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What Colours go with teal blue curtains?

What Colours go with teal blue curtains?

Choosing the right colour scheme to complement teal blue curtains can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! With some basic colour theory knowledge, you can easily create a cohesive and stylish look in any room. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the best colour matches for teal blue curtains and provide colour combination inspiration for your home.

Understanding Teal Blue

First, it’s helpful to understand what exactly teal blue is. Teal is a medium blue-green hue that combines the calming qualities of blue with the renewal of green. It has both warm and cool undertones, making it a versatile colour that works with a wide range of accompanying shades. Teal evokes feelings of relaxation, sophistication, renewal, and creativity.

In home decor, teal blue makes a bold and modern statement. It stands out beautifully against neutral backdrops and can lend any room a relaxing coastal or tropical vibe. The colour is associated with escapism and imagining life lived well. Use teal blue curtains to transform a space into your own private retreat!

Complementary Colours

Complementary colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. When paired together, they create maximum contrast and really make each shade “pop”. For teal blue, excellent complementary shades include:

  • Burnt orange
  • Terracotta
  • Coral
  • Salmon
  • Peach

These warm orange and pink shades provide an energizing contrast to cool teal blue. Try pairing teal curtains with terracotta vases, coral patterned pillows, or a peach upholstered chair. The mix of textures and complementary hues brings exciting vibrancy to a space.

Analogous Colours

Analogous colours sit directly next to each other on the colour wheel, meaning they share similar undertones. Analogous palettes create a sense of harmony and sophistication. Great analogous matches for teal blue include:

  • Turquoise
  • Aqua
  • Seafoam green
  • Sea green
  • Emerald green

Pairing teal with turquoise or aqua amplifies the aquatic colour story. Add in minty seafoam green accents for a refreshing, spa-like environment. Deep emerald green provides classic contrast to teal blue. Try an emerald rug under teal curtains or emerald decorative objects.

Triadic Colours

The triadic colour scheme uses three colours equally spaced around the colour wheel. Triadic colour combos are vibrant, versatile, and offer lots of possibilities for creating dynamic spaces. The triadic palette for teal blue includes:

  • Teal blue
  • Burnt orange
  • Magenta

This colour trio packs a visual punch! Burnt orange makes a fiery, energetic contrast to cool teal. Magenta adds in a sense of creativity and magic. Together these three shades create bold, lively interiors. Try magenta throw pillows on a teal couch or display burnt orange and magenta artwork above teal curtains.

Split Complementary Colours

The split complementary colour scheme uses one base colour, plus the two colours adjacent to its complement. This creates a subtly asymmetrical andvisually captivating palette. The split complements for teal blue are:

  • Teal blue
  • Coral
  • Yellow-green

Coral retains the energetic vibe of orange, while yellow-green provides crisp contrast. Use coral and yellow-green together, like in patterned wallpaper or textiles, to dazzlingly accent teal blue. Or, keep things simple with yellow-green accent pieces, like vases or candles, against teal and coral.

Monochromatic Colours

A monochromatic colour scheme uses different tones, saturations, and values of one single hue. It’s a foolproof way to create a soothing, cohesive look. For teal blue, excellent monochromatic shades include:

  • Deep teal
  • Bright teal
  • Teal green
  • Dark teal
  • Pale teal
  • Teal grey

Layer different teal tones throughout a space to create visual interest. Use bright, saturated teal on furniture or an accent wall, paired with soft, pale teal bedding and accessories. Grey-tinted teal also adds subtle variation. Monochromatic colours are easy to mix and match!


Don’t overlook classic neutral tones when decorating with teal blue! Neutrals like white, cream, grey, tan, and black provide the perfect neutral backdrop for vibrant teal to take center stage. Try:

  • White walls and trim with teal blue curtains
  • Charcoal grey sofa paired with teal throw pillows
  • Tan leather chair next to a teal floor lamp

Neutral textures like wood furnishings, sisal rugs, ceramic tiles, and rattan accessories also help ground teal’s bold impact. Use neutrals to create breathing room and balance in a teal blue space.


On the color wheel, purple and teal blue perfectly bridge the gap between warm and cool tones, which allows them to work seamlessly together in both modern and traditional spaces. From eggplant to lilac, here are some stunning ways to decorate with purple and teal:

  • Eggplant feature wall with teal trim
  • Pale lilac couch with teal and purple throw pillows
  • Rich purple area rug under teal armchairs
  • Plum lamp bases combined with teal lamp shades
  • Bold purple artwork surrounded by a teal mat

Purple adds a sense of royalty and luxury to tranquil teal. The combination is eye-catching yet peaceful at the same time. Try playing with different purple tones and textures to find your perfect pairing.


Yellow is the perfect colour for creating warmth and energy when combined with serene teal. All shades of yellow from pastel buttercream to neon citron complement teal in exciting ways. Consider these yellow and teal pairings:

  • Sunny lemon throw blanket on a teal couch
  • Buttery yellow walls with teal trim
  • Vibrant mustard armchair with teal floor pillow
  • Emerald green and golden yellow abstract art over a teal sofa

Yellow’s cheerful vibe alongside teal’s relaxing quality offers the best of both worlds. For extra visual interest, weave in different yellow tones like mustard, gold, or chartreuse with lemon or buttercup yellow and teal.


