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What cosplay contacts are FDA approved?

Cosplay, short for costume play, has become an increasingly popular hobby over the last decade. Dressing up as your favorite anime, comic book, video game, or movie character is a fun way to celebrate fandom. An essential part of any cosplay costume is recreating the character’s unique eye color and design. Specialty colored contact lenses allow cosplayers to transform their eyes for an authentic look.

However, not all colored contacts available for purchase are FDA approved. The FDA strictly regulates contact lenses as medical devices, and any decorative lenses sold in the US must adhere to certain safety standards. Using unapproved cosplay contacts can potentially damage your eyes or cause vision problems. So it’s important for cosplayers to source properly regulated contacts.

FDA Requirements for Contact Lenses

The FDA categorizes all contact lenses, including cosplay contacts, as Class II or Class III medical devices. This means they are subject to regulations under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Any color contact lenses sold in the US must first receive approval by the FDA based on stringent testing and manufacturing standards. The FDA verifies that the contacts are safe, effective, and properly labeled.

Some key regulations include:

  • Contacts must be non-toxic and not cause eye irritation or infection.
  • The shape, thickness, and dimensions must not impede vision or oxygen flow to the eyes.
  • Labels must clearly state lens material, expiration date, proper wear and care instructions.
  • Manufacturing facilities and processes must adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

It typically takes companies several years to conduct all the necessary clinical trials and applications required by the FDA approval process. So it’s a major undertaking for a contact lens brand.

FDA Approved Cosplay Contact Brands

There are a handful of reputable contact lens manufacturers that have obtained FDA approval to market and sell colored cosplay lenses in the United States. Here are some of the top FDA approved brands:

Pinky Paradise

Pinky Paradise is one of the leading sellers of theatrical contact lenses for over 15 years. They offer a huge selection of cosplay contacts in a rainbow of colors and custom designs. All of their contacts are produced by FDA-registered and inspected facilities in South Korea. Their best-selling lenses include:

  • White Out Contacts – Opaque white covers natural eye color
  • Black Sclera Contacts – Turns whole eye black
  • Red Dragon Contacts – Dramatic reptile slit design


Solotica is an FDA registered company providing high quality Circle Lenses since 2003. Their color contacts are designed in South Korea and made from premium materials for vivid colors that pop. Solotica lenses provide a subtle but striking change to natural eye color. Top options include:

  • Melody Violet Contacts – Deep violet with delicate black lace pattern
  • Ocean Blue Contacts – Light blue gradiated color
  • Stella Green Contacts – Vibrant green circle lenses


Uniqso has an extensive collection of color contact lenses all manufactured according to FDA guidelines. Their silicone hydrogel lenses have smooth surfaces and ultra thin edges for all day comfort. Unique patterned lenses from Uniqso include:

  • Tattoo Contacts – Black tribal feather design
  • Mesmerize Contacts – Trippy rainbow swirl pattern
  • wolf Contacts – Yellow iris with dramatic wolf slit effect


TTDEye carries over 500 styles of circle lenses, cosplay contacts, and novelty lenses that are FDA approved. Their color contacts are crafted from premium medical grade materials from South Korea and Japan. TTDEye lenses undergo strict quality control. Top selling options:

  • Jewel Lenses – Shimmering gems applied in intricate patterns
  • Animal Lenses – Cat, lizard, snake eyes
  • Candy Tone Lenses – Pastel pink, lavender, blue colors

Buying From an Authorized Seller

In addition to choosing an FDA approved brand, it’s essential to purchase colored contact lenses from an authorized retailer. Certain websites may claim to sell name brand contacts at deep discounts, but the products could be counterfeit. Authorized sellers verify the authenticity of products directly with the manufacturer. They also properly handle and ship sensitive contacts.

Reputable merchants should provide a verification code with each contact lens order that can be entered on the brand’s website. This will confirm you received genuine FDA approved lenses. Authorized retailers also have access to the latest inventory and colors.

Where to Buy FDA Approved Contacts

You can safely purchase real FDA approved cosplay contacts from these authorized sellers online:

  • Directly through brand website (Pinky Paradise, Uniqso, etc)
  • Contact lens specialty stores (, Walgreens, 1-800 Contacts)
  • Reputable cosplay retailers (Pink Clouds Store, KLensPop)
  • Trusted Ecommerce sites (Amazon from authorized sellers, eBay)

Safety Tips for Circle Lenses

While decorative contacts allow you to complete the perfect costume, they do require some extra safety precautions. Follow these tips when wearing FDA approved cosplay contacts:

  • Always buy lenses in your correct prescription strength if needed
  • Carefully insert and remove contacts to avoid scratching cornea
  • Clean lenses daily with approved solution only
  • Store lenses properly in case when not wearing
  • Give eyes a break by wearing lenses less than 12 hours per day
  • Never share contact lenses with others
  • Inspect lenses closely and replace if damaged
  • Visit optometrist regularly even if lenses feel comfortable

Signs of Trouble With Contacts

Even with FDA approved cosplay contacts, it’s essential to monitor how your eyes feel. Remove lenses immediately and consult an eye doctor if you experience:

  • Redness, pain, light sensitivity
  • Blurred vision, halos around lights
  • Excessive tearing or discharge
  • Feeling of something trapped under lens
  • Unusual eye swelling or eyelid twitching

Serious complications from improper contact lens wear can include corneal ulcers, vision loss, and eye infections. So never ignore worrisome symptoms thinking they will just go away. Prompt professional care can prevent lasting damage.

Non FDA-Approved Lenses Are Risky

You may come across enticing offers for cheap cosplay contact lenses from shady sellers on social media, flea markets, beauty supply stores, or foreign websites. But there is no way to verify if these contacts meet FDA requirements. Non-approved lenses put your eyes at major risk.

Illegal lenses may be made from toxic low-grade materials and contain manufacturing defects that scratch your corneas. They could lack proper sterilization allowing dangerous bacteria to infect eyes. These lenses often don’t provide enough oxygen permeability needed for long term wear. 

Overall the safety, quality, sizing, and durability of lenses not approved by the FDA is questionable at best. It’s simply not worth jeopardizing your vision to save a few bucks on cosplay contacts.

In Summary

Cosplay contact lenses allow you to take your costume to the next level with striking transformed eyes. But colored contacts are classified as medical devices by the FDA and must meet stringent regulations. Only purchase decor contacts from reputable brands that are FDA approved like Pinky Paradise, Solotica, Uniqso and TTDEye. Shop authorized retailers to ensure authenticity and proper handling. Carefully follow all wear and care instructions. Stop using lenses immediately if any discomfort occurs. Avoid the dangers of non-approved novelty lenses which could damage your eyes.

With FDA approved cosplay circle lenses purchased from legitimate sellers, you canrock vivid, dramatic contacts safely!