces as well.

Increased Productivity

That sense of calm that blue evokes can also help increase productivity. Blue is thought to have an organizing effect on the mind. It can help clear away cluttered thoughts and allow you to focus. Blue office walls have been shown to improve concentration and efficiency. Creative tasks also get a boost, as blue inspires imagination and opens the mind. The productivity benefits of blue walls make it a great choice for home offices, studios, or any space where you want to get work done.

Improved Sleep

Along with aiding productivity, blue walls can also help improve the quality of your sleep. The calming nature of blue prepares your mind and body for rest. Blue helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, releasing tension so you can fall asleep more easily. Being surrounded by blue while you sleep results in more deep, restorative sleep. For this reason, blue is an ideal wall color for bedrooms. The shade of blue impacts sleep benefits, with lighter blues being more effective than darker midnight blues.

Openness and Airiness

Blue is known for making spaces feel more open and airy. It gives an illusion of expanded space, causing walls to recede. This makes blue a great choice for small rooms you want to make feel larger. The openness of blue also helps rooms feel more breezy and breathable. Dark blue mimics the depths of the sea and sky, while light blue evokes clouds and sunlight. This open airy quality makes blue a welcoming and refreshing color. For kitchens, bathrooms, and any small space, blue can help expand the feel of the room.

Impacts Mood and Emotions

Blue has a unique impact on moods and emotions. It is calming, but also refreshing. The different shades of blue will evoke different feelings in people. Light blue shades inspire peacefulness and relaxation. Sky blue specifically promotes emotional balance and stability. Turquoise blue is uplifting and rejuvenating. Navy blue may amplify introspection and critical thinking. While blue has positive effects on mood, going with a very dark navy shade in a large space can feel cold and uninviting. Choose the shade of blue based on the mood you want to achieve.

Appetite Suppressing

An interesting effect of blue walls is that they can help curb appetite. For kitchens and dining rooms, going with blue instead of warmer colors like yellow or red can act as a subtle appetite suppressant. That doesn’t mean blue kitchens make you stop eating. However, exposure to the cool hues is believed to have a positive effect on controlling cravings and portions. If you tend to overeat in your kitchen, going with blue walls could help counter that habit.

Gender Neutral

Blue is seen as a gender neutral color, suitable for both men and women. While women tend to have a special affinity for blue, it does not come across as a feminine color. The calm openness of blue is attractive to all genders. From babies to elders, blue is a well-liked color. This makes it a great choice when decorating for a shared space, as both female and male occupants are sure to appreciate it. Whether a living room, bedroom, or other shared space, blue is a universally appealing color.

Sparks Creativity

Another interesting aspect of blue is its ability to spark creativity. Blue is thought to open the mind, allowing creative juices to flow more freely. Having blue walls in creative spaces like art studios and craft rooms will help ignite the spark when you sit down to work on projects. Blue inspires creative expression while allowing you to maintain focus and clarity of thought. Surrounding yourself with shades of blue helps you tap into your imagination and find inspiration when engaging in creative pursuits.

Consider Shade and Tone

While blue generally has positive effects, the specific shade and tone will impact the exact feel of the color. Here is an overview of how different blues influence mood and perception:

Shade Tone Mood & Perception
Baby blue Light Calming, soothing, peaceful
Sky blue Light to medium Relaxing, refreshing, stable
Turquoise Medium to bright Uplifting, revitalizing, growth
Royal blue Bright Focused, orderly, responsible
Navy blue Dark Confident, powerful, introspective
Midnight blue Very dark Mysterious, sophisticated, formal


Blue walls can have many positive effects within a home or workspace. Different shades of blue will evoke different moods in a room. While results vary by individual, the overall impact of blue is calming and relaxing. Blue can aid concentration for work tasks or sleep. It manages to feel both spacious and cozy. Your choice of blue will come down to the vibe and atmosphere you hope to cultivate in a particular space. While blue is versatile enough for any room, it is especially well suited to bedrooms and studies. Don’t be afraid to paint your walls blue and enjoy the benefits!