Since teal is already on the green side of the color spectrum, shades of green make natural pairings that ensure color harmony. Here are a few green and teal combinations:

  • Moss green bedding with teal headboard
  • Lime green chair cushions against a teal sofa
  • Sage green wall color with teal window treatments
  • Emerald green throws and teal pillows

Green and teal are colors symbolic of renewal, relaxation, growth and the natural environment. Use different green tones to really bring the outdoors in. Try lighter greens like pastel mint or sage to complement teal’s mid-tone vibrancy.

Accent Colors

Don’t be afraid to pull in additional accent colors to create eclectic, personalized teal and blue spaces. Great accent shades include:

  • Coral
  • Salmon
  • Magenta
  • Red
  • Terracotta
  • Mustard
  • Chartreuse
  • Forest green
  • Navy
  • Robin’s egg blue

Use accent colors in small doses on artwork, throw pillows, rugs and accessories. For example, add a pop of coral with artwork and candles, or introduce navy blue with decorative objects and wall art. Accent colors provide visual spice when you want to enliven a teal palette.

Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures add important visual dimension and interest to any color scheme. When decorating with teal, consider:

  • Natural fiber rugs like jute, sisal or seagrass
  • Wood furnishings and finishes
  • Ceramic or porcelain decorative objects
  • Wicker or rattan baskets and planters
  • White paper lanterns or textured lampshades
  • Nubby and channeled textiles
  • Plaid, paisley and global or tribal prints
  • Organic motifs like botanical and floral patterns

Layer rugs, throws, pillows and window treatments with natural textures and patterns for visual depth. Use ceramic, wood, rattan, and global patterns to enhance teal’s organic vibe. Play with nubby fabrics and unique lanterns or lampshades to add unexpected flair.

Try Teal with Metallics

For an elegant, glamorous look try pairing teal blue with metallic accents. Ideas include:

  • Gold, brass or copper drum pendant lights over a teal dining set
  • Silver or mercury glass vases on teal nightstands
  • Aged bronze table lamps next to a teal sofa
  • Gold tone picture frames on teal walls
  • Brass candlestick holders and table decor with teal accents

Metallics add a touch of sophistication and shine to teal’s relaxing vibe. Stick to one metallic color like brass or mix metals for personalized character.

Use Natural Materials

Natural materials complement teal’s earthy, watery tones for an organic look. Ideas for adding natural elements include:

  • Driftwood, bamboo or rattan side tables
  • Jute, seagrass or sisal area rugs
  • Linen, cotton or wool textiles
  • Wood dining chairs or console tables
  • Stone, marble or concrete decorative accents
  • Wicker baskets for storage
  • Plants, flowers and greenery

Natural materials in light wood tones, rattan, sea grass, and driftwood are fitting coastal companions to nautical teal. Bring in greenery with plants, flowers, and organic motifs. Use linen, cotton and wool textiles to complete the relaxed charm.

Sample Teal Blue Colour Schemes

Now that we’ve covered the basics for choosing colors to go with teal curtains, let’s look at some inspiring room examples featuring teal:

Teal and Terracotta Living Room

This lively living room uses vibrant terracotta orange as the complementary color to teal blue curtains and pillows. White walls, tan leather furniture and wooden tables provide a neutral foundation. The teal and terracotta color pairing adds energizing contrast for a bold, contemporary look.

Teal, Seafoam and Sand Dining Room

Cool blue-green teal and seafoam hues mix harmoniously in this tranquil dining space. Cream upholstered chairs and off-white paneled walls offer a warm, neutral backdrop. Pops of sandy brown add subtle contrast on the rug and wood dining chairs. The analogous colors create a soothing, beachy aesthetic.

Teal and Purple Bedroom

This gorgeous bedroom features rich purple walls and lavender bedding. Vibrant teal curtains and textured teal pillows provide the perfect color balance. Crisp white trim prevents the intense wall color from overwhelming. The bold teal and purple pairing creates drama for a glamorous retreat.

Teal, Yellow and Grey Kitchen

Buttery yellow cabinets provide a cheerful contrast to teal wainscoting in this contemporary kitchen. Grey granite countertops and stainless steel finishes keep the sunny scheme grounded. The mix of complementary yellow and analogous grey with teal results in a room full of personality and playful charm.

Tips for Decorating with Teal

When using vivid teal blue in your home, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Use teal as a focal point in key areas like curtains, accent walls, or furniture.
  • Mix and match different shades and intensities of teal for added depth.
  • Anchor bold teal with plenty of neutrals like white, tan, grey and wood tones.
  • Introduce complementary colors like orange, peach or coral for visual contrast.
  • Add analogous cool greens and blues for a cohesive, soothing look.
  • Incorporate natural textures like wood, rattan, linen and jute to soften teal’s bold impact.
  • Layer on metallic accents for a dash of glamour.
  • Use patterns and prints in moderation.

With the right color combinations, teal blue makes for a showstopping decorative statement in any interior. Follow these suggestions to create a stylish, pulled-together room with your teal curtains.


Teal blue is a versatile, inviting colour that pairs beautifully with a wide range of accompanying hues for the walls, furnishings, decor and more. Use colour theory to find the perfect complements, analogues, triads, and neutrals for your teal blue curtains and accessories. Bring visual interest into your home with teal-based colour palettes that are expertly coordinated and full of personality. With endless decorating options, it’s simple to transform any space with stunning teal blue style.