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What do pumpkin seeds mean spiritually?

What do pumpkin seeds mean spiritually?

Pumpkin seeds have been used as a spiritual and symbolic food for centuries across many cultures. They represent fertility, abundance, protection, potential for growth, and connection to the earth. Let’s explore some of the spiritual meanings and uses of pumpkin seeds.


The pumpkin itself is a fertility symbol, with its many seeds and round, swollen shape evocative of pregnancy. Pumpkin seeds in particular represent fertility and reproduction. In some traditions, newlyweds are given pumpkin seeds to eat immediately after their marriage to bless them with fertility and many children.

Pumpkin seeds were traditionally used by Native American women to increase fertility. Cherokee women were known to eat pumpkin seeds before trying to conceive. The Zuni tribe also associated pumpkin seeds with fertility in women. In Eastern Europe, pumpkin seeds are given to couples along with wheat, coins, and honey during wedding ceremonies as a blessing of prosperity and plentiful offspring.

In ancient China, pumpkin seeds were prescribed by herbalists to resolve fertility issues in both men and women. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, an important mineral for male reproductive health. Their high content of omega-3 fatty acids and phytosterols may also support fertility.


Pumpkin seeds represent prosperity and plentiful blessings. Their reddish-brown color is reminiscent of copper coins. Eating pumpkin seeds is thought to attract money and material abundance.

In China for example, pumpkin seeds are eaten during the Chinese New Year for good luck and prosperity in the coming year. Among the Hopi tribe, theoretical pumpkin seeds represented sustainable abundance from the earth if planted and tended properly.

Nutritionally, pumpkin seeds are abundant in nutrients and antioxidants. Their high protein and healthy fat content provides lasting energy. So eating pumpkin seeds impart the symbolic sense of abundance as well as actual nutritional abundance.


Pumpkin seeds are believed to offer spiritual protection in many cultures. This meaning relates to their hard shell, which provides a protective barrier for the seed inside.

In Mexico, carving pumpkins during Day of the Dead festivities is thought to keep away evil spirits. Eating pumpkin seeds particularly provides protection. Guatemalans view pumpkin seeds as deflecting the “evil eye.”

German Americans made wreaths from dried pumpkin vines adorned with seeds to ward off evil. Pumpkin seeds were traditionally fed to livestock in parts of England at Halloween to protect animals from illness. The seeds’ association with protection continues today through their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and prostate-protective health benefits.

Potential for Growth

Pumpkin seeds represent untapped potential waiting to emerge. Their small size belies the huge pumpkin vines and fruits they can produce. Eating pumpkin seeds sparks awareness of growth opportunities or hidden talents waiting within.

This symbolic meaning relates to the doctrine of signatures, where foods’ physical resemblances impart their medicinal or magical properties. The seed’s smooth, oval shape mirrors human eggs and sperm, potentials awaiting fertilization and growth. Some cultures ate pumpkin seeds to enhance wisdom and open psychic sight, related to this vegetative potential.

Pumpkin seeds also inspire readiness for change, growth and self-exploration. Splitting open the seeds’ shells to access the inner nourishment represents cracking through obstacles to find fulfillment within.


Pumpkin seeds can symbolize connection to the earth’s cycles and grounding oneself in nature’s wisdom. Pumpkins grow as part of the creative living matrix of vines bearing fruit from the rich soil. Eating pumpkin seeds brings awareness of nature’s bounty and one’s place within the web of life.

For the Hopi tribe, pumpkin plants’ long taproots drew nourishment from Mother Earth’s womb to form their fruits and seeds. Consuming these seeds honored the earth’s provision and kept people spiritually rooted in nature’s rhythms. Pumpkin seeds are still valued today by many people seeking a simple, grounded lifestyle.


Across cultures and eras, pumpkin seeds impart a sense of fertility, abundance, protection, potential and earthy grounding. Adding pumpkin seeds to your diet or planting their sprouts enhances awareness of nature’s cycles and humanity’s place within them. The seeds represent tapping into growth opportunities through spiritual insight and connection. Their symbolism still rings true – appreciating pumpkin seeds’ meaning can nourish both body and soul.