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What do you wear with a grey shirt?

What do you wear with a grey shirt?

Grey shirts are versatile staples that can be dressed up or down for many occasions. Choosing what to wear with a grey shirt depends on the shade of grey, the shirt’s style, and the desired look you want to achieve. This article will provide tips on how to style different types of grey shirts for casual, business casual, and formal settings.

Quick Answers

– Lighter grey shirts pair well with white, black, blue and pastel hues. Darker greys complement richer, bolder colors.

– Casual grey t-shirts can be worn with jeans, shorts or joggers. Add layers like jackets, cardigans or flannels.

– Button-down grey shirts work for business casual with chinos or dress pants. Add a blazer or sweater.

– Formal grey dress shirts require suits, ties, dress pants and leather shoes.

– Match metals and leathers to greys. Silver and grey, gold and charcoal.

– Grey shirts allow statement accessory pieces to pop – watches, bags, jewelry.

Factors to Consider

Choosing what to wear with a grey shirt starts with assessing three key factors:

Shade of Grey

Lighter grey shirts will pair well with softer, neutral tones like white, tan, light blue and pink. Dark charcoal greys match nicely with deeper, bolder colors like navy, maroon, forest green and purple. Medium grey shades offer versatility to go either light or dark.

Style of Shirt

The shirt’s style and cut will determine its usage. Casual grey t-shirts, hoodies, henleys and polos can be worn for everyday relaxation and activities. Button-down collared grey shirts work for semi-formal business or going out. Grey dress shirts require formal suits or black-tie attire.

Desired Look

Dressing grey shirts up or down depends on the look you want. Going for smart casual? Try a button-down with chinos. Creating a relaxed vibe? Wear a grey tee with jeans. Making it formal? Opt for a dress shirt with a suit. Establish the overall aesthetic before choosing accompanying pieces.

How to Wear a Casual Grey T-Shirt

Grey t-shirts have an easy, laidback feel that make them a weekend staple. Here are foolproof ways to wear a casual grey tee:

With Jeans

A grey t-shirt and blue jeans create a classic casually cool combo. Dark wash jeans work well with all shades of grey. Black or grey jeans also pair nicely for tonal dressing. Distressed jeans add an edgy vibe.

With Shorts

During warmer weather, pair a grey tee with shorts in tan, black, white or bold colors. Cargo, chino and denim shorts all work well. Add sunglasses and sandals or sneakers to finish the relaxed look.

With Joggers or Sweatpants

For ultimate comfort, match a grey t-shirt with cotton joggers, sweatpants or track pants. Choose black, grey or olive complementary hues. Finish with white sneakers or slip-on sandals.

With a Jacket or Flannel

Layer a grey tee under an unbuttoned flannel or denim jacket for a grunge-inspired outfit. Bomber and leather jackets also add stylish edge. For chillier weather, try a hooded sweatshirt, cardigan or coat over the top.

With Accessories

Elevate a basic grey tee with accessories like belts, hats, jewelry and bags. Wear a grey backpack or crossbody purse for hands-free weekend errands. Top with a baseball cap or beanie when cold. Add interesting necklaces, watches and sunglasses.

How to Wear a Button-Down Grey Shirt

A button-down collared grey shirt has an elevated yet laidback look perfect for casual Fridays or date nights. Follow these tips for assembling a stylish button-down grey shirt outfit:

With Chinos

Pair a button-down grey shirt with slim-fit chinos in tan, olive, navy or black for smart casual style. Roll up the sleeves and leave the collar unbuttoned for a relaxed vibe. Add brown or tan brogues or boots to finish.

With Dark Denim Jeans

Swap chinos for dark-wash denim jeans and desert boots or white sneakers for weekend-ready flair. Cuff the sleeves and wear the top few buttons undone for a casual feel.

With Dress Pants

For business casual office looks, match a tailored grey button-down with slim cut dress pants. Charcoal, black and navy are safest, but bold colors like olive and maroon work too for confidence.

With a Blazer or Cardigan

Add layers on top like an unstructured blazer, knitted cardigan or casual sport coat in contrasting tones. This elevates the look while keeping the laidback vibe.

With Accessories

Tie it together with leather strapped watches, belts and sleek lace-up shoes. A satchel or leather briefcase adds refined flair. Try subtle patterned ties and pocket squares for finishing touches.

How to Wear a Grey Dress Shirt

For formal business or special occasions, a grey dress shirt requires smart tailored pieces. Use these tips to dress to impress:

With a Suit

Pair a grey dress shirt with a well-fitted suit in navy, black or charcoal. Always match leather dress shoes and belt. Add a complementary silk tie in blue, maroon or striped patterns.

With a Tie

Ties instantly formalize grey dress shirts. Solids, stripes and interesting prints all work. Keep ties narrower than the shirt’s lapels. Match the tie’s metal with your cufflinks.

With Dress Pants

Swap the suit jacket for just slim cut dress pants in black, grey or navy. Wear an elegant wristwatch, leather belt and oxfords for refined style.

With a Vest or Waistcoat

For black-tie optional events, don a trim-fit three-piece suit, or just add a matching grey or contrasting vest over the dress shirt. This nod to tradition will make you look sharp.

With French Cuffs

French cuffs on a grey dress shirt add sophisticated flair. Adorn with metal or stone cufflinks rather than buttons. Always opt for a double-windsor tie knot to balance proportions.

What Colors Go With Grey Shirts?

Certain hues naturally complement grey shirts better than others. Use these color pairings as a guide when getting dressed:

Light Greys

– White: Crisp, timeless, goes with anything
– Blue: Fresh, tranquil, polishes the look
– Pink: Soft, feminine, injects warmth
– Tan: Earthy, relaxed, balances the tone
– Lavender: Elegant, peaceful, harmonious

Medium Greys

– Black: Classic, bold, grounds the outfit
– Navy: Nautical, versatile, adds depth
– Olive: Natural, earthy, subtly refines
– Red: Energetic, lively, makes it pop

Dark Charcoals

– Maroon: Rich, sophisticated, enhances dark tone
– Purple: Regal, creative, harmonizes well
– Green: Natural, refreshing, earthen
– Orange: Warm, lively, adds vibrancy
– Yellow: Bright, happy, playfully contrasts

How to Choose Accompanying Pieces

Beyond color, also consider textures, patterns and details when selecting accompanying pieces for grey shirts:

Metals and Leathers

Match cool silvers like jewelry and watches to light greys. Pair warm gold accents with darker charcoals. Brown leather shoes enhance medium grey button-downs. Black leather adds edge to casual dark grey tees.


Grey shirts pair great with layers in complementary colors. Try neutral jackets, cardigans, flannels and coats over grey tees. Don unstructured blazers and sport coats over button-downs. Add matching suit coats and vests over grey dress shirts.


Introduce simple patterns like gingham, windowpane or pinstripe for extra visual interest in accompanying pieces like button-downs, pants, scarves and ties. Let grey shirts anchor busier patterns so they don’t overwhelm the look.


Grey shirts act as a neutral canvas for statement jewelry, watches, cufflinks, pocket squares, hats, belts and bags. Use accessories in rich colors to make the outfit more exciting.


Grey shirts offer incredible versatility in style and usage for casual, business or formal wear. Lighter greys pair well with softer neutrals, while darker charcoals match deeper, bolder tones. Dress up casual grey tees with layers and accessories. Elevate button-downs with tailored pieces for refined style. Formalize dress shirts with suits, ties and details for sophisticated looks. With so many options, you’ll never run out of ways to wear a grey shirt.